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Sewing the Swimsuit Cover Up: A Twist

I wanted to make a swimsuit cover, to cover my mushy mommy belly and thighs, and I found a few how tos on Pinterest, so I set about to make myself a cover (or two). I found a slinky swimsuit-like material with some stretch at Joanns, and I purchased that the same time we looked at fabric for Ro’s quilt. It is also blue. I love the color blue.

I set out to make the cover, and it just seems like I sometimes set myself up to fail. I had guessed two yards would be long enough to cover me, I didn’t bother to measure. Well, I saw a tutorial where they cut some of the fabric from the side, and braided it to make straps. I SAID SURE, WHY NOT? Oh, silly me. I had cut the fabric in half width-wise, then cut the arm spots on one piece, made the straps, measured the straps to fit my arms, cut the fabric along a tank top like one blog suggested, and it pulled too high when I tried it on. I was very upset, and I get frustrated quite a bit when I sew, so I put the darn thing down, and called it a day.

A few days later, I tried to make it work again, but it still pulled wrong across the chest. So I bought 3 yards the next time I went to Joanns, and set it aside. I ended up taking the straps back off with the stitch ripper, though with little man, it took longer than I would have liked. Soon, the straps were liberated from the body. It really does$’nt help that the fabric is so slinky, it sags under its own weight.

I attempted the cover with the other piece a few days later, having watched a simple Youtube video this time, and the results came out better when I used one of my china pieces to cut the arm holes. I also braided down the whole length of the straps, not cutting them in half like I had done with the first one. The video also showed where the corner of the body was tucked into the braid, and then sewn in, doing the same for both sides. ok..

Well, I did that for the top of the cover up, and then used safety pins to figure where to attach the straps to the back. I sat on it a few days, still not satisfied, until tonight. I had an idea.

Tonight I secured the straps where they had been pinned in the back, but instead of cutting them at that point, I took the excess, and hand stitched it to the arm holes, creating a band, so it pulled less across the bust like it had been. And, after some time, trials, and tribulations, it worked. Perfectly. It pulls a lot less, and it looks amazing. The sewing machine wouldnt not have been able to hide the stitching the braid to the arm like I had, but I used it to secure the end points, and to secure the three pieces together neatly, before cutting the knot off from each end. I finished the second cover up first, and then I fixed and finished the first cover up.

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Busy Few Days and Feeling Productive

This past few days has been rather fun, between finding out how much little man has grown, to caring for him as he still hurts from his shots, to working on various projects around the house.
Monday was the run around and buy stuff day, since I needed more fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt, and I had received some money for Mother’s Day, and decided to work on a quilt for little man, so I bought some fat quarters to make a quilt for him. I also had to get him size 2 diapers now, it is amazing how fast he grows. I have been buying the big box of pampers at Target that comes with wipes also, and a box of size ones lasted us through that size, since I was also trying to cloth diaper him. Now we have enough diapers and wipes for our upcoming trip at the end of the month. After Target, we went to the sewing class, but it seems nearly everyone got sick.
Tuesday my sister came to visit, and we had a grande time for her birthday. She got to meet her nephew, and so did my brother in laws. Hubby and the brothers went out shooting, while my sister and I went out to lunch, and then down to see our parents. Little man was quite the show off for her, leaning back, and she almost dropped him. She almost cried, and he cried, but no one got hurt. He got to meet her hubby’s side of the family, and my mom cuddled him and held him for me so I could eat and relax, since hubby was covered in gun powder.
Today has been a productive day, even though little man and I had a rather rough start. We dropped off hubby at work, and little man nursed himself to sleep after only a few minutes on one side, so I pumped, and he woke up, but would not take the bottle. He also had his first vomit, because he choked on his medicine, and it ran all down his front. He also was having trouble falling asleep by that point, and we both eventually fell asleep with him on my chest.
After that, we nursed some more, wore some cloth again, and I set about cleaning up the house while he did some tummy time on his mat. I managed to clean the kitchen up, and by the time I had finished, and nursed little man to sleep again, hubby needed a ride home. After we got home, I nursed little man some more, since he woke up for the car ride, and hubby took care of him while I cooked some dinner for us, which was cheesy spaghetti. I nursed little man into a deeper state of sleepiness, and he fell asleep in his swing, and i set about sewing, which I just made some posts about.
Initially, I set out to finish the swimsuit covers, and that took me two hours, because I made a few mistakes, but I could not be more happy about the result. I also did it without getting too mad or loud and angry, which was nice.
Then I cut the fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt down, minus ironing, because it was all but useless with our iron. I managed to even take pictures for the blog, which made me proud. I had not done that with the swimsuit cover up, but I will do a detail shot.
Little man awoke a bit as I finished the last fat quarter of the eight, and he fell asleep on hubby, but he needed a change, which woke him up enough to nurse before hubby and I showered.
I am hoping to get the pink and purple quilt worked on tomorrow before we head back down to see my sister before she heads home, and hopefully also work on some nursing pads for B, since I have the stuff just sitting around, waiting to be made now. I also need to make the ring sling and crib toy bag, so we will see how it all goes this week and weekend. I want to get the quilt for Ro finished before hubby and I leave for his graduation, so we have about a week and a half. It shouldn’t take too long hopefully.

