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Getting Ready to Move

Hey everyone,

It has been a little bit, but me and little man have been nursing small colds this past two weeks. Runny noses, little coughs, you know that stuff. I have been chugging away at my last two classes for the year, as I have next term off, and I have finals next week when we are over the road. Lovely.

Little man is learning some new words every day, and unfortunately, my father has taught him inadvertently to say “Oh shit”. So now we have that. Oh no is cute, so is moon, earth, stars, fishies, kitty cat, doggy, go away, and everything else. He is making me proud. He is also outgrowing his 18 month clothes, but his 24 month clothes are a bit baggy. We did manage to score him a snow bib, boots, a pea coat, and snow boots here in Florida somehow, and my friend gave us most all of her son’s clothes that he just outgrew.

We had our first fender bender in the new car, and I am a little sad about that. Luckily, the other guy’s insurance paid for our new back bumper, but someone hit my rear passenger door, all the way to the metal. Now we need to get that fixed. It will have to wait until we move to Washington though. There is not any time left here, as we leave to see family on Tuesday.

Hubby’s last day at his job is tomorrow, and I am hoping to go see my friend and her boys one more time before we leave Tuesday, or next week when the movers come up to get our stuff.

I have learned how to do some basic knitting and crocheting, and I have been enjoying that quite a bit. My friend Frances I said goodbye to last night taught and inspired me to learn this new type of craft. I know have quite a few skeins of yarn, and some projects to work on on the long drive. I also have artwork to do for hubby and a game he is designing, so that will be fun.

I am kind of anxious and sad to be leaving all of my friends here, as well as mom and dad, but I also really want to have my own space again, and not have to coordinate with anyone else over laundry, parking, shopping, etc. I hope we can buy a house over there, but it may not happen. A girl can dream though.

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