one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Pulling myself back together

on April 25, 2014

It’s going a little bit better now, I can say that at least. Hubby kissed me goodbye before he went to work, and I emailed him to let him know how I felt, since neither of us could yell or scream, and it gave us time to answer each other. Things are better now.
I have started pumping more today, I produced 8 ounces, and hubby has been helping me by feeding little man. I had showed him how to thaw breast milk safely, and he has been doing great. Trying to feed little man from the breast proved difficult, so hubby thawed a baggy out, and fed him while I pumped out 4 ounces. Relaxing really helps, and him screaming and fussing was slowing my milk.
I managed to get some sleep this morning, little man finally woke up from the colic calm around 8 this morning, and we spent some time talking and nursing before we both went back to sleep. We eventually got up around two, and started our day. I had nursed him between the time he awoke and when it finally got out of bed, making my poor boobs feel better.
He spent some time on his tummy mat while I tidied the house some more, and I managed to tidy the kitchen, run the dishwasher, do some laundry, and work on the mess that is little man’s room some more. He started fussing, so I put him in his swing, and before the music even stopped playing, he was asleep. He slept until hubby came home an hour or so later,where I dressed him to head out for the day.
Little man has really taken to the bottle, and the gas pains seem less when hubby feeds him, but hubby is also awesome at getting those huge burps out.
T and her hubby came over for a minute, and after we had dinner, they came back for some games, making the evening fun. Hubby was able to bottle feed little man before they came back over, while I pumped, and again as we were playing games, which was nice. Little man also really wanted time with his daddy, and cuddled him nicely. It was a sweet moment.
Hubby wants me to pump more now, and so I am looking into a double electric pump to get for that. I don’t want to plunk down for a new one, and I found a few on eBay I can mull over. New or used, a deal is a nice thing, and if it takes less time to pump, that would be nice.
T’s hubby is enamored with our pups, and spent some time playing and cuddling with them. The pups sure enjoyed the attention, it’s hard sometimes, but they are pretty good about playing with their toys or each other so I can focus on all the other things. If the bugs would ever go away, I would be able to walk them with me. I guess I need to buy car seat or stroller bug netting ASAP, and get me some bug spray.


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