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Satisfied Sunday

Well, I should say the few days have been satisfying. I have gotten so much done, and I am proud of myself. Projects are getting lined up and done, and it looks like I will be going to school soon, something I have put off for far too long. I’m looking at business management, since I seem to be ok at leading, and I can do things that I like without being bogged down by too much. Yay there.

Friday I finished putting the blocks together, and we pinned the rows together. I may need to trim a few squares down here and there, but I hope to get the color blocks sewn together, and get the middle and back pinned on and started by Tuesday. Since we are leaving this coming Friday, I need to get as much done as I can before then. I vowed to have this finished before the end of May, and I don’t want to take it with me.

I spent part of Friday also making nursing pads for B, and I have made 8 pairs total by the end of today, four lime green, four in pink paisley, with white fleece backing, and black stitching. I had sent her pictures, and she loved it. I need to find more flannel to make 4 more pairs, and I may make a matching burp cloth for each color also for her. That will require another trip to Joann’s, since that is where I bought the flannel. I made one pair Friday, and made the rest this evening.

Friday, little man and I also ran some errands, leaving hubby home to relax and work on his certifications and schoolwork. We did some light grocery shopping, and I got my mommy pills, and thankfully, little man didn’t start fussing until we were almost home. We managed to get most everything we needed, including more colic calm for his tummy.

As for Saturday, well, we did wake up earlier, and hubby was amazing and donated blood for the first time since his dental surgery in February. One of the ladies was retiring, and they all loved on little man, who got a complementary ace wrap to match hubby, wrapped loosely around his arm. I am unable to handle the after affects of donating, but I supported hubby, and little man and I were very social, and he was even good nursing under cover.

This morning we took the dogs to petco to get their shots updated, and not only did I wake up early and feed little man, but I only dozed for a half hour before getting up on time to get the pups for their shots. Hubby and I made great time, and little man fell asleep on the ride down, and slept til we got back home, a few hours later. Hubby pushed him around the store in a buggy, while I waited with the pups for shots. After we finished there, we did drive through whataburger, and went home. The pups got pig ear slices as treats for being so good, they behaved better than I expected with all the other dogs and people.

Little man and had a nap on the couch in the early afternoon, and when he woke up to another leaky diaper, I knew I had to do something to make all my cloth diapers start pulling their weight. So I started boiling all the inserts, and spent over 5 hours boiling all but the two charcoal bamboo ones, since they have to be separate. As they boiled, I finished the nursing pads, and took care of little man. I also washed the diapers in the washer on hot, and hopefully, everything will work better now. I have had to pump here and there, as I still am very full, but little man is doing great.

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The Quilt for My Little Man

As you know, I am working on a quilt for my friend B’s daughter Ro, who has been an only child, but since B is expecting, I thought a nice home made quilt would make her feel more comfortable as the due date gets closer. Well, I had been looking into making little man a quilt for a while, and when I went to get the fat quarters needed to finish Ro’s quilt, I also hurriedly picked out some for little man. It was a bit of a challenge to find fat quarters that weren’t flowery or unbecoming of the young man he is quickly growing to be. I had done this Monday, after little man got his shots, and he had woken up and was starting to fuss, but I think I made some good choices for him, with lots of blues and dark greys so far. Have a look.


I want to add some solid black and white to it also, having gotten an inspiration from this site:


I will likely start cutting out the squares for his quilt tomorrow, and update with more pictures, but I will not be piecing it together just yet, I think. It will depend on how the planning and mapping out goes.


