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Lots of Progress This Week

So I have been a busy little bumble bee this past week, chugging through project after project with my still breech baby hanging out in there. The peep pillows got finished Monday before my sewing class, so I was able to bring them in to show everyone, and I was rather proud of myself for that. CAM01019

Tuesday I had some stuff to do online, so I was researching baby pictures, scrapbook layouts, and the like as I worked on the task at hand. As soon as I finished, I continued to work on my sewing projects that so continually eat up my time lately. Having a plan for some of the baby pictures helps, and I hope to be able to do most of them myself or with help from the family, since my friends are having hectic and conflicting schedules.

Wednesday I was running all the errands that needed running, from the oil change on the car to cashing a check and handling what we thought was going to be a bill, but was just a billing error. Yay! I had finished the second baby carrier on Tuesday, as a friend was moving a project into the garage, and even with going out to eat twice, I had finished the project in record time with only a few errors. that was nice. I then started on the crib skirt, having purchased the Velcro to attach it to the crib. I got the two small sides done, though I didn’t measure them the way I had originally wanted them, so there’s the middle section not box pleated, but just hanging out in the middle of the skirt for each side. Oh well. The fact that it all matches makes me happy. It was a late night doing that one, but it was worth it to me.CAM01022CAM01023

Thursday I had my doctors appointment, and we were hoping little man had flipped, but he had somehow settled himself higher. I have two more ultrasounds and the surgery date and time set in case he doesn’t. If i finish the last of the projects this weekend, I will hopefully be able to hang out upside down to get him to flip. I keep feeling his feet by my belly button when laying down, instead of on my bladder, so I am hoping we can get him flipped. Ive just been so flipping busy getting ready. After the appointment, I got some scrapbook paper to work on his baby book, and i snapped some picture ideas for putting it together from other baby books. I also finished the long side of the crib skirt when I got home, and was very proud of myself, as I had managed to do it in record time. I then measured and cut fabric out of a king size sheet we had purchased for the ceiling that turned out to be a fitted, and later I will be affixing the pieces to frames so we can hang the constellations. That made the night for me at that point. Hubby even vacuumed the house up for me, as me and my swollen feet are not having much fun.


Hubby was supposed to have a weird schedule for today, but it looks like he is coming home earlier than expected, so we can get more projects done hopefully. I just ordered all the stuff I think we will need for the baby from the registries, and counted my lucky stars that baby’s r us had a promo for 15% off the entire order, so I could save the registry coupons. Yay! Target was also able to save us 15% with the red card and registry coupon, so it was a good day there. Now I can focus on finishing up everything else that I can for the sprout, between the spray glueing the fabric I cut last night to the picture frame backings, to cutting and hopefully using the Dr Pepper stamps on the items I need to. Hubby was kind enough to move the mattress and box spring back onto the bed frame so we can attach the crib skirt velcro and then the skirt later on, and call that project a success. I was supposed to have some more bump pictures today, but that got sidelined again.. I may just end up doing some of my own at this point, as I am running out of time and energy for it all. I wish we could make and stick to a day and time, but oh well.

I will post more pictures as we get everything finished up. I have some backlogs on that, and I am sorry, but I rarely sit down for long enough on my computer to post these things, and I am doing my best. I hope everyone likes the pictures, and leaves me a comment.


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Chugging Right Along

So I am 37 weeks pregnant this week, and it has been a roller coaster of emotions, since I still have a breech baby. He just doesnt seem to want to flip over, and the doctor has me scheduled for a c-section in the next few short weeks. Now, hubby and I are scrambling to get the last few things done before he gets here, pausing only when my emotions get the better of me. I really want to push out this little person, the way my body was designed to, he just doesn’t seem interested in that process in the slightest.

So we have been prepping our hospital bags, washing up clothes for him, his car seat covers, clothes for me and hubby, and trying to set things up as best we can, since he will be here before his due date. It has lead to me minor freaking out, since hubby also had dental surgery on Friday, and i had fully expected him to be out of commission. Thankfully, he is doing pretty well, even if the nurse managed to miss veins the size of an interstate. His coworker took him to the place for the surgery and back home, since I was not comfortable driving the distance or waiting in uncomfortable chairs this pregnant, while hubby is operated on.

We spent the afternoon after his surgery relaxing, having gone out to eat since we still don’t have running hot water, and then cruising a few stores before nap time took us. We napped long and hard, as the weather was dreary and perfect for cuddling and snoozing.

