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A battle for the boobies

Friday hubby bought me a double electric pump after some discussion with helping me have a break from little man, so we paraded down to target to get a medela pump, since I couldn’t be sure a used one on eBay would work, or if we could wait that long. We went and set it up in the car, and I did my first double electric pumping on the way home.
Hubby wanted to turn on the machine, and handle all that for me, so I let him, and to be honest, I had my hands full holding both collectors because I hadn’t thought to bring the bra i now use to hold them to my chest. The backs are not comfy on the fingers, but I made quite a bit of production.
I continued to pump and hubby fed little man from bottles, giving me a small break. Little man decided to stay up all night, and hubby fell asleep, so I had a long night, and when I asked hubby to change the booty, he got called into work. Urgh.
Little man and I got a little sleep before hubby came back home, and we went to B’s house for the day, and I enjoyed the show once upon a time with her. All I have to say is Hook. Mmmm. I like that it is like nothing else I have seen, and I must say I will be looking for the previous seasons on blu ray now.
B helped me by taking care of little man, and he thanked her by spitting up on her, and then having a blowout on her. It was amusing, and she didn’t mind. He sucks hard and fast on the bottle, and makes a mess, and usually over eats. We went through several items that day, including two outfits for him, and a shirt and blanket for B.
Little man was also a bit fussy, and ended up sleeping on me for part of the late nigh we were there, and slept until three this past morning. He comfort nursed himself to sleep. I had noticed a steady decline in my pumping production though, so I knew he would still have to nurse if we didn’t want him to end up on formula.
This morning, I set out to nurse him, and the battle had begun. He had a bottle because I was still sleep deprived, and he also peed on me as I changed his diaper, requiring a wardrobe change and stripping the bed. He finished his bottle and fell asleep on hubby, but the rest of the daylight hours were a struggle.
He refused to nurse, even though I was leaking and sometimes spraying milk, but I didn’t give up or give in to his wanting a bottle. He fell asleep nursing outside while I rocked him in the outdoor chair, and we both fell asleep on the couch. Poor hubby was trying to comfort the both of us, because every time he passed little man back to me, he would scream. He was hungry, but he didn’t want to nurse. He wanted the bottle. I stuck to my guns, and didn’t let him have so much as his pacifier until he started nursing without a struggle (other than gas pains), as he would just scream and howl at the breast. Around dusk, he finally submitted to his hunger and my wishes, and he nursed. It was glorious. I was still pumping to help with engorgement, but he will only get a bottle for certain circumstances now, like a car trip, or someone else to feed him for me so I can do something. It will also cover if I get sick, or something, and can’t nurse him. We have a good ten baggies in the fridge now, granted in different sizes.
He nursed through the night without a struggle, though we did spend sometime on the couch, as he was getting loud during a diaper change, and hubby had to be up early.
Hubby went above and beyond this weekend, changing almost every diaper, feeding him, dressing him, comforting him and me. I had been in tears because little man didn’t want me, and I had to hold him as he screamed at me. I was also still sleep deprived, but hubby helped make it all better.
Little man is now nursing without complaint,and last night before the shower time for me and hubby, he earned his binky back. I could justify an object that didn’t give him food, but could comfort him. He has been in a good mood since.

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Pulling myself back together

It’s going a little bit better now, I can say that at least. Hubby kissed me goodbye before he went to work, and I emailed him to let him know how I felt, since neither of us could yell or scream, and it gave us time to answer each other. Things are better now.
I have started pumping more today, I produced 8 ounces, and hubby has been helping me by feeding little man. I had showed him how to thaw breast milk safely, and he has been doing great. Trying to feed little man from the breast proved difficult, so hubby thawed a baggy out, and fed him while I pumped out 4 ounces. Relaxing really helps, and him screaming and fussing was slowing my milk.
I managed to get some sleep this morning, little man finally woke up from the colic calm around 8 this morning, and we spent some time talking and nursing before we both went back to sleep. We eventually got up around two, and started our day. I had nursed him between the time he awoke and when it finally got out of bed, making my poor boobs feel better.
He spent some time on his tummy mat while I tidied the house some more, and I managed to tidy the kitchen, run the dishwasher, do some laundry, and work on the mess that is little man’s room some more. He started fussing, so I put him in his swing, and before the music even stopped playing, he was asleep. He slept until hubby came home an hour or so later,where I dressed him to head out for the day.
Little man has really taken to the bottle, and the gas pains seem less when hubby feeds him, but hubby is also awesome at getting those huge burps out.
T and her hubby came over for a minute, and after we had dinner, they came back for some games, making the evening fun. Hubby was able to bottle feed little man before they came back over, while I pumped, and again as we were playing games, which was nice. Little man also really wanted time with his daddy, and cuddled him nicely. It was a sweet moment.
Hubby wants me to pump more now, and so I am looking into a double electric pump to get for that. I don’t want to plunk down for a new one, and I found a few on eBay I can mull over. New or used, a deal is a nice thing, and if it takes less time to pump, that would be nice.
T’s hubby is enamored with our pups, and spent some time playing and cuddling with them. The pups sure enjoyed the attention, it’s hard sometimes, but they are pretty good about playing with their toys or each other so I can focus on all the other things. If the bugs would ever go away, I would be able to walk them with me. I guess I need to buy car seat or stroller bug netting ASAP, and get me some bug spray.

