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Rocked My VBAC

It has been a long time since I have posted, and I apologize. Since I graduated from my Bachelor education online, I have been avoiding my computer like the plague. I just didn’t want to look at it. And there was so much other stuff going on. Hubby got selected for an advancement, his twin and dad came out, I was trying to finish school and was babysitting in addition to caring for little man… and I got pregnant. No drinking celebrations for me.

Little man 2 is 4 weeks old now, and it was quite a journey. I had a constant fight with my providers about having my VBAC, and how my weight was such a huge factor, or my developing Gestational Diabetes. I was given a stupid lecture by every provider about how scheduling another cesarean would be sooo much easier, for everyone but me. Problem is, I did not want another cesarean, and I had no support system adequate to help me if I did. All my friends pretty much vanished after I found out I was pregnant. I told every provider, come hell or high water, the baby was coming out the way my body was designed, because my son needed me, and hubby is going on a long business trip, where he will be unable to assist me.

I had little support from my family in the matter. Everyone in my family wanted me to schedule so they knew when to come visit (no one has), or that I was risking my life and my child’s. But I wasn’t. My in laws are all cesarean birthers, so they couldn’t see the reason for a VBAC, or even a vaginal birth. My husband only understood the difference it made after I had our second son, who I was wholly convinced was a girl, he kept hiding the anatomy during the ultrasounds, save for the quickest peaks.

Hubby went on a few business trips during my pregnancy, and the first I got to share with my in laws, when I found out I was pregnant. I thought I had gallstones or something. Nope, just pregnant. Thankfully, they watched my little man while I went and got myself checked out. And I got to surprise my father in law in person with a test. I was able to let hubby know as soon as I found out in the hospital, I was fortunate enough to be able to have contact with him in real time.

I started feeling sick the day the advancement was finalized, and it hit me like a ton of bricks for most of the pregnancy. I did what I could with house improvements, but eventually, it was just too much. Our friends we had asked to help us all bailed, and we ended up hiring a contractor a few months later. The contractor also separated the big room upstairs into the two bedrooms it was meant to be, and it is finally finished this past week.

Little 2 developed normally, and he arrived in May at 40 weeks and 5 days, where my water started leaking and contractions started at 3:30 am. Sadly, it was back labor as he was sunnyside up (posterior), and I neglected to do any exercises or remedies to try and better position him. I labored as best I could, I was unable to lay back down, and the contractions came every 2 minutes, lasting a minute each, but sometimes rolled into each other. The whole labor, up until my epidural. I labored at home until 7:30, when I just felt too uncomfortable, and asked hubby to take us to the hospital. I had tried the tub, a shower, anything, but he was not helping, and I didn’t have a support person.

We loaded up sleepy toddler boy, who was confused why his mommy was acting so strange, and we hit the drive through at McDonald’s before going to the hospital. Even though I had G.D., I had that bacon, egg, and cheese mcgriddle on the way there. I was uncomfortable, sitting was awful (little man was fully engaged in my pelvis, felt like I had a bowling ball in my butt), but I knew they weren’t going to feed me at the hospital, so eating was a priority. And it helped.

I didn’t want to be checked at the hospital, but it was required. It hurt, the combination of being forced to sit, then lay down, and then have a huge hand and the speculum shoved in my working body was unbearable. I cried. I almost screamed. I was also forced to have an IV placed in my hand, and that hurts, and I still have a lump in my hand… But, I pushed it aside and we went into my room. I was 3cm at 8am.

I was given wireless monitors (I didn’t want to be monitored), but I was able to get into the tub, and I felt some relief there. My toddler boy kept coming to check on me, and hubby was not watching or engaging him like I had hoped, so I was not able to concentrate or relax like I needed to. I was very pissed at him for that. Eventually, I overheated, and got tired of the nurses pushing me into painful positions to get baby on the monitor, which happened to be in the crease of my belly on my leg. I could not sit comfortably in the tub like that.

I labored standing and swaying, trying to parent my son as my husband was still not watching him. The staff wanted to check me again, and I refused, and the OB on call threw a hissy fit because I didn’t want to be checked. The risk of infection, the discomfort, the fact that a MAN is upset I do not want him touching me (I am a sexual assault and rape survivor, and he was made aware of that!!!), I was upset. They sent my midwife in to bully me, but I only caved when I wanted some pain relief. The only options they offered were fentanyl and the epidural. Since fentanyl is a hard drug, and would only give me an hour, I settled for the epidural. We also called a sitter, and they came and got my toddler boy for the day. Since he was familiar with her, and she has a daughter his age, he was off for fun. I could relax. I allowed my midwife to check me, and stated only female nurses would be allowed to check me and gently after this. I was at 6cm, but I was fighting the back labor, tensing up, and unable to relax.