Saturday saw us up early from having slept so much, and we went and cruised a few stores and had lunch out, me getting some peep form cookware, so that i can make peep confections with the pillows, and maybe even jello shooters. Hubby liked that idea. I had another nap after that, and we went to a friend’s house, where we had a fire and relaxed for a bit before going home and back to bed. I wish I could say I could sleep at that point, but the sad truth is my anatomy decided to act up, causing me intense discomfort that kept me up and hurting, crying from exhaustion and aggravation. An ice pack and another remedy were employed for some short term result, just long enough to let me fall asleep. Hubby said we would get some medicine for one of the complaints so I didn’t suffer again the next night when he would have to try and sleep for work.

My parents came up yesterday, and they took us to the Lowe’s, where we picked up supplies to build hubby’s gun crate, but since he was a board short, it has stalemated for the time being. We also had needed to get a full size mattress, but the Walmart had somehow sold them since the last time we came through. We did get my medicine though, and my mom and I had a talk and a bitch fest, since my dad decided to buy lunch meat for us, when we had really been thinking of going out to eat. We appreciated the idea, but consulting us would have been the better option. He also decided to bitch because the alcohol doesn’t sell until noon thirty here, and he refused to get started until he had his beer… time wasted.

I refused to eat ham and swiss, and I had my mom take me out where we had McDonalds and cruised a store before dad called us complaining that he wanted to go home, since there wasn’t much more to do with the gun crate at this point, and the rain had been falling for a while. I did appreciate having my mom, and showing her what all we had accomplished, and she was proud of us. Dad… well, he shows it in his own little ways II guess.

Hubby even finished his schoolwork and all in a timely manner last night, and we got to enjoy another lovely evening together after I napped, since I had not slept well the night before, and hubby even joined me at one point, so we had another lovely snooze fest. We are really enjoying these little naps here and there, and I still managed to sleep well this past night, waking only to roll over and to use the bathroom.

Ive gotten quite a bit done today as well, some laundry is put away, our hospital bags are being packed up nicely, the car seat padding is clean and all put back together, and the pets seem to be doing well also. It feels like a good day.

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Been A Hectic Few Days

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. Valentine’s Day saw me and hubby out and about, and we had a good relaxing evening after sharing a rack of ribs at one of the local restaurants.

Saturday we finished painting the furniture for the baby’s room, and set about trying to find hardware to fit the frame, as it did not come with the necessary hardware. Stinkers. It took a couple trips to Lowes, but now the bed is all put together, but it looks like the paint is going to rub off pretty quick. I am not very happy about that, but we will deal with it later. We also lost the functionality of our master bathroom commode, and we have been trying to fix that, as we are also still waiting for the insurance to come out for the plumbing. I had to wash the pups, and they got cold baths (me also), and they were not happy, but at least they got it during the warmest part of the day.

Sunday we went to see my parents and meet their new puppy, who thinks my swollen hands and feet were fun to chew on with her little needle puppy fangs. She has a lot of the isms of my dog Jake who passed away around the same time she was born, and the facial structure is also similar, even though she is a brindle, and he was tan with black points and white tips. Hubby tried to fix my dad’s computer, but it looks like they will need a newer one. We went back home, where he worked on his schoolwork, and we relaxed some more, as we had walked around quite a bit, and my poor feet were swollen and turning colors.

Monday we finished putting the bed frame together, after a few trips to Lowes, we got the right size and number of bolts to put the bed together, and we wiggled the mattress on top, only to find it was too big and we need a full size instead. We also wont need a box spring, as the bed is over chest high. I went to sewing class, and showed the shop owner the carrier I had made, and we watched a demo on dog bone neck pillows, and i got to chat with one of my friends for a bit, before meeting hubby and a friend at Walmart. I had hubby push me around in a wheelchair, as my feet were too swollen to do much walking, and we went home and relaxed after that.

Yesterday saw me slowly cleaning the house up, and trying to locate a phantom smell of dog pee. I cannot locate it, but I smell it and it is driving me crazy. I slowly vacuumed over by my sewing area and where the dog crates are, then through the living room, before cleaning the bird cage and tidying up there. The birdies got some fresh lettuce, and by that time, hubby was home. I had also received my cloth diapers, but one was missing, even though the tracking info clearly said it was in the shipment. Never mind the fact that the tracking number didn’t kick in until after the last day they were due, or that they were a week past that date, but missing to boot? I was not a happy camper. Hubby and I waddled around the stores again after that, had dinner, and I settled in to sew one of my peep pillows, and I again was met with frustration from my sewing machine. Not only was the machine bunny hopping stitches again, but the spool was also bouncing along. Hubby says he wants to buy me a new machine at this point. My first peep pillow was a bunny, and I ended up having to hand stitch where the stitches were skipped with the machine, and so it looks like frankenbunny to me. The peep pillow is proving a little easier and I will finish that later.