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Tears are flowing

It’s been a rough few days for me lately, and I’m not sure it’s all hormones or in my head. Little man has had some fussy episodes, and Monday I had bought a bottle of colic calm to try, hoping to hoping to help him feel better.

I feel like hubby and I are snapping at each other constantly. Yesterday it was over just keeping the house tidy, and today it has been because little man was in the twilight zone nursing, and then started screaming. Hubby had just fallen asleep, and he thought I said one thirty when I had said eleven thirty. No one could help his screaming, and I did everything I could to calm him, and had given him the colic calm again this evening, because hubby asked me to before he went to bed. I was tears eyed after his snap, and though he apologized, it didn’t make me feel any better, like I had failed as a mother and a wife. I have been up since then.

Yesterday I had given little man the recommended dose of colic calm, and he has slept hard, to the point where I have become engorged, and could only rouse him to nurse for five minutes. Manual pumping and hand expressing just aren’t as effective, and I am slightly worried that it will affect my supply. While he isn’t crying, he has been sleeping a lot more than I would like, and not nursing enough to help me feel comfortable. I really didn’t want to dose him tonight, and I have him a third of the recommended dose, but he is still pretty much out. I don’t like it, and I am tempted to smash the bottle.

Apparently one of the herbs in the ingredients is a sedative, and it seems to be really working with him, and I would rather he was up screaming, or at least hungry, than out like this. This shouldn’t be the way to handle colic, and if other parents are okay wit this, either their kids aren’t as affected as mine, or they are ok with little constantly sleeping babies. Granted, taking his pictures would be ten times easier, but it still scares me. I think I will stick with the other gripe waters and gas drops. It’s not like sleep is needed anyway.

I just feel so down with all the arguing and lack of help I get from hubby. I am almost looking forward to house sitting for my parents for a week, even if it means I will not get any breaks from little man. I hate fighting and arguing, and we have never really dealt with those sorts of things. We have always been able to talk things out before they become breaking points. I feel like I am asking too much from my hubby, but is it really too much to ask for him to lay all his stuff in one spot, pick up after himself, and take out trash or vacuum once a week? I keep trying to keep the house clean, and it feels like a slippery slope I am failing to climb.

I also feel like an awful parent because I washed little man down (weekly bath time), and as I poured some water over his chest, some of it went in his open mouth and he coughed. Add to the fact that he started screaming in pain as I went to undress him for the bath, and I feel awful. I also feel like I’m going to make him aspirate every time I give him some of the mommy bliss colic drops, so I feel like a nervous wreck. I also hate the fact that it sounds like he has sleep apnea, and chokes in his sleep, since he sleeps in a rocker. So much stress.

I am trying to set little goals for myself, like sewing projects and house stuff, and I’m making a little headway. I still haven’t found the time to work out, but I haven’t found much time to eat, nor much an appetite, so I guess as long as my milk stays up, I will be fine.

I haven’t slept yet tonight, and it feel too depressed and sad to really sleep. I am hoping this isn’t the start of my marriage falling apart, because I love him dearly, and I can’t do this all by myself. Little man deserves better than that. Hubby went to go sleep in the other room when little man was screaming, and that’s when the tears started. I guess it’s time to blow my nose and rouse little man for the other boob so I can sleep with some comfort, these poor breasts are engorged from the stupid colic calm.

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Six weeks and moving forward

Another week had blown by, and I am wondering how the time can fly like it does. It really just blows my mind.

This past few days had been a blast, trying to do things, and sometimes failing miserably, sometimes some success. Trying to move forward, and trying to find ways to mix my new duties with my old hobbies.

Friday hubby had off from work, and he indulged me in going to Joann’s and target, because I wanted to start sewing again, and I wanted to cruise target before we went back home. We had lunch at panera, where they somehow gave me a whole sandwich with my soup, which hubby nibbled on with me. I carried little man around in the sling, since he was sleeping, and hubby picked up the bolts of fabric and all for my projects. I will make a post on those in a bit.

After Joann’s, we went into target, and we found some Easter Star Wars stuff, including r2-d2 and darth vader eggs. There was also a yoda basket, and we didn’t grab it. A trip today after Easter to find one was a bust, as someone else found the last one before I got there. Oh well.. We picked up a few other things, and headed home from there, and then it was time for game night, after hubby retrieved my decorations down from the attic, so I could do some Easter pictures. Ha.

Game night was good, and we had a good time, and we went to bed after, and prepared for the next set of festivities.

Saturday hubby caught a ride to game day, and I stayed home with little man, intent on making my Easter cakes and sewing a few projects. After dumping the mixes into bowls and the eggs and water, I realized I didn’t have enough oil, so I packed up little man, and we went off to walmart. He fell asleep in the car and during walmart, and woke up as soon as we got home. I was hoping to take his pictures as he slept, since he is more agreeable then. Poop.