Hubby started doing counterpressure on my hips with my contractions, until they could get the epidural placed. I would have loved even a low dose, but they only did the full numbing dose. Once I was no longer in pain, I decided to rest. Did I mention I only had about 2 hours of sleep?! I was up late prepping for my appointment to get assessed and when I went to go pee, my water had broken. I dozed off for about an hour or two, and then they came and tried me on the peanut ball, since little man was not doing well on the monitors. He settled and they took away the peanut ball, and he was descending nicely, I could feel him moving ever lower.

By 4pm or so, I was left with just a lip, and they started prepping the room for delivery. I kept feeling him move down and closer. I had wanted my epidural turned off so I could birth in a position other than on my back, but was denied. I would have loved a more upright position, squatting, or hands and knees. I was stuck on my back, which is no good for delivering a baby. I ended up puking the baby down to crowning position.

Shitty attitude OB was back, and told me that my baby was having decels to 100, and we needed to expedite his delivery. I wasn’t allowed to change position, and the vacuum was used to bring him closer. Then, I needed to have an episitiomy, because he was “not going to fit through”. What do you expect when I am on my back, with my vulva getting more direct light than it ever thought possible, instead of being in a gravity position. I was able to stall both procedures by two contractions, but they still “had to” happen…. I also felt a sharp pain in my far right side, though it was likely little legs kicking out as he descended down and out.

I felt little man break through, there was a burn I still felt, and then after a few more minutes (my contractions had slowed way down), I pushed his body out. He had meconium in his mouth, and they did not delay cutting the cord, or anything. He was whisked to the other side of the room to make sure his lungs were clear, while I was again left to be stitched up by a man I resented. I started shaking really hard after the birth, and the OB also refused to let my placenta detach on it’s own, but was applying traction (albeit gently) to the cord to pull my placenta out. He refused to stitch around it.

A short while later, little man was brought to me, all the vernix had been wiped off, again against my wishes, and he was not interested in nursing at all. And his sugars came back low, so we were struggling to get him to nurse without needing formula, so he could recover. Hubby was ecstatic about his little boy, and he had helped me deliver, by holding one of my numb legs to help me push. I will add that they didn’t tell me how pushing works in that position, and got mad that I was not purple pushing, but breathing out as I pushed. I don’t think my body or baby liked the position or forced issue.















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Happy New Year!

I know it has been a while since I last posted. To be honest, I was so excited to be done with my bachelors, that the last thing I wanted to look at was my computer. There was a lot going on at the time, including a surprise I only recently announced over FB in the last two months. Yepp, I’m pregnant again. And it is another boy.

I had dreamed of a girl, and making all the cute girl things, but, baby boy #2 is healthy, and doing well. I have an anterior placenta, but it does not cover the exit, so I am all ready for a VBAC! And that has been a fight in and of itself. I was not really expecting the fight I am getting from a “supportive hospital”. But I will not give up, and I will probably have the baby at home, because of what I have been dealing with just in care for this babe. Amazing how one scar can suddenly eff my whole world up.

I found out I was pregnant in September, and everything has been going swimmingly. And by that I mean I just stopped puking for the most part. Yay. I went to the medical facility to get Zofran (because I exhausted every other remedy), and the OB who had to write the prescription was already trying to get me to have another c-section. What is it with male doctors not understanding the struggle of major surgery with 2 kids, stairs, 3k miles away from family, with very little support, and a husband who may not be home? Not his problem, just wants to play Operation. So I yelled at him to just write me the prescription, because I know what I need, and let me be on my way. 7 weeks is too early to be hearing that shit. I filed a complaint, waited for my meds, and called around for a midwife. Turns out not many take on VBAC patients unless they have a “proven pelvis”. Not helpful. One did agree to take me on, but I cannot afford her care, at 5k out of pocket because my insurance refuses to cover them when I have 2 hospitals within an hour of me. No fair.

I had in laws over, and some drama with it, but now that everyone is gone, I am happy as can be. I did actually get sick after getting the flu shot in the October/ November time frame, but nothing too bad. Hubby was a little bummed he couldn’t do that ritual he had for that day of the week, but I could not function and I needed him. I wish it was not made into the big deal that it was by him, but when I said I had man-flu, he got the hint.