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Sew Much Accomplished- The Quilt For Ro

T and I have been busy working on planning a baby shower for B, and we decided to sink our teeth into our first quilt, by making one for B’s daughter, We reviewed ideas on Pinterest, trying to find a simple idea, something less intense than a tossed nine or rag rose like we saw in demo at the sewing class. We got a general idea, and spent a few hours in Joann’s, and found 8 fat quarters, four in shades and patterns of pinks, and then purples. Then we picked up some warm and natural for the batting, ant tried to figure backing. We ended up getting a white floral quilt backer, but I learned later, we could have just spliced any other fabric to make the back, or use a flat sheet. You live and you learn. Hubby helped where he could with colors and watching little man, but we were all exhausted after that.

A few days later, T and I set out to start the ironing cutting of the fat quarters down into 5″ squares, where I measured and chalked them out, while she cut them with the rotary. Then we tried to work out a pattern, again tired, since we worked on this in the evenings, and called it quits one night, but found success and started stitching them together the next night, though hubby had tried to help us with the fabric totals, we came up short, and we reached a standstill when we thought we had enough squares, but we didn’t.

We laid out what we had, and we had started sewing the squares we cut together in width wise rows. We managed to sew them all together, with a few hiccups, and I wanted to share the progress with you.


the colors of fat quarters used, but this is the second set, so there was two fat quarters of each color used so far.


the stuff used, sorry its a bit blurry.


the pattern for the quilt, though a correction needs to be made, the ones that look grey in the bottom left should not be touching.

The fat quarters shown above were cut down, and I got 12 5″ squares from the 18″x21″ quarter. Sadly, they were not cut straight 90 degree angles, so that was fun.


This where I am leaving off tonight, since little man awoke right as I cut down the last fat quarter. Maybe in the morning, I can fix the already stitched together rows, and then finish up the rows with the second set of quarters.

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Sew my baby is 2 months old now

Greetings from the couch. it has been a rather productive weekend, and I had a wonderful first mothers day and weekend. friday, our plans to have T over to sew fell through, so i went and mowed the back yard down, as it was getting pretty bad. It was also a fire hazard if we have a fire anytime soon. I probably should have mowed the front yard, but little man needed me, and hubby needed a break from little man.we had stayed home and relaxed, and it was good to do so. it wasnt a perfect evening, but hubby and i are working things through. he helped me with dinner, since we had a lasagna cooking in the oven as i mowed, and he took care of the simple tasks of removing the foil top, and taking the lasagna out while i showered and tended little man after mowing.

saturday was when we celebrated mothers day, and my mom came up to initially watch little man, but he had some problems with his bottle feeding, so she ended up just tending to him, and coming with us. we had a lovely lunch at longhorn, where the resturaunt was dead quiet, and then we went to the sewing shop, and we relaxed and watched the sword and the stone in the house, where my mom fell asleep in the rocker. she was enjoying herself, taking care of her grandson, and not being at her home. we also watched two episodes of game of thrones season 3, before she left to go home. all in all, it was a great day.

sunday, hubby and i were relaxing, as he did his schoolwork, but little man was not feeling well, and during one of his gas relieving stretches, he blew out his diaper on the bed, getting the sheet and mattress cover. luckily, the cover is water proof, so we only had to strip the bed and wash the sheets. i had been up and down and trying to comfort little man, and by that point, i had given up on sleep. hubby also needed a break from his schoolwork, so we decided to go out for a bit. we grabbed some lunch from burger king, counting our blessings that i didnt make him take me out sunday, when everyone else was out. every resturaunt was packed, even at 1 pm. hubby did buy me a cinnabon as a treat, and we walked around lowes a bit, before little man fell asleep and we went home. i had pumped a bottle for him, as he was having trouble getting comfortable to nurse, and it made him feel a little better. he gave his first little pouty face, and it was the cutest face i had seen. i love his smile, but watching him change his emotions visibly was so sweet.

hubby finished his schoolwork by 6:30, and we watched game of thrones until it was bed time, hubby and i taking turns with little man, as a thunderstorm rolled in and by. we all got some decent sleep, little man sleeping on me as we watched the show, though he denied me a nap in the afternoon.

