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2 Months to Graduation

It has been a busy last few weeks here. I have been knee deep in so many projects, and I really feel like I have neglected my blog. If anyone is reading this, I am sorry.

Hubby and I incorporated our business in May, and we have been preparing for a launch around the holidays on Kickstarter. We had been working on it solid for 5 weeks, as I was fortunate to be able to work on it as part of my externship, and we made some real progress. Unfortunately, I am enrolled in regular classes this term and next, and feel a bit overwhelmed.

Progo is settling in nicely, he had a cold for a couple days, and we even rushed him to the vet, but he is all better now. He is my cuddle bug, and loves to land on my lap and purr. He seems to be starting to knead, which is sweet. He and the dogs are still getting used to each other, and he wants to pounce on them and chase them, which can be funny.

Early in May I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and compared to the section for little man, it was cake. Apparently, all I did was talk about how the nurse put a fan on me because I didn’t feel good. Something about narcotics and fasting… Anyway, all is well, and other than realizing I can’t handle the narcotic without getting carsick, everything is wonderful.

My current class is very boring, and very dry, and my second to last class, with a lab. I am so over it now. On the plus side, only eight more weeks til graduation. Yes, I am counting.

We got the holes for the home theater system in our house finished, and we even routed almost all of the wires. We will likely be working on that again tomorrow, but we made the most progress last week that we have made in months. We had built a frame around the projector screen, but it just did not fit in between the studs. It was a real shame, but we managed to secure it safely, and it works! We spent a while drilling holes to route the wires, and then routing them, but all we have left is the LAN cable, some CAT6e. Woo.

After that is installed through the second story of the house and the attic, we can add insulation between the floors, so little man can get the sleep he needs while we relax downstairs and watch movies or play games. After we put in the insulation batts, we will drywall and mud all the holes, spackle, and then paint!

We had a really hot weekend here a few weeks ago, and poor little man had neither a ceiling fan or air conditioning in his room. Well, we installed a fan, but the box is not standard for a fan, so we have to go in the attic and replace it. While we are up there, we may as well put down some boards, and a light, and a proper attic ladder. So many projects building up.

I do plan on getting some AC put in after we get our tax return for this year, so we can really appreciate the house. It gets a little stale, and we need it. Little man will not leave our air conditioner in the room alone, and I do not need him getting hurt.

I also found out someone I went to high school with in Florida works with my husband here in Washington. It is crazy, but hilarious. We have been catching up, which is pretty cool, and I just found out he worked with my high school best friend’s husband, and has a coin my husband and I designed. Another friend just told me a classmate is also living in my new town, but I don’t remember him. How small is this world?

Last but not least, I will be getting a tattoo soon. I have never had one before, so it will be fun, I am sure. I wish I could have my high school bestie with me for it, since she was with me for my first adult piercing, a navel ring. I hope she will be proud of me. I miss her so much. I also have a fund started now, as I watch my friend’s son while she works, and until I have enough to get started on ink, I will be drafting and finalizing some of my ideas and plans. Sadly, it is a bit complex, but I think I can handle it. I have dreamed of tattoos for years, and now I am that much closer to getting one. And my degree. IT HAS BEEN A GREAT YEAR!!

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