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Itching to sew again

on April 18, 2014

My friend T and I have been plotting and scheming a portal themed shower for our friend B (sorry B, you won’t find the secrets here! Muahahahaha), and even though B isn’t due til turkey day, I don’t exactly have the hours I did before, so getting started now is prudent. In addition to sewing and crafting and stuff for her and her family, I also want to make more things to make my life more fun.

Instead of cruising Pinterest idly, I am hoping to take the plunge and get started on some projects, foremost by hitting the fabric store today. I would like to make a ring sling, since my sling pouch just feels too small for little man already, a swim suit cover for myself, as well as an infinity nursing cover/scarf, and a crib toy bag for little man’so toys, so they take up less space in his room, and I can actually get him in his crib at some point.

I also want to make little man a quilt, so I need to figure the size, how I want it to look, etc. I know it will be blue, it’s just going from there. That project will come once I redone my sewing skills again. I would also like to make hubby a quilt, so he doesn’t feel left out.

I am also hoping to bake my peep mold cake and cookies and such today, and get them frosted and ready for the weekend. B is going to hopefully come over to do the 1 month and Easter pictures for me, that would be awesome. If not, I may have to forgo the baking, or have hubby oversee it as I try to do the pictures. Little man has been super fussy and clingy the last few days, so I really need a little break from him. Just long enough to get the groceries put away, the peep cakes in the oven, and maybe sew my swim cover up. I doubt I will have time to make the ring sling carrier, but one step at a time.

I did clean and somewhat organize his room yesterday, and is found the thermometer I had been pulling my hair out over. It had gotten wedged between the dresser and the wall. I was so frustrated, and I just rocked the dresser forward, and heard a clunk. Between looking for that and trying to fold up the pack and play, I was a bit miffed, but glad when it was done. A baby shoe organizer and maybe a bin for his extra medicines, soaps, and the like may also be a nice touch, as well as little cloth bins for things like socks.

There is this mess in the car lately, and I am also seriously considering making an organizer for little man’s things to go under his mirror, to hold extra dipes, wipes, clothes, and his little care bag my cousin sent me that I keep in the car. I have been throwing things in the ski hatch of the car, but I am not satisfied with more clutter in the trunk. When he switches to forward facing, I can turn it from the back of the back seat to the back of the front seat. Hopefully, I can make something to make it happen. I am also thinking that stuff can just slide from the side I would be closest to, out, and I can attach rings for toys, as well as pockets for stuff for him once he gets older. I am going to have to draw that puppy and the quilts out on graph paper.

This mommy is in sleep deprived planning mode right now, and I should probably get some sleep. Little man is asleep in his rocker, after a hard night, and I should probably enjoy this time. Hubby is sleeping soundly, and the pets seem happy. Counting my blessings.


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