Today i had to take little man to get his 2 month check up, since he turned 2 months saturday, and boy was it a day today. Hubby needed a ride into work, and luckily little man awoke before the alarms went off, with enough time for him to nurse one side before we dropped off hubby. we came home, and i had a proper breakfast, since one of my poptarts ran away as we were heading out the door to the wall of mosquitoes to the car when we dropped of hubby.

little man and I cuddled and he nursed and slept, until we got up at noon, and got ready for his appointment at 3:30. we got gas, headed down, looked in vain for a parking lot near the hospital entrance, and ended up walking quite a bit from a side lot, but we still arrived early. I had even pumped enough for a small bottle, and gave little man some milk waiting, waiting, waiting. they didnt take us back until almost 4, and we didnt leave until well after 5. we got all of our questions answered, and little man is growing like a weed. he was 13 pounds and a half ounce, and 23 inches long. he is thriving.

he ended up getting two shots, and boy was he miserable. the nurse pretty much stabbed him with the needles, and he was understandably miserable. a delicate touch may have saved him some pain, because several hours have passed, and he is very swollen in his poor thighs. she also managed to put the shots on the tops of his thighs, where the car seat straps rub, and where his weight falls when he nurses. my poor little guy.

after we nursed him calm and sleepy, we headed to joanns to get more fat quarters, and i sorely wish i had bought all the fabric i wanted and needed when they had the squares on sale half off. you live and you learn, i suppose. we bought some more fbaric for the quilt T and i are making, and I also started selecting fabric for a quilt for little man, which has lots of blues, some greys, and blacks so far. I need solid white and black, but i was pressed for time, and i didnt have all my coupons if i did. it was almost six when we left joanns.

then we raced next door to target, where i quickly got a starbucks frap, and some diapers for little man, before we raced to our sewing demo. little man was tired, very sore, and having finished his bottle, hungry, so when we got there, we set up to nurse. sadly, it seems everyone came down with something, so it was me, K, and S, and we just sat and chatted.

Afterwards, we came home, and little man was in some serious discomfort, and hubby was too, having jogged home from work, in an attempt to get in better shape. I was famished, so hubby brought me some leftover lasagna as i attempted to nurse little man, but the pain was too much on his legs. hubby ended up bouncing him to sleep and we attempted to watch the little mermaid, before hubby went to bed early, tired from his run.

little man is sitting here on me, and he screams when he is put down. Earlier, he had his grips on my hand, and sucked on my finger as he slept. I was stuck for a good half hour, and endured screams when I tried to lay him down, awaking poor hubby. He has nursed a bit, but i had pumped during the first few minutes of the movie, to relieve some pressure. i will have to stow his bottle before we go to bed here in a few.

i have been on my birth control now, and i am on the placebo pills, but my cycle has not yet kicked in.we have been using back up, so i know i am probably not pregnant, but i wish it would hurry up. i have another test just in case, but i am hoping i am not pregnant again, as i want to spend some time with little man as an only. it is what it is though.

my sister is coming to visit and meet her nephew for the first time in the morning, as it is also her birthday, and i hope he feels well enough to be sweet for her. i miss her a lot, and the last time i saw her, i was in my very early and unknown weeks of pregnancy.

i am hoping to also start mapping out little man’s quilt and get that started as i wait to finish the other quilt with T, and the other projects we are going to work on for the baby shower. after little man’s quilt, I will make one for hubby, once i know what he would like. I know i will likely use one of the big microplush blankets as a backing for his, as he loves them. it would also be cheaper, since we already have one, unless he wants one that is darker blue.

i have also been plotting the father’s day celebration for hubby, and i believe i have the perfect idea, involving lots of time outside and being busy. my mom has already told us she would watch little man, and the place i want to take him is near their house, so hopefully, he is up for the surprise. it wont likely be on father’s day itself, but he doesnt seem to mind.

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Made some progress today

After a weekend of mixed emotions, and another day of feeling worthless, I kicked today’s ass. Little man did his best to help me, being good when he could, which was nice, and hubby watching him for me when he got home, so I could continue to clean the house.

Saturday was game day, and we had a bit of a rough start, as hubby seems to think I operate on no sleep, and I should get up on the weekend sleep deprived, just to play games. Thank you, no, I need some sleep after being up late or all night caring for a colicky little man. Little man, who seems to be waking up again. Sigh. We showed up late, and I make no apologies.

Sunday, we went down to see mom for her birthday, and we went to the tiger direct store, as well as the joanns with sewing machines, and we walked away some time later with an embroidery machine. hubby had thankfully brought his laptop to work on his schoolwork, but we lost all good time heading home because they shut the interstate down to one lane for ten miles, for two miles of work.. He barely finished his work by the deadline, but he is always last minute.

Yesterday I made a slow cooker meal, but little man has been clingy, and I could not do much, and showed up to my sewing class late. It seems another deadbeat mom showed up, and her child had his hands all over little man before I could even blink. Of course, the whole class, she was in another room, not even paying attention. My feathers were ruffled. I did offer the shop owner to have hubby help drop some outlets in the walls so she had more, and I am looking forward to helping with that, since she moved shop.

