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Ready to go home

I am so ready to go home now, but it has been an interesting stay this time. Little man and I have been out shopping, and we got him some clothes at carters and at ross, and hopefully they last longer than a week. I have actually been looking at making him pjs in the 12 months and beyond sizes, as they seem to think a 3 month old needs 2 pieces of clothing. A shirt riding up and baring skin will not make him more comfortable. Luckily, the internet is full of how-tos for me to try, i will just have to hit up the thrift stores for old shirts and stuff. Im not in the mood to pay for fabric.

I have started my first class, which is introductory, and hubby has been helping me where he can with teamviewer, helping set me up where I have problems and what not. Monday I had started submitting works I started Sunday, and so far so good. We went and found some clothes and spent some more money, but I accidentally ended up with a double, and I will need to return them the next time I feel like leaving the house. Carters also had a $10 merchandise thingy for spending more than 50, so I can get him another outfit. I have started stocking up on clothes in 12m and forward, but I will likely be making him clothes, since he is growing so darn fast. I have had a love affair with short falls (aka rompers), and found patterns to make them, and also to make snap down sleepers, so I am happy. I only found two sleepers at Babies r us that snapped down in his size, and a few more between ross and carters, but not enough. I really hate the thought of pinching those rolls with a zipper.

Tuesday T and her hubby came over, and after I ran to walmart to get a baby float and sunblock, we went swimming at the pool, little man’s first time. And he loved it. He was all smiles, and was talking and giggling as I floated him around in his float, until he started getting hungry and sleepy, and I took him under the cabana to nurse, while T and her husband enjoyed the pool. I was so happy they came down to visit, and we could hit the water. I had little man out of the float and was holding him in my arms at one point, as he was dozy after eating, and T held him for a minute while I dunked myself and relaxed for a second, but I have some sort of something irritating the rim of my nose, and pinching my nose shut hurts. I have been trying to clear the gunk off it, but it doesnt seem to help. It started at my brother in law’s house, and hasnt gone away. It has been two weeks. I go in to the doctors at the end of the month, I will have him look it over and fix it while I am there. Maybe he can also cut off the extra skin tags, moles, and stuff. Gross, I know. I should probably also have him look over my moles, to see if any look cancerous, since I have a plethora of them, and they havent been looked over yet. I will also need to visit the dentist and the eye doctor when I get home.

Anyways, after the pool, we went to eat some Italian, since the chinese buffet next to the house had closed, and we had a good time. After we ate and relaxed, we went back to the house, and they went to go see her family. I went on to try and work on my schoolwork, and wind down for the evening. I was happy when I skyped with hubby for a bit here and there.

Today has been hectic. My mom and dad’s new puppy, Dolly, has been a pain. She is always liking little man, and sampling his toys and stuff, and is always up and in the way. She is also a piddler, and the house smells because of it. They shampoo the carpets, but Im pretty sure the pad is fused to the concrete by this point, between age and stuff. I know she needs attention, but she does not know when to lay down or behave. Earlier she caught a skink, and would not let the poor thing go, and after I took an irate and unhappy little man to the pool again this evening, she stole my driver’s license out of my bag, and chewed it up. She then stole it away in her crate, and peed in her crate when I ripped it out of her mouth. Having already cleaned her crate, washed her bedding, and everything else today, I decided she would learn best by dealing with it. I had turned my back for two seconds.

Little man hasnt been very happy today, he has only recently nursed for more than two minutes around 8, after more than 12 hours of not wanting to. His hands were in his mouth, he was talking, crying, screaming, sleeping, but would not eat. I also discovered a super duper red heiny after stripping him down at the pool. I gave him a measure of tylenol and desitin, and he seems to be feeling a little better. He also would not burp, but would spit up constantly. He also had some pretty bad gas, though I am not sure what I ate that would cause it. At least he is sleeping now.

School progress was low today, I went to take a quiz, and a strange window popped up (since hubby takes classes through the school, I am familiar with how the windows should look, and since hubby was asleep, and it was late, I called tech support, and they were wasnt anything they could do, and told me to close the window. They sent me an email log of what happened, and I forwarded it to my teacher, as well as posted about it in the discussion. It isnt due until midnight sunday latest, but i want to be done with it before I go home friday night, so hopefully, it gets resolved. I was hoping to get more done tonight.

Hope you guys are doing well.


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