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New times changing things

Hey guys.

It has been a fun few weeks here. I have been watching my friend’s son while she goes back to work, and I need birth control. He is just a stubborn little bug. But, he will grow up soon, and it is all I can do.

I finish school this weekend, and I am so effing excited. I wish there was time to celebrate, but there isn’t. My husband made a new promotion at work, and suffice to say, all his training has been eating up our free time. It was unexpected, and while we were excited and happy, he is worn out, emotionally and physically, and some bad news rolled in.

We made friends with people on his level before this promotion. Now, he will be expected to lead over them, unless we get a transfer to another division or job, and we will not be able to socialize like we have. No hanging out as a group, no game nights, no random stuff. It is a hard burden to take, especially when I do not know anyone at his new level who has spouses. One of the guys at his work who also got the promotion has a wife and kids, but she kind of rubs me the wrong way.

I am really mourning the loss of my close friendships. I feel like I had really just started to get to know and like them over the last few months, and now it is all out the window. We should not have to move, or worry about hubby long distance driving, but it is still wait and see. My only hope is my friends make the promotion next time, and we can all hang out again, but there is the possibility of them getting moved as well.

My father in law flew in Monday for the promotion, and will be staying with us indefinitely. He has our office/guest room space, and is having a hard time on the stairs. Little man has been warming up to him nicely, and having a good time.

Little man and I have been going to the pool on the days we don’t have the baby, and I am trying to teach him to swim. I bought him a small pool for the back yard, but it needs constant scrubbing and dumping. The big pool is indoors and heated, and has all kinds of toys, as well as a diving board. He is doing really well getting over having his head wet, and showers without a fuss now. Submerging him does not start a kicking response, or a flail to break the surface, so we will have to work on that. The life jackets make him list face first in the water, so I have been hands on with him instead. I may try the arm rings and chest floaty, but I want him to know how to swim without them. We have been practicing jumping in (He wants to just the diving board), and when I put him in a life jacket to practice jumping off a large float mat into the pool, I had to headbutt him in. The life guard was very amused by my way of getting little man to take the plunge.

This new promotion means a ceremony, and then a soiree afterwards. I have been scrambling to find a nice outfit for the ceremony for myself and little man, and then something nice for the soiree.

We had purchased our second vehicle back in July, and I am so glad we have it now. I have been able to take little man out while hubby is doing his training at work, and also get my father in law from the airport safely.

With everything that is going on, I am so burnt out on schoolwork. I will probably take the next month to do all the certifications from my degree courses, so I have them all.

I also have house improvement tasks I am still working on, like the fence being pressure washed and stained, the hill side being weeded, blocked, and mulched. We still have not finished the living room, and that bugs me. Our new promotion means the help from our friends is no longer feasible. It stinks. I kind of wish he had not made it now, and more last year.

What can you do?


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