Today, I decided to seize the day, and I got little man in his crib, playing on his tummy mat for a while, and I put the house back together again. Sort of. It is such an uphill battle.. I vacuumed, got the hoses fixed on the washer (when the plumbing was repaired, they switched the hoses, thinking they were wrong initially, but my cold cycles had been fogging up the door since), organized and swept the garage, picked up the trash in the back yard, and got the kitchen cleaned up again. Hubby was a doll and after some hesitation, took care of little man so I could continue my vigil. Little man has had some gas pains from hell, and didnt want to nurse, but just scream, so I had pumped a bottle and hubby took care of him.

I had hoped to start the quilt today, or mow the lawn, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. T was out of town all day, and the quilt is a team project. I may whip up a few things while I wait tomorrow, just to get sewing again. I need to make the time now, so little man understands it. I also need to fit in exercise, but that is a whole nother animal.


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Pumping through week 7

Its hard to believe little man is already 7 weeks old, and is growing so fast. It just never ceases to amaze me. He is already outgrowing some of his clothes again, and I will have to wash and prep all the stuff in the next size. Purely amazing.

It is wonderful to have him nursing again, and now I am pumping just to relieve the pressure, and to have a rainy day stash. I need to get a place to store all the milk I am pumping, as the freezer is filling quickly, even if I only pump twice a day. The sad part is little man has been having some wicked gas pains, and while he does pass them, he is crying out in his sleep, meaning I get very little.

We are starting cloth diapering, and I think this time the fit for the Alva diapers is spot on. I will try the Gdiapers again also, but I will likely sell them. They just don’t seem to fit like I had hoped. I need to have hubby help me set up the diaper sprayer in the bathroom, or get one set up, so we can transition. I know he has been hoping I would get little man in the cloth, disposables aren’t cheap, and I made inserts we can still use. I am trying to figure how many cloth diapers we need in the Alva AIO style, so we can start getting those in the mail and on his bum. Don’t look at me like that, we are on a budget, and I like the prints. And Ebay. I just don’t know how to sell on eBay, so I will likely sell the G’s on a resale site. While I could make some diapers, I don’t care much for the prints available for making them. I am more of a solid colors or stars kind of girl, not cutesy stuff that the fabric stores have currently. Also, pink on a boy? Thank you, no. I like blues and the stars and all for gender neutrals anyway.

So we ordered our cloth diapers, and I went and ordered some stuff for me, like an ac adapter for my pump, and flanges that fit my girls, as well as extra tubing and such. I also ordered dog tags, for both the pups, and one for little man, to put on his car seat. I put his name, d.o.b., blood type, my name and number, hubby’s stuff, and on the back, the pediatrician’s number and location, as well as emergency contact info. I found them all cheap on eBay, and the pup’s tags were long out of date with numbers and all.

Hubby and I keep having minor tiffs over the house work, and I would love to jump back into my sewing projects, I’m stuck cleaning and all while awake. While I may have set myself up for more work with cloth diapers, the things like trash taken out, new liner put in the cans, and then put back in where they belong stops at just taking out the trash, and leaving the can in the middle of the floor, to bee tripped on. Lovely. We did finally do some grocery shopping, and got some meats finally. I spent the time I was not cooking actively at the stove to put the groceries away and portioning out the meats before freezing them. I have had to fight almost tooth and nail to get him to go grocery shopping, we didn’t have enough meats to cook anything for meals, and we were constantly eating out.

I had to babysit for a few hours today, and after a late night with little man not wanting to sleep, I went to bed at 4 am, only for him to wake up at 5:30, and wouldn’t sleep unless on top of me. Too tired to fight, that’s where he slept, and with a few breaks, I finally got some sleep. He kept headbutting my poor girls, and I ended up pumping in the afternoon, with him screaming in the background. He wanted to be held the whole time, but there were still chores to be done, and so he had some time to fuss, as I took out the rest of the trash and put things back in their places.

After babysitting, I managed to get the laundry going, wash the diapers again, and get the kitchen tidied up, stopping here and there to feed little man, or show hubby how to cloth diaper little man. Hubby had not listened when I said he needed to give little man a fresh diaper, and so he got leaked on. Little man sure does know how to soak his diapers. I need to get the inserts and fits just so, but it may be that we just need to change him every hour or two, but sometimes, its just easier to let him sleep. For now, we will use the disposables at night until I figure it out.

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