I have been trying hard to eat well and not gain weight, or too much weight, and so far it is going well. I am only just now feeling like I may be showing, but most layperson has not noticed yet. My friends have, but they know me best. I bought one pair of maternity jeans at target, and have two dedicated thermal tops, and some other tanks and stuff that fit, but none of my other maternity jeans really feel good on me. The high band is definitely more comfortable with my flabby belly bulge still hanging around. I am trying not to go crazy, since this will likely be the last baby, especially if I fail my VBAC attempt. I cannot fathom trying to take care of 3 kids with 2 scars, or even 3.

With this babe, I have little to buy, and even less to expect for a baby shower. We kept all of little man’s clothes that we liked, and I started going through them Friday, and have a big box to make him a memory quilt, some to part with, and plenty to keep this one clothed. I just need more newborn stuff, and I am frustrated that they no longer seem to carry or make cuffed long sleeve shirts that can be used as mitten shirts. I lose the little mittens like crazy, as well as socks, never to be seen again. I was hoping to find some in Target or Wal-Mart, but was dissapointed. Carters is a bit of a hike, and we have had some snow and ice to make driving more perilous, so I will continue looking online.

Hubby has been enjoying some well deserved time off after a month of travel, of which little man and I did quite well. We decorated the house for the holidays, put up trees (he got a baby tree and ornaments), and watching movies and playing in the snow while it lasted. We do not get too much out here, which is nice. I had been crafting presents for the second cousins, and sent everything out before Christmas. I am sad that one of the packages got stolen in Alaska, and a card with pictures I sent to another friend was also ripped open and trashed. I hand crocheted stuffed animals for the kids, and was really upset that they were stolen. Little man and I made snowman ornaments, and sent them out, with some pictures to friends and family as well. Since it was our first year at home for the holidays, and in our own house, we had to have a good time.

Little man had a lot of loot for Christmas, my parents pulled out all the stops for him, and are very pleased to have a 2nd grandson coming to them now. My father in law is also excited.

No one however, in the family at least, wants to support my VBAC. They all seem to think I should have another section, but no one wants to be here to actually help me when the time comes, or cares about my mental and physical health if I do have another one. They seem to think I should just schedule it for their convenience and be done with it. My own husband has a hard time understanding this. All I wanted from the first pregnancy test in 2013 was to push the baby out with no drugs, no IV, and maybe at home, because he could not get out of work in time. No one seems to understand my frustration, but I have C-section friends who understand the pain and struggle all too well, and are supporting me instead.

I am now planning a homebirth for my 2nd child, and trying to read and study all I can so I am not unprepared for the endeavor. I will have friends help me with my little man, and help me through this new and exciting time. I am not afraid of labor, I am afraid of another surgery. I have not heard good things about the hospitals out here in the west coast regarding care during birth from friends. I feel my best option is to just not go until after I have the baby.

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New times changing things

Hey guys.

It has been a fun few weeks here. I have been watching my friend’s son while she goes back to work, and I need birth control. He is just a stubborn little bug. But, he will grow up soon, and it is all I can do.

I finish school this weekend, and I am so effing excited. I wish there was time to celebrate, but there isn’t. My husband made a new promotion at work, and suffice to say, all his training has been eating up our free time. It was unexpected, and while we were excited and happy, he is worn out, emotionally and physically, and some bad news rolled in.

We made friends with people on his level before this promotion. Now, he will be expected to lead over them, unless we get a transfer to another division or job, and we will not be able to socialize like we have. No hanging out as a group, no game nights, no random stuff. It is a hard burden to take, especially when I do not know anyone at his new level who has spouses. One of the guys at his work who also got the promotion has a wife and kids, but she kind of rubs me the wrong way.

I am really mourning the loss of my close friendships. I feel like I had really just started to get to know and like them over the last few months, and now it is all out the window. We should not have to move, or worry about hubby long distance driving, but it is still wait and see. My only hope is my friends make the promotion next time, and we can all hang out again, but there is the possibility of them getting moved as well.

My father in law flew in Monday for the promotion, and will be staying with us indefinitely. He has our office/guest room space, and is having a hard time on the stairs. Little man has been warming up to him nicely, and having a good time.

