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Beach day!

on April 14, 2014

So today we are taking little man to the beach, and I am so excited! Hubby and I had bought him a swim diaper, shorts, and a shirt earlier this week, and we have to get him a hat and shades, as well as more gripe water, before we start walking on sand. The gripe water has been helping, which is nice.

His little swim shorts were a little too big, but I did a quick stitch to take in the sides, and I am hoping they will be more sung. If not, they will sag a bit. I might have some time to take them in more in the car on the way to, since it’s a bit of a drive. They didn’t have any 0-3 months, just 0-6 months, so while the swim diaper fits, and the shirt will be fine, I adjusted his shorts. When he outgrows the hem, I can just take my stitch ripper to the stitches.

I had worked on the stitches last night, after taking little man to see one of my friends, who gave us a butt ton of baby food for him. She gets wic, but her little man doesn’t eat the jars, and no longer eats the rice cereal. She gave me a huge box this time, and we already had some that she gave us from before. I was going to purée baby food, or mash up what I ate for him, but this works too!

She and I also went to goodwill to look around, as she needed some clothes for her little man, and she needed to get her boys out. I found several pairs of pants for little man, from 0-3 mos to 9 months, so he has more bottoms to go with all his onesies. I also found a basket for his bathing supplies, and a cake storage container, and with a discount, I spent 10 dollars. The pants were 50 cents each! Best deal ever. I just need to pop them in the washer before he can wear the ones that fit him now.

He was starting to fuss in the goodwill, so I paid for his stuff, said bye to my friend, and we went in the parking lot, where I fed him in the backseat as music and ac were going. After he finished, we went to Kmart, where I had hoped to find him a hat and sunglasses, but also to pick up a shade tent for the beach, so we could get out of the sun. They didn’t have any gripe water, or hats and sunglasses for babies.

I was a little disappointed there. I was too worn out from squeezing the shade into the backseat of the car to try walmart, so I went to my picture taking mommy’s house, where I had dropped off hubby, and tried to settle little man down, as he was hungry and fussy again. I had brought his little swim outfit, and after I fed him, B was holding him, and she tried his clothes on for me, and I saw about how much I needed to take in his shorts.

I had brought my needles and a bobbin of serger thread, and I quickly hemmed the inside of the pants on the waist band on both sides, and flipping them right side out after, they looked pretty darn good!

Little man was super cranky and gassy, and I had given him some more gas drops, but our friends had a lot of people over, and they were a bit loud playing a game, so he was frustrated and tired. He only really slept in small spurts, and once everybody from the game left and we were down to a manageable size again.

We went home early, and eventually little man settled down, and slept like an angel. I let him sleep on me for a spell, then I put him in his rocker so I could get some sleep. Hubby was blissfully asleep.

This morning he woke up around 5:45, and after eating, he was awake, so we all got up and moved into the living room. He did some tummy time, and we went to walmart and got him a hat and sandals, as well as three bottles of gripe water. We also bought a chicken to cook for dinner, and when we got home, I eat set the chicken and some veggies in the crock pot, so we could have dinner ready when we got home from the beach. Little man slept from the car ride to Wally World, then in his sling through the store, and again in the car til we got home. I had washed the towels, his swim stuff, and some of my clothes before we left, and hubby popped them in the dryer, minus the swim clothes. Little man ate,and he and I took a nap until it was time to go to the beach.
We overpacked a bit, and I ended up taking in his shorts again on the ride down. He slept in the car again, and was barely awake when I changed his butt, and put his swim stuff on. He slept in his sling or in my lap the whole time. I was hoping to have him in some salt water, but I didn’t want to wake him. He got to be carried up and down the beach, in his sling, and he slept til we got in the front door of the house around 6:30.
His poor daddy was frustrated through the beginning of the excursion, but everything worked out, and he had a good time, even though he caught the pigskin wrong, and it looks like he fractured his pinky fingertip.
We came home to the wonderful smell of the chicken, while our friends decided not to join us for dinner. Hubby brought in the stuff while I took care of little man, and he showered and had some chicken. The whole thing fell apart as he poked it. Perfect. I waited to eat til little man was fed, and I had showered the sea spray off. It felt good to be clean and have a hot meal.


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