I finished making the mixes for the peep cake and mini cakes, and popped them in the oven before feeding him, but I just couldn’t catch a break. The weather was dreary, so the dogs were in and underfoot, and trying to clean the house, and make things as little man screamed in the background, and hubby kept asking me when I was going to come over.. I was worn out.

Little man finally fell asleep I. The late afternoon, and I had finished the baking I felt capable of, and quickly sewed a nursing cover, and made a swim suit cover, only to find two yards is not long enough to cover my body. It just pulls too much across my body right now, even though I’m down in the 170s, it will likely fit me in the 140s or less. So I will need more fabric for that.

I was able to prewash fabric and dry it for a crib bag, and ring sling, but I need another ring to make the ring sling. I can at least get that started. The other sling is very tight on both me and little man. The rings sling will be a welcome friend. I had also cleaned trash out of the car (again) and put a seat protector under the car seat base, so it doesn’t ruin the leather. I did all of this while my baby screamed to be held in the background. Ugh.

I finally made it over to the game night, and B helped me take some pictures of little man. She hasn’t been feeling good, and I get the feeling that his no longer being a newborn means his novelty is wearing off. It may also just be stress. Who knows. We got a few pictures done, and we set out to play some games after, and we went home at a decent hour to enjoy the Easter Sunday.

Sunday I woke myself up earlier, and after feeding little man, I set out to frost the cakes I made, and try to tidy the house up a bit more. I had asked hubby to help me, with vacuuming and all, but at least he held little man so i could do what I needed, if not being bugged every few minutes as to whether I was done yet. That wore me down and irritated me quite a bit, as I had been working hard and stressed out.

We headed down to my parents house, and as we got gas, little man woke up and wanted to be fed, so we pulled off to the side to feed him, and hubby got food for us. He must not have heard what I asked for, because he got me what I wanted, but not how I wanted it. I just passed the food back to him after he passed it to me, because he was on the phone with his dad, and probably wasn’t thinking about what I said I would like. After he got off the phone, I started tearing up from the stress of it all.

I guess I really have been biting off more than I can chew, and my pleas for hubby to help me seem to go forgotten. Little things like picking up after himself, actually holding onto little man so I can have a break, and helping with a few chores here and there would be nice. So many times he comes home and just throws things down, right after I spend all the time I can trying to clean up the house, with a baby who needs me. When he does help, it’s often so half hearted, I wonder if he is even trying. I love him to death, but I need more effort and help.

Then on the weekends now, it seems like he comes down with some sort of something, where he can’t take over bouncing/burping or changing little man so i can get a little more rest. Or he gorges himself so his stomach hurts too much to bounce him. I am so tired. It doesn’t help that with the colic, little man will rip himself off the breast with full suction, and start screaming and flailing, hurting me in the breasts, and kicking my incision, so I am sore there also. Hubby also goes on about how the car seat is heavy, but he doesn’t carry little man in the sling or a diaper bag to boot. It’s not my fault our baby is growing and gaining every day. Okay, maybe it is, but still…

My mom was more than happy to hold little man for me once he was fed again, and give me a bit of a break. As she was cooking dinner, I took him down to see a few of the neighbors with him, after arguing with dad about whether or not I needed a stroller (I didn’t, and it doesn’t fit in the car), and he got fussed over and I answered some questions about how he was doing, and how my surgery went. Walking him home, he fell asleep on my chest, and slept for a bit.

After he rested, we had dinner, and he woke up, and I made hubby miss dinner so I could enjoy a meal for once. After I ate, I fed little man, and we went back to our house. I had been hoping to take him for an Easter egg hunt in the yard, and get pictures, but it didn’t happen. I will fake it, maybe tomorrow. His clothes he was wearing, he spit up on, so oh well.

We had to turn around half way home because hubby forgot his jacket with important stuff in it, and I fell asleep on the way home, a blessing since little man was up til 3, and I got up at a quarter to seven to take hubby to work so I could see if target had the yoda basket. They did, but someone else beat me to the last one. I should have grabbed one on Friday. I’m kicking myself for it. At least we have more diapers.

I have skimped on he colic drops with little man, to see if it helps, and he hasn’t complained too much. He was awake this morning when we got back and I wanted to sleep, but he did fall asleep at least. He also fussed as I took care of the dogs, brushing them, trimming their nails, and putting doggy cologne on them before vacuuming all the yuck off the carpet again. Hubby had said he would do it Saturday, but I was tired of waiting.

We did have another scare with little man, I was trying to give him his colic drops as hubby held him upright, and he kind of choked. Hubby kept moving him back and forth, and not still, like I asked. Listening… So we spent 20 min trying to be sure little man was ok, making him cry, holding my head to his back to see if I could hear the sounds in his chest still, and thankfully they stopped. Next time, I won’t ask him to hold little man..