Little man and I have been going to the pool on the days we don’t have the baby, and I am trying to teach him to swim. I bought him a small pool for the back yard, but it needs constant scrubbing and dumping. The big pool is indoors and heated, and has all kinds of toys, as well as a diving board. He is doing really well getting over having his head wet, and showers without a fuss now. Submerging him does not start a kicking response, or a flail to break the surface, so we will have to work on that. The life jackets make him list face first in the water, so I have been hands on with him instead. I may try the arm rings and chest floaty, but I want him to know how to swim without them. We have been practicing jumping in (He wants to just the diving board), and when I put him in a life jacket to practice jumping off a large float mat into the pool, I had to headbutt him in. The life guard was very amused by my way of getting little man to take the plunge.

This new promotion means a ceremony, and then a soiree afterwards. I have been scrambling to find a nice outfit for the ceremony for myself and little man, and then something nice for the soiree.

We had purchased our second vehicle back in July, and I am so glad we have it now. I have been able to take little man out while hubby is doing his training at work, and also get my father in law from the airport safely.

With everything that is going on, I am so burnt out on schoolwork. I will probably take the next month to do all the certifications from my degree courses, so I have them all.

I also have house improvement tasks I am still working on, like the fence being pressure washed and stained, the hill side being weeded, blocked, and mulched. We still have not finished the living room, and that bugs me. Our new promotion means the help from our friends is no longer feasible. It stinks. I kind of wish he had not made it now, and more last year.

What can you do?


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2 Months to Graduation

It has been a busy last few weeks here. I have been knee deep in so many projects, and I really feel like I have neglected my blog. If anyone is reading this, I am sorry.

Hubby and I incorporated our business in May, and we have been preparing for a launch around the holidays on Kickstarter. We had been working on it solid for 5 weeks, as I was fortunate to be able to work on it as part of my externship, and we made some real progress. Unfortunately, I am enrolled in regular classes this term and next, and feel a bit overwhelmed.

Progo is settling in nicely, he had a cold for a couple days, and we even rushed him to the vet, but he is all better now. He is my cuddle bug, and loves to land on my lap and purr. He seems to be starting to knead, which is sweet. He and the dogs are still getting used to each other, and he wants to pounce on them and chase them, which can be funny.

Early in May I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and compared to the section for little man, it was cake. Apparently, all I did was talk about how the nurse put a fan on me because I didn’t feel good. Something about narcotics and fasting… Anyway, all is well, and other than realizing I can’t handle the narcotic without getting carsick, everything is wonderful.

My current class is very boring, and very dry, and my second to last class, with a lab. I am so over it now. On the plus side, only eight more weeks til graduation. Yes, I am counting.

We got the holes for the home theater system in our house finished, and we even routed almost all of the wires. We will likely be working on that again tomorrow, but we made the most progress last week that we have made in months. We had built a frame around the projector screen, but it just did not fit in between the studs. It was a real shame, but we managed to secure it safely, and it works! We spent a while drilling holes to route the wires, and then routing them, but all we have left is the LAN cable, some CAT6e. Woo.

After that is installed through the second story of the house and the attic, we can add insulation between the floors, so little man can get the sleep he needs while we relax downstairs and watch movies or play games. After we put in the insulation batts, we will drywall and mud all the holes, spackle, and then paint!

We had a really hot weekend here a few weeks ago, and poor little man had neither a ceiling fan or air conditioning in his room. Well, we installed a fan, but the box is not standard for a fan, so we have to go in the attic and replace it. While we are up there, we may as well put down some boards, and a light, and a proper attic ladder. So many projects building up.

I do plan on getting some AC put in after we get our tax return for this year, so we can really appreciate the house. It gets a little stale, and we need it. Little man will not leave our air conditioner in the room alone, and I do not need him getting hurt.

I also found out someone I went to high school with in Florida works with my husband here in Washington. It is crazy, but hilarious. We have been catching up, which is pretty cool, and I just found out he worked with my high school best friend’s husband, and has a coin my husband and I designed. Another friend just told me a classmate is also living in my new town, but I don’t remember him. How small is this world?

Last but not least, I will be getting a tattoo soon. I have never had one before, so it will be fun, I am sure. I wish I could have my high school bestie with me for it, since she was with me for my first adult piercing, a navel ring. I hope she will be proud of me. I miss her so much. I also have a fund started now, as I watch my friend’s son while she works, and until I have enough to get started on ink, I will be drafting and finalizing some of my ideas and plans. Sadly, it is a bit complex, but I think I can handle it. I have dreamed of tattoos for years, and now I am that much closer to getting one. And my degree. IT HAS BEEN A GREAT YEAR!!