I started having some cramping, probably from Braxton-Hicks contractions, so I will be getting my bag ready for packing, and making sure I am ready for the hospital. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to see where the Sprout is situated, since he may be breech, and I may need a c-section, something I am not looking forward to or crazy about. Hubby also has dental surgery on Friday, so it will be a fun weekend. He wants to build a gun crate, and my parents will be coming up to help with that.

I am off to do some laundry and finish the peep pillow, and hopefully my sewing machine behaves now, as I have a few other things, like bump pictures to hopefully finish today as well.

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Setbacks, meet perserverance and success.

As I may have mentioned in my last post, I had some obstacles with my sewing machine. Well, I tried again to sew with my machine on Monday, and after frustrating myself to the point of calling my husband and telling him I was going to chuck it through a window, he took me to the sewing shop, and Sara was able to sew normally with it, right off the bat. Go figure, but I came prepared, and showed her what the stitches looked like. I called them bunny hops, because it would be even one or two stitches, and then a big leap. Apparently, the car ride must have jostled it back into working properly, because I was able to finish one of the pieces in the shop before the demo started, and it hasn’t given any further issues. I also picked up some snap tape, double fold bias tape, and hook and loop tape to work on the carrier before I left.

The demo was on tea cozies, something I jokingly asked could be adapted to fit Keurigs, because I don’t know of many people who own pots or kettles anymore. The fabric does seem like it may lend itself to mug rugs, a project I may start as holiday gifts for everyone. They aren’t as elaborate or large as quilts, table runners, or even place mats, but they look like a fun little project to try, once all the other projects are finished.

Yesterday, I dropped hubby off at work, and set out to sew some more of the carrier, having the car seemed to scare the sewing machine into behaving, as I had told the shop owner that if I have any further problems, I’m going to go where the machine behaves, or someone can assist me in making it behave.

The sewing machine and I got along, and my mediocre skills at sewing seem to be improving more and more, as I was able to get quite a bit of the carrier done by this point, that I had not had the supplies to do so before. I made the hood for the rest, which  needed the bias tape and snap tape (I have experience applying snaps, and I chose the snap tape), and then making the headrest, which required the female ends of the snap tape and some of the velcro. I broke my first needle during that set of snaps, as I was too close to the snaps. Luckily, it was just the needle, and I had a supply of appropriate ones.

After that, I finished sewing the I panel for the carrier, stitching two separate seams to try and stop fraying, and attaching velcro, since the carrier will have a decorative, interchangeable panel. I then secured the body straps the the body panel of the carrier, stitching and restitching some more, to be hopefully sure it is secure. After that, I attached the headrest, and that part was probably the most frustrating. No matter how I pinned it, I had to rip some stitches and set it just so to make it all work. I was worn out by that point, and had sewn for more than 5 hours.

I was talking to one of my friends who moved to London, England, by that point, winding down and getting tired, ready for a nap, when I heard the plumbing gurgling. Uh oh. Investigation showed that our plumbing was not turned off, but I had not heard the machinery going over my machine running, and I called hubby, telling him we had no running water, but heard something going on nearby, possibly on the main road, or the side road, where our neighborhood is nestled. He called the water company, and they said there was work being done in our neighborhood, but on our street no less? Hubby and I had walked the pups Sunday night, and I thought someone had a busted sprinkler head, since there was water running down the road from their grass, but I guess that was where the main busted.

I was exhausted by this point, as I had not slept well the night before, and did go back to sleep as I sometimes do after dropping off hubby, and sure enough, he called me to get him a few minutes later. I am not sure how I got to his work safely, but I am thankful its a two mile drive to get him, and nothing was going on. He insisted on going out, since we didn’t have running water, and I reluctantly walked out of the house and back into the car.

He did take me out to eat, and let me shop for fabric, since I am hoping to make marshmallow Peep pillows, and with enough practice, may do a demo at the shop. I’m sorry Sara, I’m not feeling chevron patterns for my pillows. Maybe the demo pillow.