I have had a small nap before little man wanted to continue eating, and I need to get some more sleep before I wake him up to feed him again. My poor boobs cannot handle the long sleep periods without leaking all over. I had awoken from my nap with a huge soaked section on my nursing tank, and a saturated nursing pad. I may have to double up…

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Itching to sew again

My friend T and I have been plotting and scheming a portal themed shower for our friend B (sorry B, you won’t find the secrets here! Muahahahaha), and even though B isn’t due til turkey day, I don’t exactly have the hours I did before, so getting started now is prudent. In addition to sewing and crafting and stuff for her and her family, I also want to make more things to make my life more fun.

Instead of cruising Pinterest idly, I am hoping to take the plunge and get started on some projects, foremost by hitting the fabric store today. I would like to make a ring sling, since my sling pouch just feels too small for little man already, a swim suit cover for myself, as well as an infinity nursing cover/scarf, and a crib toy bag for little man’so toys, so they take up less space in his room, and I can actually get him in his crib at some point.

I also want to make little man a quilt, so I need to figure the size, how I want it to look, etc. I know it will be blue, it’s just going from there. That project will come once I redone my sewing skills again. I would also like to make hubby a quilt, so he doesn’t feel left out.

I am also hoping to bake my peep mold cake and cookies and such today, and get them frosted and ready for the weekend. B is going to hopefully come over to do the 1 month and Easter pictures for me, that would be awesome. If not, I may have to forgo the baking, or have hubby oversee it as I try to do the pictures. Little man has been super fussy and clingy the last few days, so I really need a little break from him. Just long enough to get the groceries put away, the peep cakes in the oven, and maybe sew my swim cover up. I doubt I will have time to make the ring sling carrier, but one step at a time.

I did clean and somewhat organize his room yesterday, and is found the thermometer I had been pulling my hair out over. It had gotten wedged between the dresser and the wall. I was so frustrated, and I just rocked the dresser forward, and heard a clunk. Between looking for that and trying to fold up the pack and play, I was a bit miffed, but glad when it was done. A baby shoe organizer and maybe a bin for his extra medicines, soaps, and the like may also be a nice touch, as well as little cloth bins for things like socks.

There is this mess in the car lately, and I am also seriously considering making an organizer for little man’s things to go under his mirror, to hold extra dipes, wipes, clothes, and his little care bag my cousin sent me that I keep in the car. I have been throwing things in the ski hatch of the car, but I am not satisfied with more clutter in the trunk. When he switches to forward facing, I can turn it from the back of the back seat to the back of the front seat. Hopefully, I can make something to make it happen. I am also thinking that stuff can just slide from the side I would be closest to, out, and I can attach rings for toys, as well as pockets for stuff for him once he gets older. I am going to have to draw that puppy and the quilts out on graph paper.

This mommy is in sleep deprived planning mode right now, and I should probably get some sleep. Little man is asleep in his rocker, after a hard night, and I should probably enjoy this time. Hubby is sleeping soundly, and the pets seem happy. Counting my blessings.

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Five weeks already?! Where has the time gone?

As you can tell I am in shock that he is already five weeks old. I just can’t believe how time has flown by. I will have to do his one month pictures, and Easter pictures this next day or two. I spent today cleaning up the house, I feel like it never ends. I almost snapped at hubby for just throwing stuff down when I just tidied up the living and dining room. Almost. I sometimes wish he would take note that I am trying to keep this house clean and organized. It’s so much harder than I would like it to be, been before little man was here. Sigh..
I had vacuumed up some mess behind my side of the bed, as well as the plague of pollen fronds my dog keeps brining in from outside, stuck in his hair. As if my allergies weren’t already threatening me. I also sorted through some of he clothes little man has outgrown, and I keep forgetting to take pictures of him in those outfits, so I have them, before it is impossible for him to fit in them. I also sorted through some of the foods my friend had given us for him, like rice cereal and baby food, noting what kinds we had and how much, and all I can say is holy cow. Her generosity is wonderful, and I love her for it. I need to think of a way to repay her.
He had fallen asleep in his swing (I retract what I said about the swing in the other post, about things I don’t need), allowing me to do quite a bit. He slept longer than I was comfortable with, physically, so I had to pump off one side to feel better. The other side just doesn’t produce with pumping, but little man gets what he needs from it, since he often falls asleep on the pumping boob. At least I have a few more ounces for when he starts bottles.
I am really debating making another Facebook account. I had deleted mine, but I know that everyone wants to see pictures of little man, and I haven’t delivered like I want or need to.
Little man has been a little fussy today, especially in the evening, but we had a little episode in the noon time, when I was still tired, and I fed him laying down on my sides (yay!), but then we got up and moving, and I tried to give him some tummy time as well as time on his back, but he was not having it. He has been really tired too, so he must going through another growth spurt. He woke up again right before hubby got home, and ate and dozed some more, til I left to go to the sewing demo, taking him with me.
He woke up during the sewing demo at the end, fussing and hungry, and I fed him until he started playing yank the boobies with his strong little mouth. So he screamed the whole way home, and for a while after, but hubby was gracious enough to hold him for a bit, so I could have a small break.
I go in for my check up with my ob tomorrow, and I am excited about that. I know I am looking forward to not worrying anymore, though if this is the last time I see my ob, I will miss him terribly, as he is an awesome person and doctor. He has gone above and beyond so many times, and I am so grateful.