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Hello Progo!

Guys, we did it. We adopted a cat this weekend. It started with me going into Petsmart to double check prices for getting the dog’s teeth cleaned, but I had to stop and say hi to the adoptable kitties before I did. Can you see it unfolding yet?

Well, the first kitty in the cages, and he did not react when someone brought their dog inside. Check 1. He was also very sweet. Check 2. I talk to the volunteer for a bit (The humane society has the kennels), and I told her I wish the time was right, but we just bought a house, and I was not sure where we were financially.

I walk outside and tell hubby to come see the mews (We do it at every store where foster and adoptive kitties are), and our son bear hugs kitty. Not phased at all. Check. Likes my husband. Final check. Hubby looks at me, and said the magic words, “Let’s do it”.

I am about to cry. Had I known we were getting a cat that day, I would have brought the carrier we already had (Nope, we bought a box). So, as he fills out the paperwork, I start shopping for things we need for our new friend coming home with us. Of course, being the weekend, the food reps are out, trying to tell me their food is the best. No offense, but having had pets with food allergies before, I am label wise.

Hubby gives me and little man the coupon book, and holy cow the savings. One of the brands I eyed, the small bag ($20 for 4 pounds) was free, and the other bag was a portion off for a larger size! Coupons for portions off collars, bowls, and the other essentials means we bought litter and and food storage container full price. We got so much stuff, and saved over $40 dollars. I walk the box to hubby, and start loading up the car, when he brings our new kitty out.

He meowed once. The whole trip. He endured me getting the shakes and a bit grumpy because my blood sugar tanked for some reason (and it was after little man’s nap time), so we stop to get lunch, and get little man to bed. Hubby asked what his name was going to be, and I decided Progo, or Proginoskies from A Wind In The Door by Madeline L’Engle. I have modified the spelling a bit, but oh well. Hubby looked at me funny, and said ok. All of our pets have P names. His previous name was Powell, but I am more excited for this one. I offered Gaudior, but he said no.


Once I get little man situated, I start bringing stuff into our room while hubby opens the box. Progo starts exploring the master bedroom while I set everything up, and after I come up from the second trip, I cannot find him!

I continue trucking everything upstairs, hubby is looking for him, I am looking for him, and we just stop, and go relax. He did not get out the front door, so he is safe. As soon as I go into the bathroom, he pokes his head out of the doorway to say hi. He joins me on my lap as I do schoolwork, while hubby and the pups are in the office. This cat can purr, and is already under foot.

The first night the dogs are a bit miffed. Pepper definitely looks like she is being replaced, even though she misses Shadow bunches (He passed away after I found out little man was indeed a man via ultrasound). They want to sniff his rear and play, and Progo is a little hesitant. He did help me work on a Power Point for school, and I finished it before little man woke up, even with a kitty on my belly and trying to type on the keyboard. He also knows when I need to get up to go to the bathroom, and will sit on my belly and sleep. Typical cat.

We also had company over, so I am cooking dinner, and our friends T and AJ bring their poor pup over, who had his ACL repaired, and is in a lot of pain. Add N, E, and C over, and we have a full house. We bring the dog crates upstairs for our pups, and situate them while we party downstairs.

Progo loved the attention and exploring downstairs. He did have one accident on my blanket (which was promptly washed and ready by the time I went to bed), we have had smooth sailing. He comes when called most times, and loves his food, the window, his box, and his family.

Sunday we noted that we need to get him something to scratch and play on. We go to Wal-Mart for a folder for his records (He came from Lihue, on Kauai Island, Hawaii, and we cannot believe he is 2. He is the size of a half-grown kitten, and I do not think he weighs the 8 and a half pounds he is listed as. We shall see. Add me losing my wallet since Petsmart, and I am having a great day. Hubby found it after going to Petco, in a hole in my backpack that developed, which is good that we found. Petco gave us some rockin’ coupons for Progo once we showed our paperwork to them, and we saw a cat tree we liked. We decided to wait to get it, and I would just look online. I was having a meltdown over my wallet being lost, and was not handling the situation well. My husband’s lighthearted remarks were lighter fluid on my fire of emotions. I felt so bad when he found it, and it was there the whole time.

