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Now that the holidays are over

It has been an interesting past few months, to say the least. In addition to little man really scooting around, school has been a constant challenge. I feel mentally and physically exhausted from school, and wish it could be over sooner.
Little man enjoyed his first holidays, though some constipation made the nights away from home very hard. He ended up sleeping on me, and hubby and I were both exhausted. It didn’t help there was constant nitpicking over thanksgiving, and both of us feeling unhappy.
Christmas went a little better, though the constant jabs from family again made it hard. In laws can be so tiring sometimes. Thankfully, we had a few days to unwind before going home, and we had two weeks off from school, which I had wished would never end.
Little man is taking his tentative first steps now, and I could not be more proud of him. He is also trying to say more and more words, and foods. He has been a trooper when all I want to do is lay in bed and rest all day, dragging me out and making me participate in his life.
Hubby and I are constantly up and down, and the prospect of moving out of the house we rent, to stay with my parents to save for buying a house may be taking its toll on him. The fact that he is almost done his bachelors now means he is also looking forward to doing nothing, meaning I have extra work. He may also stay here in town during the week for work, leaving me and little man with my parents, something I am very much against. I fear having an argument while living apart may mean we separate. As much as we are butting heads right now, that is not what I want at all.
I have also really been putting in the effort to work out and lose all this extra fluff. I feel ashamed to have not lost any of this extra weight, and it depresses me. I am really trying to do better,and feel like myself again. Hubby is also overweight now, and has been fighting working out, but there may be repercussions, and we don’t need those.
Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

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