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Five weeks already?! Where has the time gone?

on April 15, 2014

As you can tell I am in shock that he is already five weeks old. I just can’t believe how time has flown by. I will have to do his one month pictures, and Easter pictures this next day or two. I spent today cleaning up the house, I feel like it never ends. I almost snapped at hubby for just throwing stuff down when I just tidied up the living and dining room. Almost. I sometimes wish he would take note that I am trying to keep this house clean and organized. It’s so much harder than I would like it to be, been before little man was here. Sigh..
I had vacuumed up some mess behind my side of the bed, as well as the plague of pollen fronds my dog keeps brining in from outside, stuck in his hair. As if my allergies weren’t already threatening me. I also sorted through some of he clothes little man has outgrown, and I keep forgetting to take pictures of him in those outfits, so I have them, before it is impossible for him to fit in them. I also sorted through some of the foods my friend had given us for him, like rice cereal and baby food, noting what kinds we had and how much, and all I can say is holy cow. Her generosity is wonderful, and I love her for it. I need to think of a way to repay her.
He had fallen asleep in his swing (I retract what I said about the swing in the other post, about things I don’t need), allowing me to do quite a bit. He slept longer than I was comfortable with, physically, so I had to pump off one side to feel better. The other side just doesn’t produce with pumping, but little man gets what he needs from it, since he often falls asleep on the pumping boob. At least I have a few more ounces for when he starts bottles.
I am really debating making another Facebook account. I had deleted mine, but I know that everyone wants to see pictures of little man, and I haven’t delivered like I want or need to.
Little man has been a little fussy today, especially in the evening, but we had a little episode in the noon time, when I was still tired, and I fed him laying down on my sides (yay!), but then we got up and moving, and I tried to give him some tummy time as well as time on his back, but he was not having it. He has been really tired too, so he must going through another growth spurt. He woke up again right before hubby got home, and ate and dozed some more, til I left to go to the sewing demo, taking him with me.
He woke up during the sewing demo at the end, fussing and hungry, and I fed him until he started playing yank the boobies with his strong little mouth. So he screamed the whole way home, and for a while after, but hubby was gracious enough to hold him for a bit, so I could have a small break.
I go in for my check up with my ob tomorrow, and I am excited about that. I know I am looking forward to not worrying anymore, though if this is the last time I see my ob, I will miss him terribly, as he is an awesome person and doctor. He has gone above and beyond so many times, and I am so grateful.

What a day. Little man has had a bit off an off evening, since we got back from the ob appointment, which went awesome. I was hoping to celebrate and have dinner out, and get my birth control filled, but hubby raced us home instead. He claimed schoolwork, but it felt like he spent only a few minutes on that, and the rest playing games. