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Making some headway again

I think I am starting to do a little better this week, especially with the weekend bringing me back home and with hubby. I had missed him so.

Friday little man and I woke up and packed up, getting back home and getting ready to pick up hubby from work, before heading back down to see my parents. They got to love and cuddle on us, and mom paid me for watching the house, which was nice of her. She also took us out to dinner, and we passed around a decently happy little man as we ate. The green beans at long horn were amazing. Hubby and I also looked at new phones, while my mom cuddled little man in the car, and got giggles and smiles. I had quickly found a phone I liked, but we wanted to do some research before purchasing. After dropping off my mom, we went back home and settled in for the night.

Saturday we got up at an unreasonable hour (before 10), and hubby having researched the phones we looked at, decided the phone I liked was so awesome, he wanted one too. So we went to best buy, and then pet smart and the once upon a child nearest us, bumping in to a coworker with his son a mere two weeks younger than little man, and both were wearing the same outfit! Then again, there’s not much in the way of boys clothes. Little man was asleep in his carrier on my chest, so there were no pictures.

We had lunch at five guys before getting our new phones, and little man woke up in the phone store, so I left hubby to handle the details once little man started fussing for food. He handed me my new phone, and got his handled, as they had tried to hand him a physically damaged phone. No thank you. The phones are the Sony Experia phones with 20 megapixels!

I had to console a grumpy little man on the ride home, so I didn’t really get to play with my phone, but I was most interested in a phone with a lot of memory and a good camera. Hubby was all ga ga over them, and has been in a great mood since getting it. We had bought our previous phones outright, so we still have them, and may keep them as spares for a while. We need to find new homes for some of the other phones we have collected, I just need to get all the images off them, and figure out how to sell on eBay. I managed to finish all but the last bit of my schoolwork.

Sunday hubby crammed on schoolwork, and little man started to really cut teeth, so as hubby was working on stuff, I was playing with little man. We had bought him a pool, and just as it was filled, and he and I ready to sit and splash, Zeus decided he was going to have an orgy. The sky opened up. Oh well, I drained the pool and put it in the garage, and we played until t and d came over. We spent a little last minute time on schoolwork, but it wasn’t too bad.

Monday hubby went to work, and little man and I slept in, and then I set about cleaning again, and making excellent progress. The bedroom, kitchen, and dining room look a lot better. I also whipped up a nice meal, before going to class with little man. We enjoyed class, and I enjoyed my social outlet very much. T and d came over again, and we hung out.

Today was schoolwork day, and little man has been miserable with the teething. We are trying different things for him to chew on, but fingers seem to be the main help. We did get some teething tablets, and they take the edge off for him to calm down. We are only giving one at a time, so we can step it up later as he gets older. He gets frantic, and sometimes nothing calms him, but other times, he is all smiles. I have some excellent new pictures of him with my phone. It is wonderful.

He fell asleep on me this afternoon, and I was able to do quite a bit of schoolwork as he slept, which was helpful. I am trying to keep him off his back, as his head has flattened a bit.

We went out and about this evening, and other than the teething tabs, I also got some wall flowers and oils, and the house smells amazing. One is a sailboat, the other a fish. It ties in nicely, and the pineapple mango is not too sweet or strong. I love it.

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An update on my carriers, and other sewing ideas

Sew, a few months ago, I made those Mei Tai baby carriers, and I know use them almost daily. I keep one rolled up in the car, and the other at home. I have found that they are working out extremely well, and even with constant checks and an ever growing boy, they are still in excellent condition. I may try adding buckles or d-rings to see if that helps with adjusting them, but I am pretty sure little man will be in a big boy stroller soon.
I will have to make something to fix his torticollis induced slumping though, and I have found a few different ideas to toss around from pinterest. I have enough fabric, thread, and polyfill to make a few different ones to see what works. I also need to devise a way to keep the support from falling out of place as I put him in his car seat and rocker, though he will probably outgrow the rocker before too much longer. I may have to place a pool noodle under his crib mattress and prop him up that way or something. Let’s here it for crafty moms!!
This afternoon and evening, little man and I finished what shopping we were going to do on this trip, and I returned a double set of long johns I had purchased to Babys r us, and got enough money to buy him a slew of clothes, in sizes he doesn’t fit in yet. YET. They didn’t have any clothes that would fit him there, so off we went. Since there are a million Ross stores around here, I went to one near my sister’s old work, and I found him some 18 month clothes, one a set with onesies and pants, and the other a pair of long johns, with the snaps running down the bottom. We also went to Carters and used the 10 dollar coupon, and I ended up paying 42 cents for 2 more rompers, size 12 months. Little man has been really good about sleeping in his carrier today, so I nipped into Old Navy next door, and they were also having a clearance sale. I found some 12-18 month long johns on clearance, and the tag said six, but they were three dollars each. I just might have to hunt and dig for a few more tomorrow. Once upon a child charges more than that for clothes, so I feel I am getting a better deal. Now, I also have some different size clothes to make patterns for the clothes for little man.
Little man has been talking more and more now, and today he has been sticking his cute little tongue out. I was helping him roll over earlier, so it seems less scary for him, and he definitely does not care for tummy time or being on his mat much. He is trying to crawl, and has been scooting himself sideways, so he goes a quarter of a circle around. He is growing up so fast.
Last night was pretty rough, with Dolly the destroyer of worlds crying and barking all night for no reason (she was let out, in, watered, already fed, etc), and she would wake up me and little man in the process. Then, this morning, she popped her collar off, where she was secured by a chain, and got out again. I got to scramble to dress myself to answer the door, where one of the best neighbors had caught her. Sometimes I miss my old neighbors.
I tried to work on my schoolwork today, but I don’t have the ability to get Microsoft office through the school, so I will have to type everything up on hubby’s computer, which does have it. I will end up doing my word documents either at night, or when he is at work, so we aren’t scrambling and getting in each others way.
I probably wont have time in the morning, but I may go and mop the floors and wash down my parent’s bathroom shower before I go get hubby. We will come back down to see my parents, but there are stores he wants to see and all, and I miss him. My parents are a little bummed I wont stay another night, but I dont want to sleep on the couch or the granite slab my dad calls a guest bed.

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Ready to go home

I am so ready to go home now, but it has been an interesting stay this time. Little man and I have been out shopping, and we got him some clothes at carters and at ross, and hopefully they last longer than a week. I have actually been looking at making him pjs in the 12 months and beyond sizes, as they seem to think a 3 month old needs 2 pieces of clothing. A shirt riding up and baring skin will not make him more comfortable. Luckily, the internet is full of how-tos for me to try, i will just have to hit up the thrift stores for old shirts and stuff. Im not in the mood to pay for fabric.

I have started my first class, which is introductory, and hubby has been helping me where he can with teamviewer, helping set me up where I have problems and what not. Monday I had started submitting works I started Sunday, and so far so good. We went and found some clothes and spent some more money, but I accidentally ended up with a double, and I will need to return them the next time I feel like leaving the house. Carters also had a $10 merchandise thingy for spending more than 50, so I can get him another outfit. I have started stocking up on clothes in 12m and forward, but I will likely be making him clothes, since he is growing so darn fast. I have had a love affair with short falls (aka rompers), and found patterns to make them, and also to make snap down sleepers, so I am happy. I only found two sleepers at Babies r us that snapped down in his size, and a few more between ross and carters, but not enough. I really hate the thought of pinching those rolls with a zipper.

Tuesday T and her hubby came over, and after I ran to walmart to get a baby float and sunblock, we went swimming at the pool, little man’s first time. And he loved it. He was all smiles, and was talking and giggling as I floated him around in his float, until he started getting hungry and sleepy, and I took him under the cabana to nurse, while T and her husband enjoyed the pool. I was so happy they came down to visit, and we could hit the water. I had little man out of the float and was holding him in my arms at one point, as he was dozy after eating, and T held him for a minute while I dunked myself and relaxed for a second, but I have some sort of something irritating the rim of my nose, and pinching my nose shut hurts. I have been trying to clear the gunk off it, but it doesnt seem to help. It started at my brother in law’s house, and hasnt gone away. It has been two weeks. I go in to the doctors at the end of the month, I will have him look it over and fix it while I am there. Maybe he can also cut off the extra skin tags, moles, and stuff. Gross, I know. I should probably also have him look over my moles, to see if any look cancerous, since I have a plethora of them, and they havent been looked over yet. I will also need to visit the dentist and the eye doctor when I get home.

Anyways, after the pool, we went to eat some Italian, since the chinese buffet next to the house had closed, and we had a good time. After we ate and relaxed, we went back to the house, and they went to go see her family. I went on to try and work on my schoolwork, and wind down for the evening. I was happy when I skyped with hubby for a bit here and there.

Today has been hectic. My mom and dad’s new puppy, Dolly, has been a pain. She is always liking little man, and sampling his toys and stuff, and is always up and in the way. She is also a piddler, and the house smells because of it. They shampoo the carpets, but Im pretty sure the pad is fused to the concrete by this point, between age and stuff. I know she needs attention, but she does not know when to lay down or behave. Earlier she caught a skink, and would not let the poor thing go, and after I took an irate and unhappy little man to the pool again this evening, she stole my driver’s license out of my bag, and chewed it up. She then stole it away in her crate, and peed in her crate when I ripped it out of her mouth. Having already cleaned her crate, washed her bedding, and everything else today, I decided she would learn best by dealing with it. I had turned my back for two seconds.

Little man hasnt been very happy today, he has only recently nursed for more than two minutes around 8, after more than 12 hours of not wanting to. His hands were in his mouth, he was talking, crying, screaming, sleeping, but would not eat. I also discovered a super duper red heiny after stripping him down at the pool. I gave him a measure of tylenol and desitin, and he seems to be feeling a little better. He also would not burp, but would spit up constantly. He also had some pretty bad gas, though I am not sure what I ate that would cause it. At least he is sleeping now.

School progress was low today, I went to take a quiz, and a strange window popped up (since hubby takes classes through the school, I am familiar with how the windows should look, and since hubby was asleep, and it was late, I called tech support, and they were wasnt anything they could do, and told me to close the window. They sent me an email log of what happened, and I forwarded it to my teacher, as well as posted about it in the discussion. It isnt due until midnight sunday latest, but i want to be done with it before I go home friday night, so hopefully, it gets resolved. I was hoping to get more done tonight.

Hope you guys are doing well.


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House sitting and Starting College This Week

So here I am on a early Sunday morning, house sitting for my parents, since they want to go bug my sister. Little man and I are down here with the car, while hubby is at home, holding down the fort, and taking care of our pets, since pepper and shasta seem to want to scrap.

I have spent the last few days at home either running around willy nilly, or cleaning during the ever present summer storms we have now. I dont think we have had a day without rain in a few days now, or at least wherever I go. Hubby says its dry the 50 miles away at home.

Friday I went to a retirement party for one of hubby’s coworkers I knew, and I spiffed up little man in a yellow polo onesie and the cute footie pants with shoes embroidered on them. After that, little man needed new clothes because he had a blow out, and we went and got hubby some food to eat for lunches while we are down here, so he wouldn’t be hungry or tempted to go out. We already had the dinner foods he loves. I also bought him a Father’s Day card, and a Larry’s cuban sub for dinner, but we ended up going to IHOP and having game night at B’s house. We had the subs for lunch before we left.

Little man and I left out around 1:30, and we got in and settled around 3, being chased by rain as we came down. I forgot a few things when I packed, but I am hoping if my friends come down to visit me, they can pick up the stuff for me if they do, and we decide to hit the pool.

Hubby, little man and I skyped for a bit, during the storm, and after I fed the pets here their dinner, I took little man out to find him some clothes, since it seems to be a challenge, and their are stores aplenty here to try and find him outfits. It hasnt been easy or cheap so far. What clothes I did find, I would buy a pair in 9m and 12m, since he is rapidly approaching the 9m, and I dont want to be caught with my pants down when he outgrows those.

We went to Books A Million, where they had some cute stuff for him, like a companion cube stuffed toy, and some skip hop toys (I FREAKING ADORE SKIP HOP TOYS!!!!), and a grumpy cat onesie, as well as some books I wanted to get for my dad, and for hubby. I can’t decide which book to give to who. Oh well.

I have also made the realization, that for summer, I love the creeper/romper outfits for little man. It covers his legs more than a onesie, but without the hassle of pants. I have been on the hunt for more of those and sleepers with snaps down both legs (I hate stuffing those chunky legs into one leg, and worrying about pinching him with a zipper. Besides, zippers break.) I found a a pair of creepers in 9m and 12m ea, and some jammies in each size at babys r us, but it didnt come cheap, even on sale. Once upon a Child and the Bealls outlet didnt have anything in his size for those. Ugh.

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3 months old already?!?!

I can not believe that little man is already 3 months old. Other than getting raspy overnight last night, he has been doing pretty well. He is growing like a weed and while I am a little sad that he is growing right out of his clothes, I don’t have to worry about being nagged about him not gaining or growing enough. We took some so so pictures today, and he got his first real bath in a while, as I have been doing sponge downs for the past month, but tonight, since hubby had to stay super late, I decided to actually set him in his tub, and wash him down.

The last time I had given him a bath, he was maybe 10 pounds, and I know he has either gotten close to 16 pounds, or passed it. His head now sits over the top of his tub, making washing his hair am interesting affair, but he enjoyed his bath, which is always nice. I made sure to soap him down all over, and he put his hands on his bubbled chest, and got it all over his face. Too cute. After the bath, we got him toweled down, and lotioned up, giving him his meds, and putting his jammies on. Hubby came home right as I toweled and diapered the little man, and little man was all smiles for that.

Hubby didn’t go in til noon today, so we slept in as much as was going to happen, before getting lunch together and little man and I dropping him off and heading home. Little man and I vegged on the couch for a bit, and then I placed him in his rocker so I could clean up the disaster zone that is our office. It had been a dumping ground, and it looked it.

Yesterday I had cleaned the house and sorted through clothes and items I had received and no longer wanted or needed to give to others. My friend who gave me the swing, car seat, and rocker has a friend who is broke and has a baby, and I have a bag of things to give her, but I may go back through it and split more of it to two other people. His closet and bedroom on the whole look a lot cleaner, other than fabric piled between his crib and dresser. I have to wash his next size clothes before we leave, and pack those up, as well as try on his swim stuff. He may have outgrown them also, and I can pick up more at the many shops down where my parents live.

Before I went to sewing class with little man I made more beef stroganoff for dinner, and ate before class, and got to enjoy a quick meal with hubby before leaving, while hubby and a friend went and got stair railings to make the mast for our sail/projector space. He also gave our friends our glider to borrow, since his wife is pregnant, and was considering one. We honestly don’t use it, and I feel bad that my mom spent the money on it and we don’t use it. The car seat she bought us though, is the best thing ever. Hubby and I took little man and the pups for an evening walk afterwards, and as we did, I saw someone had a party and had tossed a plethora of glass bottles from different alcohols out to the curb, so when we got back, I went in the car and collected them. They will be etched and used to decorate the house. He wanted to just buy bottles, like wine and all, and empty them, but I told him free was better. We aren’t big drinkers anyway.

Little man satin his rocker and played with his owl toy today while I cleared the workbench and the office as best I could, before covering it in papers again. I threw out a whole bag of stuff I knew was trash, and there will be papers to scan through the printer onto the computer hard drive before I can toss all of them. I had the pups in with me also, and gave pepper some time out of her cone, which she was happy about. She is still itchy, but I needed to make sure she was eating and drinking and being a dog. She seems to be adjusting to her cone though.

Little man fell asleep in his rocker as I cleaned, without fussing or anything, which was a surprise. A very welcome one, as I was able to get a lot of cleaning done with him in the good mood, and the nap. I also found some of my art supplies I thought I had donated, which was a most pleasant surprise. Now I can do even more artwork, after pinning ones to copy in my style from Pinterest.

Tomorrow, I am taking little man to the pediatricians about his raspiness, since it is not normal, and I want to be sure he is ok before his trip. He doesn’t have a temperature at least. After that, we may go to Ross and target before coming home and cleaning some more. I may start scanning some of the papers from the pile to the hard drives, and keep the hard drives safe. Then we can just grab them in the event of an emergency, and be out the door. I’m just talking manuals, school notes, vet records, things like that. The stuff that fills up filing cabinets. I might also scan the receipts in, or start cutting squares for little man’s quilt, and work on that also while down.

Little man seems to have developed a raspy voice since he started taking his Zantac for reflux, and he sounds like an asthmatic smoker. I took some videos of him talking to me in his raspy voice, and also of his breathing in his sleep, so the pediatrician can hear it. I will also get a recording of his crying.

I have also done my hair differently once I got out of the shower, since my hair has been coming out in clumps, and all I ever tie it in is a pony tail,usually half looped on the last wrap of the scrunchie. I did my best to part my hair down the middle and I did my best braiding (I can’t braid my own hair very well) in pigtails that are loosely behind my ears. I don’t wash my hair with every shower, and at least now, with my hair tied this way, my scalp can breathe. I can’t wait for my hair to stop falling out in handfuls. I was washing the conditioner out, and I would place the hairs on the wall of the shower so they don’t clog the drain, and I had a gum all size wad of hair (I roll it all up before tossing it) to toss, just after one shower. I lose the same every time I brush my hair, and still more every time I need to rescuer it or something. Depressing. I also needed to do my hair in a way where little man wouldn’t yank on it as he nurses or cuddles. He already smacks me in the face, or knocks my glasses off when he has a gas pain, I don’t need him pulling hair too. It’s not intentional yet.

This weekend and next week I will be out of town, and now that hubby and I are doing much better, I’m going to miss him bunches. Little man and I will make the best of it though. Since my parents watched our pets for us while we went out of town, it is now my turn to house sit and take care of their pets. They are too rowdy to come stay with us, and hubby will be home to take care of our pets while me and little man are gone for a week.

I am hoping to churn out some more artwork there, when little man and I aren’t swimming, shopping, and the like. My parents have a community pool, and I plan on getting him used to the water. I may even walk the beach with him, and collect some more shells and such, so he has some experiences. My plan is to have things to do when I have the free time to do them.

It’s bed time now, and everyone but me is sleeping.

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Summing up being home in general

So we got home Tuesday in the late night time, and it was a pretty up eventful trip home, thank goodness. I am kind of sad I was unable to take the pictures I wanted to, or usually do when we go on trips, but we will likely make the trips again soon, and now that I know how much to pack this time, it should be less of an issue. Hopefully also, little man will require less stops and be less upset about being in his car seat.

Wednesday was clean and unpack day, as well as plotting and scheming for decorating the house. I can say that it feels good to have goals to reach again. The projects are also small enough that I feel like I will have something different to do each time. That always helps, since I feel so spacey and unable to settle sometimes. I was also able to finish the school stuff on my end so I can hopefully go back to school soon. We also got our pets back from my mom, and it was good to see her again. She didn’t stay long, as they have been closing the interstate down at night to do construction.

Thursday, hubby went back to work, and I took little man to the pediatrician to get checked out, as he was coughing, sneezing, and spitting up quite a bit during his trip. We now have some Zantac for him, but apparently, no one knows how to spell his name, which is very traditional. I found this out when I picked up his prescription yesterday. Gotta call them again.. Ugh. T went with me to his appointment, where he now weighs 15 pounds and 6 ounces at 11.5 weeks, and we had lunch together, and hung out again afterwards. I also had just noticed that pepper was chewing herself bald on her rear at the base of her tail, and not even bitter apple spray could keep her off it. I dug out her cone from when she got spayed,mans plopped that on her. She has been a little upset about that.

Friday I took the car in for an oil change and to have the alignment done, and apparently one of the sensors in one of the tires blew. Fingers crossed that the warranty covers it. Little man was pretty good waiting with me, and I read him some parts of a a magazine, and he played with the pages, and even tried to eat them. I wish I could have taken a picture. He then nursed and fell asleep, until it was time to go drop off three bags of donations at Salvation Army, and to pick up our prescriptions, and then go home. He sat in his rocker while I washed down pepper, and it took three rounds of soap to get all the dirt and grime off her, but her skin was breathing better, especially after I put peroxide and neosporin on it before bed the night before. I also washed pip, just so they both didn’t smell like nasty dirt dogs. I also hot washed their beds and the towels, just to be sure it wasn’t something on there. After hubby came home, we went to Wally World and got the lamps, and got chased home by a wicked thunderstorm, and T and her hubby came over again, and we played monopoly. I had started wrapping my lamp, and so did hubby on his, but little man was too fussy to let us really do much.

I probably stayed up later than I should have last night, and this morning I did not quite get the sleep I needed. Little man was especially fussy today, and he seems to not enjoy his cloth diapers at the moment, probably need adjusting with his growing. The disposables didn’t help his mood much either. I managed to work on my lamp some more, making good progress, and also tidied up the house and wash the cloth diapers, since they were starting to stink. Little man was not overly cooperative in the whole playing or sleeping thing.

Pepper seems to be hurting a little less, we gave her some time today without the cone, and have taken her for walks to be sure she is using the bathroom. She doesn’t seem to leave the back patio with her cone on. I have also had to hand feed her, and silly me, I forgot to check to see if we needed wet food before we went out, and fed her the last half of the can of wet food. Sigh. She does seem to be feeling better at least. If it gets worse, I will take her to the vet, but for now, I can do at home what they will charge an arm and a leg to do there. I’ve worked for a vet, and I know the basics. It doesn’t look infected, and it doesn’t seem to be growing.

I had to rush pick up the house today, since we had J, T, and D over for games, and hubby was holding little man as I picked up the house. I get so frustrated with him leaving stuff everywhere. Ugh. Tomorrow I’m going to have to work on cleaning up the house properly again.

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Started decorating

Yesterday we bought the two lamps to start decorating the living room, and hubby started wrapping his one way, and I started basket weaving mine. I made a little progress, only about a fifth or less total, with little man needing me, and having T and her hubby over for games, not much got done. It was a start, and i have made more progress than hubby so far.

Today I made a lot more progress on my lamp, and it has reached the widest point, and now it is fun wrapping it as it goes up the lamp. I found that I could wind the twine around once, and then I have to pull the rest of the twine through. Since I got to the widest point and it’s now starting to make a smaller diameter to the top, I have to push the twine down and hold it down as I pull the twine tail through. I should be done my lamp tomorrow. I do think I may make the lamps either have twine braids or fishnet knots, or paint anchors or something on them.

I also got a rough start for artwork for the walls, and even pulled out some art I had done in high school, so we will need to get and decorate some frames for that. I am working with what I have, which is paper, pens, water color, cray pas and acrylics. Maybe I will buy some canvas later also. I believe I donated my prismacolor pencils to an elementary school, but I can check tomorrow. I made several quick sketches to do paintings or water colors, but one I am doing in just black pen. I will likely do others in blue and green as well. I am using shells I collected as subjects so far. All in all, I am rather proud with my progress on that. I was working on my lamp as I watched little man play with his tummy mat, and while he napped in his swing, I did the sketches for the shells and all. I am partway done the black and white of the moon snail shell, and so far so good.

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Starting to Decorate (Finally)

While hubby and I were on vaycay, we plotted and schemed as to how we wanted the house to look. If you have seen our house, you would know that there is no theme anywhere except for little man’s room. So we discussed decorating the house in a way that we could take with us when we inevitably move, and also in a nautical theme.

We priced out some things at wal-mart, and got ideas together to get the house started. We actually took a step forward when we got home Wednesday, and purchased twine and rope to start the nautical theme living room. Hubby bought rope to wrap around the area that the projector projects on the screen (we also looked into trying to mount the projector sideways on the wall, but it will only project at 180 degree angles… sigh), and we were on our initial starting way.

Today we bought two lamps for the living room , and we set about wrapping twine around the lamps. Hubby decided he wanted to wrap his lamp one way, and I set out doing a basket weave on mine. Hubby got about partway done his first spiral piece, and I got about fifth of mine done, mostly because we have a big spool of twine, and while I can cut long pieces and wind the twine around the base and then pull the rest around, and repeat, poor hubby had a pattern where he had to pull the twine all the way through each time. We hope to finish the lamps soon, and he picked out burlap looking shades for the lamps.

I am also going to wrap the waste basket in twine or rope to make it match also. We are also going to make rows of spines or something to cover the movies on the shelf, and I plan on making various paintings and sketches to help fill in the walls of the house. We had also picked up some picture frames from the Habitat for Humanity, about ten of them for 2.50. I plan on updating our pictures and filling in some spaces with those also.


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So we were tossing ideas around for decorating the house, in between taking car of little man on the drive back home, and one of the things we agreed on was doing the living room in a nautical theme. This means wrapping rope around the area where the projector displays, as a border, making monkey knot curtain ties, and using boat cleats to hold the curtain ties and as a coat rack. We also discussed getting a sound rock and solar rocks for the back yard, and how we could improve the house for the owner.

We went to our local habitat for humanities, looking for lamps, or shelves, but I ended up finding several picture frames so that we could fill the house up some more. We paid 2.50 for maybe 10 or more frames. Can’t beat that.

We also purchased the ropes and electrical stuff, and looked at the rocks, but they looked too corny. Walmart had better solar light rocks, as well as lamps. Best but will likely have better sound rocks.

We also looked at tile for the house, since the carpet is old, and solid floors would likely go better for selling the house, and can take more wear and tear than wood or laminate floors. Hubby isn’t big on the tiles that look like wood, and price is also a factor.

We managed to get all the laundry from our trip done today, hubby shaved off his two weeks of facial hair, and I buzzed his head before our shower, so he is fresh for work. I also worked on my school stuff, hopefully I meet the deadlines, if not, I may have to wait until the august/September class start. It seems like I have about 27 credits done already, and I may get a pell grant for several thousand dollars. I’m going to try and get as much grants and scholarships as I can, if nothing else, to help pay down some bills or pay for school later down the line.

Tomorrow I am taking little man to the doctor for his coughing, sneezing, spitting up, and his torticollis stuff. Turns out the paperwork for his referral was left in his folder last visit. No wonder I never heard from them. I am hoping to get the quilt edges finished, and work on some other projects also. I am excited to get the house decorated finally.

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Hotel hell, graduation, and going home

So last Friday, we traveled to my sister’s town, and got a hotel near where hubby was to walk for graduation. The car ride there was a bit annoying, since hubby and his dad and brother were talking on ham radios while little man was screaming in the backseat with me, and I was just so frazzled by it all. It was even useful conversation, and it drove me batty. Thankfully, hubby put the radio down so I could have a conversation with someone.

We got into to town as the sun was starting to set, and the hotel seemed ok at the time, but as soon awe walked in the room, it was apparent we were in for a rough night. The door said no smoking, but the room was impregnated with the smell, there was an ash tray on the table, the whole room looked like I poorly cleaned crime scene, and every few minutes, either the trains were blasting their horns, police and emergency vehicle sirens were going off, or the hookers were getting business. We tried to make the best of it, but we didn’t feel safe.

I tried to wind little man down by giving him a wipe down in the bath tub, but the water had saturated the towel on the bottom with hot water, and though I had checked it several times, and even ran cold water over it to be sure, as soon as his bum touched the towel, he screamed in pain. I felt like the worst mom ever, because it was very hot. Luckily, he touched it for half a second, and I was able to calm him down, wipe him with a cool wash cloth, and put lotion on him, and get him to sleep. I had packed all his medicines and I gave him a measure of his Tylenol, to be sure he wasn’t hurting. There weren’t any boils or blisters, it was just a little red. I felt awful, and cried.

Hubby and I barely slept in the hell hole, the security latch was ripped off, the carpet had what looked like blood stains, and it as just miserable. We were also very conspicuous, because we were in a slum. We woke up at 5:30 to a hungry little man, and we packed all of our stuff back in the car and got a refund on our room for the second night, because hubby wasn’t sure when his graduation would be. Thankfully, they refunded us, though I would have screamed at them until they did.