Yesterday I started phasing the dogs into the same room, and Progo slept on a sunny sill while I had the pups asleep on the bed with me. He has been sleeping near me or on me at night, and also likes to watch us shower. He will walk in the shower afterwards to lap up water. He also talks A LOT. Very very chatty little boy. He is also underfoot and ready to help. I love that he is so social and friendly, and tolerant of little man. He tries to sniff little man, and the whiskers make little man jumpy. lol. He purrs nonstop, and I am sure he will be happy when his cat tree gets here. He has also started playing with his toys, and loves wet cat food, though I have not the heart to tell him that it will not be a common thing for him. Wet cat food is expensive, and his dry food he likes anyway.

He tracks litter all over, and lugging 40 lb tubs of litter up the stairs is not something I am enjoying once, so I have been researching cat litter alternatives. I think a grass mat or other washable material where liquid can drain into a reservoir would be more appealing, and with the diaper pail next door, litter scooping happens every time I toss a diaper. This means so far, three times a day. Maybe I can find a good material and develop a prototype that is a true single investment per box.

I do have to hang the bird cage it seems. He is just too interested in them, and wishes to meet them beyond the safety of their cage. I may find a nice hanging hook this weekend, and hang the cage off a stud in the front room. I will make a debris catcher so the carpet stays nice also. I have more pressing issues with the litter box right now though, since kitty is happy upstairs for the time being.

He has situated himself on the bed on my lap with the dogs on the bed as well, and everyone is happy. Maybe they will be friends soon. I am trying not to push the issue. The kitty food and box are baby gated out of dog reach, and Pip is not happy, as the gap under is too small for him. Progo does not seem to be able to jump very high. Maybe the cat tree will fix that. He is asleep on the bed between sleeping hubby and me now, and he purrs anytime I move. I think he is very happy here.

Once I make all my little projects for friends and family birthdays, I can make him something like a cat nest. I have presents for N, E, my sister, and my mom for birthdays, and then Mother’s day gifts. Little man is coloring on cards every day this week!



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Hello Again!

Wow, it has been a while since I made a new post. We have purchased a home and our almost settled in. We have a few boxes left, and some decorating to do, but not much else. We got the keys to our house right before little man’s birthday in March (Happy 2nd birthday little man!), and it has been bliss.

I have been cleaning, cooking, gardening, and decorating. I have also been crocheting like crazy the last few weeks, making my friend a amigurimi chicken for her birthday, a present for my husband, a Porygon amigrumi (I need to make matching ones for little man, who wants to hold and love on them), a present for my sister for her birthday, and something for her friend and her son.

Sadly, within the last few weeks, little man picked up my nail biting habit, and now he has chewed all the way up the nail bed with his hands. We have been putting him to bed with mittens on, but he would take them off when he was not sleeping, and chew up those nails. Today I bought some knit fabric, and I made some crude mittens that I sewed on one of his sleep tops. Of course it was a one way stretch, and I cut the mittens so they would not stretch open at the cuff. I will have to redo that tomorrow, but for now, his hands can heal, and his nails can grow.

I tried the nail polish, and I catch him when we are out and about, but no other deterrent seems to work. While I had the machine out, I made him some pants out of my spandex denim jeggings that tore in the crotch (thigh rub), and I just need to sew the elastic together and sew the last hole closed. The remaining part of my jeggings hit mid thigh, so there’s that.. I found a new use for all the yoga pants that keep rubbing too.

We have been busy gardening and organizing the house. The weather has been beautiful, so we water the new rhododendrons we planted on a slope, and some of the other flowers, the grass, and we play at the play ground. We got little man a tricycle and he loves trying to ride it, or kick his ball. He wants sunshine all the time, even when it is bed time. He sleeps better for it, at least! He has the front room of the house as a play room, and his bedroom. We are looking to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms to circulate air, as ac is not standard here, and the windows do not always move the air. We hit record highs this week in the past 30 years, so buying a portable ac unit last weekend was a smart idea.

I only have an externship for 5 weeks starting in May, and then only 10 more weeks of school until I graduate. I am beyond excited that I will be doing my externship at home on a company we have been designing, and can make some real progress  on that. We hope to launch our product by the end of the year. There are two classes and two labs each left, and they should go smoothly, but I am losing patience for school. I keep looking for reasons to put off schoolwork, and of all the projects I could do instead.


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Settling in?

We had a nice trip cross country with the little man, pets, and the car packed full to the gills. I wish I had the time to type up all of the adventures, but frankly, I was so exhausted from it all, I literally could not function. I will recount that another day.