Hubby took me home after that, and we settled into the bedroom with the pups, as my feet were feeling funny on the glider. The feeling spread, not unlike having bugs under my skin, the creepy crawlies, and even though the water was running when we got back home, it was still yellow. Yuck. No shower that night, but the feeling started spreading throughout my body, and I ended up calling the doctor to see what I could do for some sleep, as I was beyond tired, but unable to sit still. Some benadryl was recommended, and after taking that and having hubby rub lotion where I can’t reach (back and poor feet), we settled in for bed.

Today, I have all but put the finishing details on the carrier, and that was because I slept in today. I got the I panel attached to the body, ripped stitches on the waist strap, since a previous tutorial had said sew the whole length, and this one had a gap left to sandwich the body in, and reinforced the spots where the stitches were ripped, and then the hemmed areas, since I wanted it to be neat. I tucked the body of the carrier into the opening of the waist strap, pinned it down, and zipped it through the machine, once straight across, another just below that, and then a zig zag stitch in between the two straight stitches, to be sure it was secure. There was not the room to make a box stitch like the tutorial, but i hope I left nothing to chance.

By the tutorial instructions, I could wear my carrier, but since she had a serger, or knew some trick I didn’t, my I panel’s unfinished edges were fraying and yucky, so I used some of the bias tape leftover to cover and protect the edges, kicking myself for not having done it before I attached it to the rest of the project. I caught fabric from other parts a couple times, but I was able to make it look less frayed after. Things to bear in mind when I make the second carrier soon. I tried the carrier on, and the cross body straps touch the ground, even when looped over my shoulders and crossed. I guess extra is better than too little, but the waist strap seems just fine. The baby belly is a good stretch, and not very accommodating to the carrier, which also seems huge, but oh well. Little man wont be tiny for long.

I was all set out to make the decorative panel when hubby got home, and he insisted I put the project down, so we could go out again. I was reluctant, so close to finishing his carrier, that he about used the stitch rippers to pry me off the dining room table I use as the sewing space. I called Sara, and told her that I had finished the carrier, and I would bring it in for her to see tomorrow. She also suggested someone who may be willing to try using it with her toddler on the next demo night. I am hoping to have the decorative panel finished before I go see her and go to the ob appointment tomorrow, so I guess I will be up sewing again after I drop off the hubby. I need to make or get him something for Valentine’s Day, our last one of the two of us, and since he got me the Jungle Book on blu-ray today as a gift. So sweet, I love him so.

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A Good Weekend Ends With Another Setback

As you can probably tell, I had a productive weekend, but there has been another setback. More on that later, let us recap first.

Saturday morning saw me and hubby up around 9:30 A.M., and around 10 I went to see my local sewing shop owner and friend about the issues I was having with my sewing machine. She was able to diagnose it as a dull needle, and warned me that if my machine needs maintenace, it may be cheaper to go out and buy a new machine. I did get a low end one, but I was hoping to get more use out of it than this. I counted my blessings, and thanked her, and hubby and I went back home to work on the other projects.

I set out and painted up more of the furniture that will be going in the baby’s room, and got all but two big pieces and four drawers finished, and while the paint dried in the afternoon, I finished the heart pillows I was making for my friends who are doing our maternity pictures. I finished the two pillows and felt very accomplished.


I had slapped a second coat of paint on the pieces I was painting for the day, and was setting up the carriers, hoping to have everything laid out and just about finished by Monday, to show all the ladies how much I was progressing when we have our weekly sewing class at the shop.

We short notice decided to go see the Lego movie, and enjoyed that. It must have just come out, because the theater was packed, but me, hubby, and our friend were able to sit together and enjoy it. I misjudged the time of the movie, and in my waddle to use the bathroom, I missed the very end of the movie, but beat the crowds and waiting. Little man was hopped up from the ICEE and popcorn. We were able to leave and go home to let the pups out, and then get take out in time to play game night at a friend’s house, where hubby got to play rock band, and around midnight, we went home.

I was exhausted at this point, as I had stayed up late the night before, and was nice and tired. We were able to get a hot shower, which was nice, and crash and burn (as much as possible when you constantly have to wake up to go to the bathroom or roll from left to right and vice versa to get comfy. I do miss sleeping on my back), and slept in til noon today.

Today was a slower start, but hubby wanted Hardees when he roused me out of bed, so off we went, and we sent a good while waiting, as it seems they were short staffed for the lunch rush. I was given a free drink for our wait, as I don’t handle their food well, and we got me a sandwich from Arby’s. Then we walked around Lowe’s, and hubby got a timer for the L.E.D. rope lights, and we went home.