My sister had said we could come stay with her, and not to call til after 7, but I wanted to let her know we were alive, and were going to stop for breakfast before coming over. My brother I law used to live in the area, and insisted on this wild goose chase to find a restaurant on the beach, only to find it closed. I was so glad to see my sister.

My sister and I ended up taking little man out for some more clothes shopping, and catching up, and we got back at 12:30, in time for hubby and I each to have real showers, and get ready for his graduation. My sister’s shower felt amazing, as did being clean after that hotel.

We got a little lost trying to find the building for the graduation, me carrying little man around in his carrier, as he cried because he was hungry, only to find that the cards we thought were business cards were actually the tickets to the graduation. The ushers weren’t going to let us in, but luckily, one of the teachers was able to help us. Hubby went in to make sure everything was good, and my in laws went in also, leaving me outside with just little man, who was eating, alone in a place I had never been. I was very upset about that, and made sure they knew about it when I came in.

We were squeezed into one of the front rows, and though I asked for a row with more room so I could feed little man, or move around a bit the lady playing usher was about as polite as a rattlesnake. Little man was awesome through the first half of the ceremony, until the students were applauded off the stage, and the clapping upset him. He cried for about an hour and a half, and I tried vainly to calm him, nurse him, soothe him, and nothing was helping, until he finally passed out. My brother in law tried to get me to get up and leave during the walks, but hubby hadn’t walked yet, and I said no. Little man did quiet down as hubby stood in line, and then walked. After that, I took little man out to the lobby area, in the hopes to change him, and get us all out the door. The theater didn’t have changing tables, and I wasn’t about to change him on the floor.

After graduation, we went back to my sister’s, since it was too late to take pictures, and we went out for dinner, and I again had another snit fit with hubby, who promised to hold little man during the meal so I could have a break. My break lasted five minutes, and I ended up having to walk out to the car to get the car seat. He made me feel like a bad parent because I needed more than five minutes from holding the poor baby who screamed and cried, and was in my arms for over 5 hours. I had really considered making my strawberry daiquiri a real one, but I had a virgin one, just so I wouldn’t have to stress alcohol in little man. My meal had no flavor, and I was exhausted mentally and physically. The bed was amazing.

Sunday, little man and I slept in til noon, and we missed my in laws driving back to my brother in law’s house, but we went to beat buy and target, and we got a roku for our living room, having seen the amazingness of plex. We also needed a small pack of diapers, and hubby and I started to get on level ground again. My sister and I watched frozen while hubby finished his schoolwork and did his test, and I was proud of him.

Monday we managed to pump most of the water out of two above ground ponds in my sister’s back yard, which were teeming with mosquito larvae. Hubby made the hose siphon water out, and we went to walmart to walk around while it pumped, and we got a 3terabyte hard drive for movies and such. He had loaded all the movies my sister and her hubby had on my hard drive.

We finished pumping the water out of the small pond, noticing the yard was full of birds eating the larvae that wiggled and died in the beautiful weather. It wasn’t too humid, or too hot, and the nights were nice and cool. I also love my sister’s house, with a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen all big and open on the first floor. The upstairs had two balconies, one in the front, and one off the master in the back yard. If her house had a two car garage, I would have bought it. Maybe if we end up where her and her hubby is.

Tuesday we packed up and left to go home, scrapping the idea to go see my grandparents, just in case the car had more problems, and knowing that little man wouldn’t be happy in his car seat for long. We would also have a day to relax and sleep in, as well as get the stuff from the trip packed away before hubby went back to work.

We made decent time, getting home in about 12 hours, stopping g when little man woke up, to change, burp, and relieve his belly gas, as well as us using the bathroom and stretching. Little man cried a lot less on the trip home, he took his bottles with a little less fuss, and played with his toys here and there as hubby drove us home. As little man slept, we made lists of things we wanted to do, and several of those included improvements to the house and decorating it. We are finally going to decorate it, and I am excited.

We for home at 11:15, and were unpacked and in bed by 1. It felt good to be home, though I was very comfortable and happy at my sister’s house. Hopefully we can visit them more often.

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