one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

A battle for the boobies

on April 28, 2014

Friday hubby bought me a double electric pump after some discussion with helping me have a break from little man, so we paraded down to target to get a medela pump, since I couldn’t be sure a used one on eBay would work, or if we could wait that long. We went and set it up in the car, and I did my first double electric pumping on the way home.
Hubby wanted to turn on the machine, and handle all that for me, so I let him, and to be honest, I had my hands full holding both collectors because I hadn’t thought to bring the bra i now use to hold them to my chest. The backs are not comfy on the fingers, but I made quite a bit of production.
I continued to pump and hubby fed little man from bottles, giving me a small break. Little man decided to stay up all night, and hubby fell asleep, so I had a long night, and when I asked hubby to change the booty, he got called into work. Urgh.
Little man and I got a little sleep before hubby came back home, and we went to B’s house for the day, and I enjoyed the show once upon a time with her. All I have to say is Hook. Mmmm. I like that it is like nothing else I have seen, and I must say I will be looking for the previous seasons on blu ray now.
B helped me by taking care of little man, and he thanked her by spitting up on her, and then having a blowout on her. It was amusing, and she didn’t mind. He sucks hard and fast on the bottle, and makes a mess, and usually over eats. We went through several items that day, including two outfits for him, and a shirt and blanket for B.
Little man was also a bit fussy, and ended up sleeping on me for part of the late nigh we were there, and slept until three this past morning. He comfort nursed himself to sleep. I had noticed a steady decline in my pumping production though, so I knew he would still have to nurse if we didn’t want him to end up on formula.
This morning, I set out to nurse him, and the battle had begun. He had a bottle because I was still sleep deprived, and he also peed on me as I changed his diaper, requiring a wardrobe change and stripping the bed. He finished his bottle and fell asleep on hubby, but the rest of the daylight hours were a struggle.
He refused to nurse, even though I was leaking and sometimes spraying milk, but I didn’t give up or give in to his wanting a bottle. He fell asleep nursing outside while I rocked him in the outdoor chair, and we both fell asleep on the couch. Poor hubby was trying to comfort the both of us, because every time he passed little man back to me, he would scream. He was hungry, but he didn’t want to nurse. He wanted the bottle. I stuck to my guns, and didn’t let him have so much as his pacifier until he started nursing without a struggle (other than gas pains), as he would just scream and howl at the breast. Around dusk, he finally submitted to his hunger and my wishes, and he nursed. It was glorious. I was still pumping to help with engorgement, but he will only get a bottle for certain circumstances now, like a car trip, or someone else to feed him for me so I can do something. It will also cover if I get sick, or something, and can’t nurse him. We have a good ten baggies in the fridge now, granted in different sizes.
He nursed through the night without a struggle, though we did spend sometime on the couch, as he was getting loud during a diaper change, and hubby had to be up early.
Hubby went above and beyond this weekend, changing almost every diaper, feeding him, dressing him, comforting him and me. I had been in tears because little man didn’t want me, and I had to hold him as he screamed at me. I was also still sleep deprived, but hubby helped make it all better.
Little man is now nursing without complaint,and last night before the shower time for me and hubby, he earned his binky back. I could justify an object that didn’t give him food, but could comfort him. He has been in a good mood since.


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