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1 Month Old!!!

on April 11, 2014

Today was a very special day today, my little man turned one month old!
We had a fun morning, where he decided he wanted to be up and not hungry, and we are doing that again now. He is sitting next to me in his rock n play, popping his pacifier out every few minutes, not quite asleep, but not fussing. At least hubby can sleep through that.

Hubby went to work for a part day, and then called me when he was on his way home, so we could take little man to his one month appointment. I had set an alarm, but wouldn’t you know, I set it for the wrong day. Oh the joys of being sleep deprived. It’s not that little man isn’t sleeping well at night, it’s I sometimes stay up because he makes funny sounds when he sleeps. Last night it almost sounded like he was choking, scaring me out of half sleep.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. So hubby called me, and I dashed to get ready, letting the dogs out again, getting my contacts in, hair brushed, and getting little man strapped in his seat and ready to go. He had eaten a few hours before, and he got a quick meal in the parking lot of the hospital (the pediatrician office is in the hospital, which makes life so easy), and I carried him in his sling to and from his appointment. I had doodled down some questions I had for the pediatrician on the way to the hospital, so I wouldn’t mommy brain and forget them all, which I have done here lately.

In the lobby there was an obnoxious woman, she arrived too late for her appointment, and then got upset because the staff told her she would have to wait until there was time for the doctor to see her. She said her kid was sick, but he was opening doors for people, and otherwise normal, unless he doesn’t usually sit quietly and watch whatever the flip is on nick jr now. I found the lady amusing, as she expected the red carpet treatment even though she didn’t even call ahead to say she was late or anything. When we were late to little man’s first appointment, we called ahead, just to let the staff know we were still coming.

When we were called back, we had little man stripped down to his diaper, which we changed, and he was weighed, and he was 9 pounds, 11 ounces! He was born 8 pounds, and was almost down to 7 pounds at his first appointment, so we made a lot of progress! Not too shabby for a booby baby. He was in the 50% for his age in head measurement and in weight, and that is wonderful.

We then went back to the room, and the doctor promptly came in, and measured his head, looked him over, and said he looked great. He showed us how to massage his blocked tear duct, and it’s already ten times better, and told us that little man does have colic because of the gas, and he does have cradle cap, but I was doing a good job taking care of it. The nurse forgot to measure little man, so we went and measured him, and he got a hepatitis booster, and they had drawn his newborn blood too early, so he had to have that redrawn. There was some tears, but mommy and daddy were able to make it better, and he had a booby snack between pokes, and he slept from the hospital nursery to the car seat, and then til hubby and I finished our lunch. He had some boob in the parking lot, and was awake and fussy to target, and part of the way through it. I ended up putting him in his sling, and he fell back asleep, and slept the whole way home.

His pediatrician said he needed vitamin d drops, so we picked those up, and in an effort to make the summer fun, we got him a swim diaper, uv shirt, and some swim shorts. They didn’t have any hats left that I like, and hubby wants to wait on sunglasses. I may have to take in the shirt and shorts, but we shall see. We also picked up a tiny tube of desitin for the diaper bag, some sunblock, and a empty lotion bottle for his lotion, since his skin is so stinking dry.

Hubby’s boss had expressed an interest in our old couch, so his wife and her kids came and took it away this afternoon, since we get super couch Friday. We have the glider and the office chair in the living room til the morning, when I will move them out of the way for the new couch. When we had gotten home, I had leaked through my shirt (yay), but little man was still asleep, so I went into the bedroom, and after changing my shirt and starting laundry for my tops, nursing pads, and little man clothes, I managed to pump one of my breasts down, and it was amusing, watching the intermittent sprays of milk going down through the workings of the pump. I only have a manual pump, and it worked just fine, squeezing out plenty of milk before little man woke up hungry, and drained the other breast. The shield for the pump is too big for my girls, so I may end up ordering a smaller shield, as well as an adapter for the bottles I received from the shower.

Our cranky hour started after little man stopped feeding, and the evening was spent trying to soothe the poor little guy. The gas was pretty bad for him, and we did all we could to soothe him, and some things worked for a while, and then something new had to be found. At one point he fell asleep in the swing long enough for hubby to vacuum for me, as I corralled trash as best I could, since garbage gets picked up tomorrow.

After some fruitless hours of intermittent dozing and feeding, followed by him crying, we went and put little man in one of the carriers I made, and hubby carried him around as I walked the dogs. He screamed for a few, but was asleep halfway through our short walk. Hubby kept him in the carrier, and I was able to eat, shower, and even shave my legs, but he woke up hungry just as I was soaping up and washing off everything.

He ate with a vengeance, but he was still fussy, so we tried the gripe water on top of the other stuff we had been using. It seems to be working, he is more alert without fuss, but he isn’t tired, and it’s going to be a long night. He is able to burp and toot more easily at least. I am parting myself on the back for buying the little remedies new parents pack before he was born, because he would be screaming right now otherwise, and hubby has work tomorrow.

As he has been eating, I have been massaging his scalp, and watching the flakes just form and fall off his little scalp. I have been brushing his hair gently on the showing side as I feed him, so there is less fuss. I have also massaged his tear ducts as best I can, but it’s going to take practice.

I know this sounds funny, but I actually do not mind him having colic, it just means the time he isn’t screaming and unhappy is all the more precious. I also love the fact that hubby is able to soothe him sometimes in ways I can’t, because it only cements the bond between them.


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