We got to our new city on the Monday before New Years, and I got to see my friend N for the first time since she had left to go to London in 2012. She was a welcome sight, and we had a nice dinner out with her, as well as hanging out while we got everything sorted with the unit we are now living in.

We had to rush to the rental place, and get them to meet us first thing in the morning on 30th, because that was the only day within two weeks that we would get our stuff. And I wanted my bed!

Well, the house was a disaster. I say house, but it is a townhouse. There are 4 units, and we are one of the interior ones. There’s one and a half parking spots, a broken gutter, and the place was not ready for us, though they had plenty of time to get it ready. What do you mean? Well, the carpet was trashed. It was chewed up by the master bedroom, showing the pad underneath, and the whole carpeted section (the stairs and upstairs) smelled as though the previous family all decided to pee on the floor. Pets and small children included. The tub did not drain, and was clogged, and the linoleum in the kitchen an dining room was heavily scarred. The bedroom door locks face the hallway, and the downstairs lights from the front door to the living room flicker and hum. It is creepy.

Well, we were told they would get us new carpet the very next day, so the movers brought everything into the house and garage, and the closet in the upstairs hallway that was not carpeted. Everything else was downstairs. A lot of our china got smashed, so it is not worth setting up, and the only way we could set up the projector and couch is covering the great big beautiful window in the living room. I am so unhappy about that.

We had to buy stair gates, and I had to fight hubby to get those put in, but now we do not have to worry about little man falling down the stairs. Not that it will save me from slipping and falling. On my back. Down the top flight. In a nightgown. With N over.

N stayed with us a little bit, as she thought she had bed bugs. The first exterminator was a joke, and thankfully, the second opinion showed she had no bugs whatsoever. I am really glad about that. Though, I do miss her company. She just had her baby this past weekend, and I really miss hearing from her. I hope she settles in nicely though.

I am still trying to put the house together, and keep up with all the cleaning now across two floors. Our washer had died last week, and we had to go a week without laundry, and it was difficult. Little man leaked through his diaper on his jammies, and undressed himself from anything without zippers and feet. Our new washer is nice, and works really well.

I had a pregnancy scare for the last week or so, but every test came back negative. Nausea, hunger, zonked out and exhausted all the time. But, today that changed. I was a little excited, but also a little sad. We are trying to buy a house, and the sellers will not budge on anything, so we are going to forge ahead and see what the appraisal shows for the house. I fit is under the selling price, which is over our budget and now we have to pay for the furnace and fireplace to be serviced if we do buy, they will have to lower the price to the appraisal, or rent out their house. I really love the house, but I feel like we are in too deep for it. We will see what happens in the next few days.

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Getting Ready to Move

Hey everyone,

It has been a little bit, but me and little man have been nursing small colds this past two weeks. Runny noses, little coughs, you know that stuff. I have been chugging away at my last two classes for the year, as I have next term off, and I have finals next week when we are over the road. Lovely.

Little man is learning some new words every day, and unfortunately, my father has taught him inadvertently to say “Oh shit”. So now we have that. Oh no is cute, so is moon, earth, stars, fishies, kitty cat, doggy, go away, and everything else. He is making me proud. He is also outgrowing his 18 month clothes, but his 24 month clothes are a bit baggy. We did manage to score him a snow bib, boots, a pea coat, and snow boots here in Florida somehow, and my friend gave us most all of her son’s clothes that he just outgrew.

We had our first fender bender in the new car, and I am a little sad about that. Luckily, the other guy’s insurance paid for our new back bumper, but someone hit my rear passenger door, all the way to the metal. Now we need to get that fixed. It will have to wait until we move to Washington though. There is not any time left here, as we leave to see family on Tuesday.

Hubby’s last day at his job is tomorrow, and I am hoping to go see my friend and her boys one more time before we leave Tuesday, or next week when the movers come up to get our stuff.

I have learned how to do some basic knitting and crocheting, and I have been enjoying that quite a bit. My friend Frances I said goodbye to last night taught and inspired me to learn this new type of craft. I know have quite a few skeins of yarn, and some projects to work on on the long drive. I also have artwork to do for hubby and a game he is designing, so that will be fun.

I am kind of anxious and sad to be leaving all of my friends here, as well as mom and dad, but I also really want to have my own space again, and not have to coordinate with anyone else over laundry, parking, shopping, etc. I hope we can buy a house over there, but it may not happen. A girl can dream though.