What a day. Little man has had a bit off an off evening, since we got back from the ob appointment, which went awesome. I was hoping to celebrate and have dinner out, and get my birth control filled, but hubby raced us home instead. He claimed schoolwork, but it felt like he spent only a few minutes on that, and the rest playing games. Little man was fussy and hungry, and I was hungry too. I ended up feeding little man, and leaving him with hubby so I could get it filled, and eat. I was upset, because I rarely get a full break, and hubby has all day at work to not change diapers or hear him cry. I cried instead.
We did end up having nookie, but it was painful, and I wasn’t really relaxed, still upset and little man was screaming the whole time. It just doesn’t help the mood.

It has been a fun few days here, trying to get stuff done for the holidays. Hubby and I had gone to Joann’s, target, and panera, and we should have leapt on that yoda Easter basket for little man. I should have thrown it in the buggy. Should have gone and grabbed it. Hopefully tomorrow one might still be available. Fingers crossed.

Today has been stressful and hectic, but I got quite a bit done. Hubby went over to B’s house, while it got started trying to do the stuff I wanted to do: baking, sewing, and pictures of little man. Well…. I found out that I was out of cooking oil, so I ran to walmart to get that, and it was packed. Of course little man was asleep through that trip, and he woke up as soon as we got home. No pliable baby for Easter pictures. Grr.

He screamed the whole time it was baking and trying to get stuff done, and of course the dogs were underfoot. Or getting nosy on little man’s stuff. And it’s raining, so I can’t throw them outside.

I managed to make the peep cake and cupcakes, but the cookie tin for peeps is a mess I will have to eat later. Between the batches, I was able to feed and try to soothe little cuddle bug, and by the time the big cake finished, he was asleep in his swing. I hurriedly sewed the infinity scarf nursing cover, and tried to sew my swim cover, but it isn’t long enough to fit properly. I guess I should have purchased two and a half or three yards of fabric for that. I don’t think adding more fabric to it will save it, but I will save it in case I get skinny, or give it to my friend S, who is much smaller than I, and she may like it. It’s hard to believe we were once within 5 pounds of each other, but I did just have little man, and her youngest is over a year. I need to continue working out.

Hubby had been calling me, checking to see how I was doing and when I would be coming over, and I was just so frazzled when I did. Little man screamed almost the whole trip. Ugh. I had at least cleaned out the car, ran the dishwasher, and per washed my fabric for the ring sling, which in hope to make either tomorrow or Monday. I say tomorrow, because I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I also will make a crib hanging toy bag, and get that set up.

B helped me do some Easter pictures, which was wonderful, and I am really hoping to finish up tomorrow before heading down to my parents house, so I can print some out to give to them, and send to my father in law.

Tomorrow afternoon, hubby, baby, and I are going down to have an Easter egg hunt for little man, have him meet some of the neighbors, and have dinner. I’m hoping on the way down to hopefully get that yoda basket, and some pictures printed. Hubby may work on his cert courses while down there, and maybe we can play sequence. After hearing little man wail all day, I’m ready for him to settle and sleep.

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Beach day!

So today we are taking little man to the beach, and I am so excited! Hubby and I had bought him a swim diaper, shorts, and a shirt earlier this week, and we have to get him a hat and shades, as well as more gripe water, before we start walking on sand. The gripe water has been helping, which is nice.

His little swim shorts were a little too big, but I did a quick stitch to take in the sides, and I am hoping they will be more sung. If not, they will sag a bit. I might have some time to take them in more in the car on the way to, since it’s a bit of a drive. They didn’t have any 0-3 months, just 0-6 months, so while the swim diaper fits, and the shirt will be fine, I adjusted his shorts. When he outgrows the hem, I can just take my stitch ripper to the stitches.

I had worked on the stitches last night, after taking little man to see one of my friends, who gave us a butt ton of baby food for him. She gets wic, but her little man doesn’t eat the jars, and no longer eats the rice cereal. She gave me a huge box this time, and we already had some that she gave us from before. I was going to purée baby food, or mash up what I ate for him, but this works too!

She and I also went to goodwill to look around, as she needed some clothes for her little man, and she needed to get her boys out. I found several pairs of pants for little man, from 0-3 mos to 9 months, so he has more bottoms to go with all his onesies. I also found a basket for his bathing supplies, and a cake storage container, and with a discount, I spent 10 dollars. The pants were 50 cents each! Best deal ever. I just need to pop them in the washer before he can wear the ones that fit him now.

He was starting to fuss in the goodwill, so I paid for his stuff, said bye to my friend, and we went in the parking lot, where I fed him in the backseat as music and ac were going. After he finished, we went to Kmart, where I had hoped to find him a hat and sunglasses, but also to pick up a shade tent for the beach, so we could get out of the sun. They didn’t have any gripe water, or hats and sunglasses for babies.

