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3 months old already?!?!

I can not believe that little man is already 3 months old. Other than getting raspy overnight last night, he has been doing pretty well. He is growing like a weed and while I am a little sad that he is growing right out of his clothes, I don’t have to worry about being nagged about him not gaining or growing enough. We took some so so pictures today, and he got his first real bath in a while, as I have been doing sponge downs for the past month, but tonight, since hubby had to stay super late, I decided to actually set him in his tub, and wash him down.

The last time I had given him a bath, he was maybe 10 pounds, and I know he has either gotten close to 16 pounds, or passed it. His head now sits over the top of his tub, making washing his hair am interesting affair, but he enjoyed his bath, which is always nice. I made sure to soap him down all over, and he put his hands on his bubbled chest, and got it all over his face. Too cute. After the bath, we got him toweled down, and lotioned up, giving him his meds, and putting his jammies on. Hubby came home right as I toweled and diapered the little man, and little man was all smiles for that.

Hubby didn’t go in til noon today, so we slept in as much as was going to happen, before getting lunch together and little man and I dropping him off and heading home. Little man and I vegged on the couch for a bit, and then I placed him in his rocker so I could clean up the disaster zone that is our office. It had been a dumping ground, and it looked it.

Yesterday I had cleaned the house and sorted through clothes and items I had received and no longer wanted or needed to give to others. My friend who gave me the swing, car seat, and rocker has a friend who is broke and has a baby, and I have a bag of things to give her, but I may go back through it and split more of it to two other people. His closet and bedroom on the whole look a lot cleaner, other than fabric piled between his crib and dresser. I have to wash his next size clothes before we leave, and pack those up, as well as try on his swim stuff. He may have outgrown them also, and I can pick up more at the many shops down where my parents live.

Before I went to sewing class with little man I made more beef stroganoff for dinner, and ate before class, and got to enjoy a quick meal with hubby before leaving, while hubby and a friend went and got stair railings to make the mast for our sail/projector space. He also gave our friends our glider to borrow, since his wife is pregnant, and was considering one. We honestly don’t use it, and I feel bad that my mom spent the money on it and we don’t use it. The car seat she bought us though, is the best thing ever. Hubby and I took little man and the pups for an evening walk afterwards, and as we did, I saw someone had a party and had tossed a plethora of glass bottles from different alcohols out to the curb, so when we got back, I went in the car and collected them. They will be etched and used to decorate the house. He wanted to just buy bottles, like wine and all, and empty them, but I told him free was better. We aren’t big drinkers anyway.

Little man satin his rocker and played with his owl toy today while I cleared the workbench and the office as best I could, before covering it in papers again. I threw out a whole bag of stuff I knew was trash, and there will be papers to scan through the printer onto the computer hard drive before I can toss all of them. I had the pups in with me also, and gave pepper some time out of her cone, which she was happy about. She is still itchy, but I needed to make sure she was eating and drinking and being a dog. She seems to be adjusting to her cone though.

Little man fell asleep in his rocker as I cleaned, without fussing or anything, which was a surprise. A very welcome one, as I was able to get a lot of cleaning done with him in the good mood, and the nap. I also found some of my art supplies I thought I had donated, which was a most pleasant surprise. Now I can do even more artwork, after pinning ones to copy in my style from Pinterest.

Tomorrow, I am taking little man to the pediatricians about his raspiness, since it is not normal, and I want to be sure he is ok before his trip. He doesn’t have a temperature at least. After that, we may go to Ross and target before coming home and cleaning some more. I may start scanning some of the papers from the pile to the hard drives, and keep the hard drives safe. Then we can just grab them in the event of an emergency, and be out the door. I’m just talking manuals, school notes, vet records, things like that. The stuff that fills up filing cabinets. I might also scan the receipts in, or start cutting squares for little man’s quilt, and work on that also while down.

Little man seems to have developed a raspy voice since he started taking his Zantac for reflux, and he sounds like an asthmatic smoker. I took some videos of him talking to me in his raspy voice, and also of his breathing in his sleep, so the pediatrician can hear it. I will also get a recording of his crying.

I have also done my hair differently once I got out of the shower, since my hair has been coming out in clumps, and all I ever tie it in is a pony tail,usually half looped on the last wrap of the scrunchie. I did my best to part my hair down the middle and I did my best braiding (I can’t braid my own hair very well) in pigtails that are loosely behind my ears. I don’t wash my hair with every shower, and at least now, with my hair tied this way, my scalp can breathe. I can’t wait for my hair to stop falling out in handfuls. I was washing the conditioner out, and I would place the hairs on the wall of the shower so they don’t clog the drain, and I had a gum all size wad of hair (I roll it all up before tossing it) to toss, just after one shower. I lose the same every time I brush my hair, and still more every time I need to rescuer it or something. Depressing. I also needed to do my hair in a way where little man wouldn’t yank on it as he nurses or cuddles. He already smacks me in the face, or knocks my glasses off when he has a gas pain, I don’t need him pulling hair too. It’s not intentional yet.

This weekend and next week I will be out of town, and now that hubby and I are doing much better, I’m going to miss him bunches. Little man and I will make the best of it though. Since my parents watched our pets for us while we went out of town, it is now my turn to house sit and take care of their pets. They are too rowdy to come stay with us, and hubby will be home to take care of our pets while me and little man are gone for a week.

I am hoping to churn out some more artwork there, when little man and I aren’t swimming, shopping, and the like. My parents have a community pool, and I plan on getting him used to the water. I may even walk the beach with him, and collect some more shells and such, so he has some experiences. My plan is to have things to do when I have the free time to do them.

It’s bed time now, and everyone but me is sleeping.

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