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Super Mario Trunk or Treat

The last two weeks have been really really hectic. I have been trying to squeeze working on the trunk or treat stuff in with my schoolwork, cleaning, caring for little man, and the thoughts about the move. I have made a lot of great progress on the decorations for trunk or treat, as well as my costume, and I am going to share them with you guys. 11168425_1617464541811703_1859421001608341991_n 12036646_1612520152306142_6904023613113250973_n 12047047_1613561505535340_1349989504513051051_n 12105825_1617464488478375_5340006127636910180_n 12106695_1616908068534017_4034625605629181157_n 1655838_1617464558478368_5511438026054900437_n 11099989_1617464525145038_126176528319911650_n 10428625_1617464505145040_2255883744000397028_n images (1)

With Princess Peach in the cat costume as a reference, I have made great progress. Yesterday I finished the tail, where I took 6 sheets of 1/2″ thick foam, cut, glued, and the shaped to a rounded curve from a flat square on the sides. I used regular 1/2″ thick upholstery foam from wal-mart, e-600 (lots), and then pins and clothes pins to hold the drying glue down and make the pieces stick. I was watching videos where they used a hot glue gun, but it was not working for me. My foot forms started out as wrapping around a pair of flats, and slowly gluing and pinning the pieces together.I am in the process of making and shaping the three toes, which are much higher up that the rest of the foot form. I hope to have those finished tonight. The mask I hope to also get finished tomorrow, which was made by wrapping on piece of foam around my head, gluing and pinning, and then cutting out the face spot after the glue dried, so i could see what I was doing. I tried to smooth the top down, byt ended up gluing and pinning a second sheet piece of foam over top. While it dried, I worked on shaping the ears and cheek just outs, and had pinned them on the mask, without glue for reference.

I found gloves that are fur kitty paws, and I plan on cutting the foam to make the hair and crown shapes. Poor hubby is bored of helping me care for little man, or watching me sit at the table and work on this for the hours and hours it takes. It will be done soon, thank goodness.

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Sew many costumes

Well, it is now October, and last month I used my book stipend to buy hubby and a new game system, the Wii U, and we have been playing a bit of Super Mario 3D World. I have never really been good at video games, but I like Mario, and the Amiibos are awesome, and I want them all (well, most of them.)! Last week hubby had sprung another costume set up for us. We are doing a Trunk or Treat, and he wants to do Super Mario as the theme. So add the fact that I still need to make his Luke Skywalker robe top for Halloween, and trash a wedding dress to go as Princess Vespa, it is going to be a busy few weeks. Hopefully the dress will be here soon, and I can make hubby’s robe top from the sheet tomorrow when he gets home. I am going to take little man to help me get the startings for the Trunk or Treat costume, as I am going as Princess Peach the cat.

images (1)Hubby found a Mario costume at Party City with a matching mask for fifty bucks, so he is set, and we are not quite sure what little man will go as, either Luigi or Toad. I do not care for the Princess Peach costumes available online, as they are too short, and make me feel like a breeze would be all too happy to show my rear. I also do not have the time to make a full length gown.

Pinterest has made my search for creating this costume a little easier, showing me how to make furries masks, feet, tails, and paws. I will be going out tomorrow to get the foam to get started while waiting for hubby, and start working on my helmet, which will be half open. The gloves will probably be the quickest, but deciding how the body is going to be made may be more difficult. I am not sure if I want to modify a full body sleeper, or try my hand at a pattern. I guess it will depend on how matchy matchy I can get with fabric colors and the cost of the materials tomorrow. I know the gloves and boots will take easy plain white fabric, so I will likely do those first. Once I get the body colors, I can make the tail and head piece. I hope to finish all these products quickly and cheaply. I do not plan on using real or fake fur, so maybe a plush or fleece.

Did I mention I still need to finish my son’s quilt?! I had to add two more squares to each strip, and having done that, I need to sew the strips all together again. Then I can get a backing and start sewing the whole thing together. At least I know how I want the stitches to look. I just have to find the right feel and color fabric sheet. It took me a few days to take all of the strips apart, and now I need to restitch them all together. I hope to be able to finish that quickly. I wish I could keep an eye on my son and sew at the same time, but that boy is trouble. He has taken to climbing on his train table, and sometimes he tumbles off, but he is ok.

Add to the fact hubby also wants/needs to decorate the car in Mario theme, I really cannot waste too much time anymore. We also will likely be moving soon, and I need to get these projects wrapped up before then.

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