I was a little disappointed there. I was too worn out from squeezing the shade into the backseat of the car to try walmart, so I went to my picture taking mommy’s house, where I had dropped off hubby, and tried to settle little man down, as he was hungry and fussy again. I had brought his little swim outfit, and after I fed him, B was holding him, and she tried his clothes on for me, and I saw about how much I needed to take in his shorts.

I had brought my needles and a bobbin of serger thread, and I quickly hemmed the inside of the pants on the waist band on both sides, and flipping them right side out after, they looked pretty darn good!

Little man was super cranky and gassy, and I had given him some more gas drops, but our friends had a lot of people over, and they were a bit loud playing a game, so he was frustrated and tired. He only really slept in small spurts, and once everybody from the game left and we were down to a manageable size again.

We went home early, and eventually little man settled down, and slept like an angel. I let him sleep on me for a spell, then I put him in his rocker so I could get some sleep. Hubby was blissfully asleep.

This morning he woke up around 5:45, and after eating, he was awake, so we all got up and moved into the living room. He did some tummy time, and we went to walmart and got him a hat and sandals, as well as three bottles of gripe water. We also bought a chicken to cook for dinner, and when we got home, I eat set the chicken and some veggies in the crock pot, so we could have dinner ready when we got home from the beach. Little man slept from the car ride to Wally World, then in his sling through the store, and again in the car til we got home. I had washed the towels, his swim stuff, and some of my clothes before we left, and hubby popped them in the dryer, minus the swim clothes. Little man ate,and he and I took a nap until it was time to go to the beach.
We overpacked a bit, and I ended up taking in his shorts again on the ride down. He slept in the car again, and was barely awake when I changed his butt, and put his swim stuff on. He slept in his sling or in my lap the whole time. I was hoping to have him in some salt water, but I didn’t want to wake him. He got to be carried up and down the beach, in his sling, and he slept til we got in the front door of the house around 6:30.
His poor daddy was frustrated through the beginning of the excursion, but everything worked out, and he had a good time, even though he caught the pigskin wrong, and it looks like he fractured his pinky fingertip.
We came home to the wonderful smell of the chicken, while our friends decided not to join us for dinner. Hubby brought in the stuff while I took care of little man, and he showered and had some chicken. The whole thing fell apart as he poked it. Perfect. I waited to eat til little man was fed, and I had showered the sea spray off. It felt good to be clean and have a hot meal.

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Week 4: One Month Old

So it’s been a month this week that little man has been here, and I am shocked how time is flying by. I guess the little 2 hour blocks literally make it easier for time to fly by, and I kick myself because there were pictures I wanted to take of him as a newborn, that I didn’t.

I have been budgeting my time a little better, and i have been able to get quite a bit done, though some of it means little man is crying, but he is usually ok on his mat, swing, or rocker while i clean. today i managed to not only get the slow cooker going with dinner, as well as tidying up the dining room, as it was a disaster area. it is almost clean now, but little man needed a fresh butt and to eat again. i have also vacuumed the floors again, because the dogs are shedding, and one of them keeps getting pollen fronds in his hair, and i literally vacuumed two days ago. i am sure i can finish cleaning the dining room and tidy the kitchen, since a friend is going to do some pictures of him today. i am hoping he is good for her, so i can do quite a bit tonight. i have been multitasking like crazy, but it looks like it is paying off so far. i have been updating my blog as he nurses, since i have to sit down to feed him, so it helps this a lot at least.

after we do some pictures, we will likely have some board games as we have dinner, and plan some baby shower festivities. the friend is not due til thanksgiving, but since little man needs large amounts of my time, i will get started now. i am hoping to get out of the planning phase by may, so i can get started on all the projects. we have figured a theme, and my mom offered to do the photos, which is wonderful. hubby is going to throw a guys party with the same theme.

His fussiness is due to gas, and his doctor says he has colic now. We have been giving him gripe water, and it helps, but he haas also been getting stressed out. My poor little guy. One minute at a time, one hour at a time, is how I have to look at things. He is still my wonder baby, and I am doing all I can to make him comfortable, but making sure we still have a life outside of home. The sling carrier helps for that sometimes.

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1 Month Old!!!

Today was a very special day today, my little man turned one month old!
We had a fun morning, where he decided he wanted to be up and not hungry, and we are doing that again now. He is sitting next to me in his rock n play, popping his pacifier out every few minutes, not quite asleep, but not fussing. At least hubby can sleep through that.

Hubby went to work for a part day, and then called me when he was on his way home, so we could take little man to his one month appointment. I had set an alarm, but wouldn’t you know, I set it for the wrong day. Oh the joys of being sleep deprived. It’s not that little man isn’t sleeping well at night, it’s I sometimes stay up because he makes funny sounds when he sleeps. Last night it almost sounded like he was choking, scaring me out of half sleep.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. So hubby called me, and I dashed to get ready, letting the dogs out again, getting my contacts in, hair brushed, and getting little man strapped in his seat and ready to go. He had eaten a few hours before, and he got a quick meal in the parking lot of the hospital (the pediatrician office is in the hospital, which makes life so easy), and I carried him in his sling to and from his appointment. I had doodled down some questions I had for the pediatrician on the way to the hospital, so I wouldn’t mommy brain and forget them all, which I have done here lately.