I got started on the painting again, touching up spots from yesterday, and letting those pieces dry in the refreshing sun and balminess of 65 degrees with no humidity. We even had the birds out front, and I whistled to them as I painted the head and foot board. The headboard was a pain, all these nooks and crannies, and I was just out of the mood, but I knew it needed to be done. Hubby has schoolwork due today, so he was off the hook for anything else really. That degree and the Dean’s List don’t make themselves. I wrapped up painting around 5:30 P.M., with the golden rays glowing on the garage walls as I slapped the paint on the top of the foot board and the drawers it held. They need another coat, but the pieces were brought inside before it got dark, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I came in and rested for a few, making a small dinner, and getting the two loads of laundry in the washer as I relaxed. Hubby has been ever so helpful when he breaks from his game and school time, and I am thankful for all his help. He took care of the pups, and even gave them treats as I was out painting, and he brought the birds in and out for me, since the belly makes moving their cage difficult. He has also helped by moving laundry around for me.

I then set out to do more prepping of the carriers, and hoping to start sewing them together, but ran into more problems. It seems that either the needle is not right, or I have more than needle issues. I swapped my #12 for a #18, but the stitches were not even in the slightest, and the thread kept catching in internals of the machine. I switched threads and it seemed fine, but the color thread I need to sew with still gives me problems. I have given up for the night, and in the morning, I will switch out the needle to see if it helps my sewing problems.

I have so many sewing projects I wish to complete, and I hope that my problems are simple fixes, and I do not need to go out and buy a new machine to finish them. Granted, it is a low end machine, but I hope to get much more use out of it than I have thus far.

Sorry there are no pictures to go with this post, more will come later.


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Getting Started

Im starting this blog as a way to show everyone our not-so-traditional baby’s room (nursery seems cliche), since it cannot be bought in a store, and no one seems to have made a space themed baby’s room.

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, and have been debating blogging since the get-go, but have hesitated. My husband and I had a planned pregnancy, and were setting money aside for our little sprout for the few months we were trying to get pregnant, and still have money moving into that account to pay for the frivolities of babydom. We are having a little boy, due in mid March, but the theme of the room was decidedly neutral as a space theme (my husband is a Trekkie and a bit of a Who-ligan), but the room theme was not anywhere online to be found for inspiration (seems odd in 2014, doesnt it?), so we have been making the room, and decorating it as we see fit, and safely.

The only furniture we had to outright buy for the baby’s room is a dresser and full bed set, and that was at a Habitat for Humanity resale store, for less than 200. We painted the wooden dresser blue (staining was proving too tedious and the weather too up and down), and with some fresh knobs, it is now sitting in the baby’s room. The bed frame will hopefully be painted and moved into the room this weekend. I miss my garage.

The baby’s room was already painted a nice aqua blue, so we instead decorated the ceiling, by stapling dark blue fabric with an organdy overlay fabric facing down, to simulate the night sky. Painting such a dark color seemed to court disaster, and we live with my husband’s job requiring some mobility, so the fabric is easy to take down. After the fabric was stapled, we secured a white ribbon border similar to crown molding to the walls, and tucked blue l.e.d. rope lights in the ribbon and stapled whole border around to simulate a force field. the drop down for the power cord was cased in plastic housing and runs down a corner over the dresser.

After the fabric was secured to the ceiling, I started making the constellations for the night sky on the leftover organdy material, but securing them to the fabric on the ceiling made the whole thing look unsightly, so we are instead going to frame them and put them on the walls, possibly under the force field.

We then set out to make planets to hang from the ceiling, and I spent a week painting styrafoam balls to planet likeness, and had to remake the rings for Saturn and Uranus, as styrafoam plates were unsightly. Cardboard rings worked out better, and the planets were all strung up across the night sky this evening. We also had some mini satellites like Sputnik from a Hobby Lobby kit that we strung up as well. There’s and Enterprise 1701-D, Tardis, and Borg cube also on display in the room.

I have been super nesty and anxious to get all this done, as I was hoping to have had the furniture all set up by now, and just spent time rearranging, but my husband has caught every bug at work, bogging him down when he gets home. We have made a great deal of progress playing catch up, and other than painting the bed frame, I have only to sew some things to the best of my ability, and shop for the items we did not receive from the baby shower, which is not much, thankfully.

I have included a few photos of the planets that were hung up, and you can also see where the ceiling was decorated with the fabric layers and the border. Let me know what you think!

with Sputnik

with Sputnik


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