one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Week 4: One Month Old

on April 13, 2014

So it’s been a month this week that little man has been here, and I am shocked how time is flying by. I guess the little 2 hour blocks literally make it easier for time to fly by, and I kick myself because there were pictures I wanted to take of him as a newborn, that I didn’t.

I have been budgeting my time a little better, and i have been able to get quite a bit done, though some of it means little man is crying, but he is usually ok on his mat, swing, or rocker while i clean. today i managed to not only get the slow cooker going with dinner, as well as tidying up the dining room, as it was a disaster area. it is almost clean now, but little man needed a fresh butt and to eat again. i have also vacuumed the floors again, because the dogs are shedding, and one of them keeps getting pollen fronds in his hair, and i literally vacuumed two days ago. i am sure i can finish cleaning the dining room and tidy the kitchen, since a friend is going to do some pictures of him today. i am hoping he is good for her, so i can do quite a bit tonight. i have been multitasking like crazy, but it looks like it is paying off so far. i have been updating my blog as he nurses, since i have to sit down to feed him, so it helps this a lot at least.

after we do some pictures, we will likely have some board games as we have dinner, and plan some baby shower festivities. the friend is not due til thanksgiving, but since little man needs large amounts of my time, i will get started now. i am hoping to get out of the planning phase by may, so i can get started on all the projects. we have figured a theme, and my mom offered to do the photos, which is wonderful. hubby is going to throw a guys party with the same theme.

His fussiness is due to gas, and his doctor says he has colic now. We have been giving him gripe water, and it helps, but he haas also been getting stressed out. My poor little guy. One minute at a time, one hour at a time, is how I have to look at things. He is still my wonder baby, and I am doing all I can to make him comfortable, but making sure we still have a life outside of home. The sling carrier helps for that sometimes.


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