In the lobby there was an obnoxious woman, she arrived too late for her appointment, and then got upset because the staff told her she would have to wait until there was time for the doctor to see her. She said her kid was sick, but he was opening doors for people, and otherwise normal, unless he doesn’t usually sit quietly and watch whatever the flip is on nick jr now. I found the lady amusing, as she expected the red carpet treatment even though she didn’t even call ahead to say she was late or anything. When we were late to little man’s first appointment, we called ahead, just to let the staff know we were still coming.

When we were called back, we had little man stripped down to his diaper, which we changed, and he was weighed, and he was 9 pounds, 11 ounces! He was born 8 pounds, and was almost down to 7 pounds at his first appointment, so we made a lot of progress! Not too shabby for a booby baby. He was in the 50% for his age in head measurement and in weight, and that is wonderful.

We then went back to the room, and the doctor promptly came in, and measured his head, looked him over, and said he looked great. He showed us how to massage his blocked tear duct, and it’s already ten times better, and told us that little man does have colic because of the gas, and he does have cradle cap, but I was doing a good job taking care of it. The nurse forgot to measure little man, so we went and measured him, and he got a hepatitis booster, and they had drawn his newborn blood too early, so he had to have that redrawn. There was some tears, but mommy and daddy were able to make it better, and he had a booby snack between pokes, and he slept from the hospital nursery to the car seat, and then til hubby and I finished our lunch. He had some boob in the parking lot, and was awake and fussy to target, and part of the way through it. I ended up putting him in his sling, and he fell back asleep, and slept the whole way home.

His pediatrician said he needed vitamin d drops, so we picked those up, and in an effort to make the summer fun, we got him a swim diaper, uv shirt, and some swim shorts. They didn’t have any hats left that I like, and hubby wants to wait on sunglasses. I may have to take in the shirt and shorts, but we shall see. We also picked up a tiny tube of desitin for the diaper bag, some sunblock, and a empty lotion bottle for his lotion, since his skin is so stinking dry.

Hubby’s boss had expressed an interest in our old couch, so his wife and her kids came and took it away this afternoon, since we get super couch Friday. We have the glider and the office chair in the living room til the morning, when I will move them out of the way for the new couch. When we had gotten home, I had leaked through my shirt (yay), but little man was still asleep, so I went into the bedroom, and after changing my shirt and starting laundry for my tops, nursing pads, and little man clothes, I managed to pump one of my breasts down, and it was amusing, watching the intermittent sprays of milk going down through the workings of the pump. I only have a manual pump, and it worked just fine, squeezing out plenty of milk before little man woke up hungry, and drained the other breast. The shield for the pump is too big for my girls, so I may end up ordering a smaller shield, as well as an adapter for the bottles I received from the shower.

Our cranky hour started after little man stopped feeding, and the evening was spent trying to soothe the poor little guy. The gas was pretty bad for him, and we did all we could to soothe him, and some things worked for a while, and then something new had to be found. At one point he fell asleep in the swing long enough for hubby to vacuum for me, as I corralled trash as best I could, since garbage gets picked up tomorrow.

After some fruitless hours of intermittent dozing and feeding, followed by him crying, we went and put little man in one of the carriers I made, and hubby carried him around as I walked the dogs. He screamed for a few, but was asleep halfway through our short walk. Hubby kept him in the carrier, and I was able to eat, shower, and even shave my legs, but he woke up hungry just as I was soaping up and washing off everything.

He ate with a vengeance, but he was still fussy, so we tried the gripe water on top of the other stuff we had been using. It seems to be working, he is more alert without fuss, but he isn’t tired, and it’s going to be a long night. He is able to burp and toot more easily at least. I am parting myself on the back for buying the little remedies new parents pack before he was born, because he would be screaming right now otherwise, and hubby has work tomorrow.

As he has been eating, I have been massaging his scalp, and watching the flakes just form and fall off his little scalp. I have been brushing his hair gently on the showing side as I feed him, so there is less fuss. I have also massaged his tear ducts as best I can, but it’s going to take practice.

I know this sounds funny, but I actually do not mind him having colic, it just means the time he isn’t screaming and unhappy is all the more precious. I also love the fact that hubby is able to soothe him sometimes in ways I can’t, because it only cements the bond between them.

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What I actually think I needed for my baby

I am going to deviate from my usual week post to get this out of my head and onto something a bit more permanent. I’m waiting for little man to wake up so I can feed him, and then try and get some sleep. Since he is still snoring soundly, I have a few minutes to get this post out.

If I had to do it all over again from scratch, I guess this would be my list of baby essentials. Mind you, we live in an area where we walk a bit, but you have to drive to get anywhere. There is not a mass transit system. If we somehow didn’t have anything, or if we lost everything we have for little man, this is a list. Seeing as we may move soon, and live in an area where tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and a whole bunch of other stuff happens, a list will prove useful. It may even help you!

