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throwing in the towel

i do not often say this, but i am over it. one more time. OVER IT. okay, moving on.

i thought we were going to be able to salvage this friendship, but it turns out not only am i not allowed to vent, but my apologies go unaccepted, and im still an awful person. rather than kiss ass, i will spend time around people who do appreciate that i am not some cookie-cutter person, and actually enjoy me for me.

little man is growing like a weed, and will be 18 months in just over a week. we finally found his hardware for his baby gates, to keep him and the pets out of the hallway to the rooms the three of us share. he has lots of play time, and has been enjoying the pool, the park, feeding the ducks, and running around the house, pretending to eat food and be a tiger, like his Hobbes. he is surrounded by people who love him, and the happiness spills over constantly. he is also talking more and more, and rocking one of those cute little boy hair cuts, short on the sides, long on top. it looks darn cute on him. he is also trying to read more and more, and i love it.

hubby has long drives to work, but the food and comfort of not having to get the hell out of the house as soon as he gets home is nice. in fact, i try not to bug him about going out at all. he sleeps in as late as he wants (usually, i did have an awful stomach bug the other week), and is sleeping far better, between the ice cool rooms and the full stomach.

i am more content to stare here, and maybe just walk down to the pond and feed the ducks and geese, which little man loves. he also likes to eat the bread pieces, and thinks it is neat when the birds start eating grass after.

we did go see WEIRD AL YANKOVIC live the other day, on our anniversary, after a lovely steak dinner at outback (BOTTOMLESS SHRIMP!!!!!!) and schoolwork has been flowing nicely, other than the fact that some of my classes were not covered, and i wont be getting a pell grant because it will cover funds not covered that we were not warned about. We have to pay a little more out of pocket, but i am so close to being done now, less than a year to go…

hubby and i are also getting a little more hopeful about buying a house where we move next, once the move is guaranteed. We had to drop our price range down, and we may not get to do all the renovations we want when we move in, but we hope to have a place soon, hopefully getting the process started before we actually move out there, so maybe we can move in there directly. fingers crossed we find something.

we are also buying stocks since the stock market has been dipping significantly, while prices drop, it is a good time to buy, before they rise again. also, if we do not find a house in our price range we love before we move, we may wait until the houses people cannot afford might go into foreclosure, if there is another recession. it may mean living in an apartment until the time comes, but we might just snag a deal… we will have to wait and see.

i cannot wait to see two of our favorite friends tomorrow, she just started school again also, and i know she needs friendly faces with the stress of that, and another of her pets passing away soon. they will be down to one, and he is not a young one anymore either. but seeing little man always lights up her mood.

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