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Loved and lost

These past few days have been full of ups and downs. Little man has been growing stronger and smarter every day, and demands more and more of hubby and i’s attentions. He is rolling around, and even pulling himself into a sit, with two teeth. He is 6 months old now.
Thursday hubby found a baby squirrel on his way home from work, and we spent time caring for it, before it passed Monday morning. He was a delight, but he either had bodily injuries from a cat (they are feral and numerous where Chitters was found), or because he aspirated on the squirrel formula we made and fed him via syringe, and by Sunday afternoon, he was sleeping all the time and uncomfortable. It broke our hearts, and I believe it is my fault, as I was feeding the little guy, and he got formula in his nose several times. Feeding a baby squirrel is very difficult, and unlike feeding a puppy or kitten. I wish there was more we could have done. We took turns cuddling him through most of the night, and kissed him goodbye as he started to chill and his breathing slowed. When I checked on him an hour later, he was gone.
Monday when hubby got home, we dug him a little grave in the front yard under the trees, and placed him there to rest. I would have liked to have cremated him, but maybe iris better this way.
My grandmother is also not doing well. She had been in the hospital for pneumonia, and then again a few days after that when she fell and hurt herself. She is home and in hospice care, with one of my aunts caring for her. Yesterday, she was read her last rights, and I may be going on a trip to hopefully see her before she passes, and to met her great grandson. I do not think hubby will be able to go like I would have hoped, but we can only do so much sometimes.
I hope to get little man’s 6 month photos done and posted soon. Stay tuned.

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