Things we either have and use or could use more of:

A bassinet or cospleeper

a rock n play

several baskets, to hold the things we need in the various places around the house they are needed:

one in the main sleeping area with the diaper supplies and basic baby stuff.

one in the living room with diapers, wipes, petroleum jelly, and diaper cream

one in the kitchen for the bottles and stuff

another in the kitchen to hold all the baby foods we were given

one with his bath tub to hold all the towels, wash cloths, and washing stuff.



first aid kit

family thermometer

laundry basket

tummy time mat

car seat


sleep sacks

car seat inserts, covers, etc

infant bath

baby washes

wash cloths and hooded towels


Folding changing mats, a pair

diaper bag


Stuff we have but haven’t used:

swaddle blankets

easy swaddles




cloth diapers


Here is the explanation:

We have a basket in our bedroom for holding all the diaper changing stuff, and while it wasn’t given to us at the baby shower for that use, it is being used for that right now. We also bought a smaller basket that was on clearance at target to hold diapers and wipes and such in the living room. We also are being loaned the rock n play, and that is where little man currently likes to sleep, though we bough the cosleeper in hopes to get him to sleep on flat surfaces more, since he snores. He sleeps in a bassinet at our friend’s house, but not at home. I am hoping to make the cosleeper more of a bassinet by making longer legs for it, at some point. He also hasn’t slept in the crib we received, so it’s just taking up space in his room. I feel like even making his room up was a waste at this point, but it looks amazing.

Little man doesn’t like large spaces, but he doesn’t like to feel confined. I have no earthly idea how the nurses got him to fall asleep swaddled, but we haven’t been able to get him swaddled and asleep since we got home.

He also has a crick in his neck, and so he flops over in the swing and bouncer, unless propped up with swaddles, and honestly, he has just now started tolerating the swing, but only for short stretches. We were loaned the swing, and I swear if we get another one, it is going to have an ac adapter and be one of the bouncer/swing combos, so they aren’t two separate items wasting space.

i also had every intention of cloth diapering little man from the get go, but the diapers I bought don’t really seem to fit him, there has been nothing but leaks on all the Gdiapers, and the all in ones I bought (I only have three of those), work, but they are way too bulky to be useful under clothing. So we have been using disposable diapers, but I keep trying to use the cloth diapers, though I will likely end up selling the Gs on eBay, at least the newborn size, if I don’t use them with baby number two.

hubby and I also barely had to worry about buying clothes, because little man received lots and lots of clothes at the baby shower. He is finally in a 0-3 month sleeper, though it is a bit big on him, his newborn size sleepers were way too snug for him. The 0-3 month fits him today like the newborn size ones did when we brought him home. Just thinking about it is amazing.  I am going to make him a rag quilt or something similar out of his clothes I like as he outgrows them, and I am going to take pictures of him in every outfit, and put them online so the buyers can see how cute he looks in them. I wish I had taken pictures of the people who gave the gift, with the gifts, so I could send them pictures. Next time, and every shower after, I will do that.

i also have a small wardrobe and list of needs for me, and that is:

4 nursing tanks

4 sleep nursing tanks

2 pairs boot cut yoga pants

3 pairs yoga shorts

washable nursing pads


breast soothers, for the just in case days (I haven’t used them yet, thankfully)

pregnancy bolster pillow

boppy pillow

panties with big soft waistbands in bikini cuts



I had some maternity clothes I was given once I found out I was pregnant, but my bottom half expanded to the point where yoga pants were the only things that fit, and honestly, I could fall asleep anywhere in yoga pants, not the jeans. I also had a few. Maternity tanks and shirts, but the cheap tanks from Walmart fit me in my 9th month just fine, and were 3 bucks each. I was cheap on the shirts, and I got a few of my maternity jeans from goodwill and Salvation Army. I only paid full price for one pair. I did pay full price for the nursing tanks and sleep bras, but I didn’t know what my cup size would grow to, and the tanks and bras without molded cups have been plenty comfy. They may also be the reason I haven’t suffered from engorgement or anything. I also have some Hanes pantos with huge waistbands, and they have been really comfy for pregnancy and after. I can pull them over my incision and the yoga pants will hold them there. The bolster pillow was useful pregnant because I had some back issues, and it was great for my back, knees, or neck, and wasn’t big and a waste like some of the other pregnancy pillows. The boppy has been useful for holding up little man when my incision is bothering me. And the lotion helps, even though I have a zillion stretch marks, my skin is pretty dry right now. The oils and stuff didn’t work on my skin. It’s genetics. The washable nursing pads are wonderful, because I have constant leaks and drips, and the paper disposable ones aren’t all that amazing.  A friend made my breast pads for me, as she made some for herself after she had her daughter  and discovered an allergy to the paper pads. I think of her every time I move the inserts, which is several times a day, several pairs a day. She is awesome. She also made a nursing cover at the sewing demo, and she gave it to me, which was wonderful, as I just clip a swaddle around my neck when I feed little man in public.


i hope this was a useful post for anyone wondering. Have a great day!

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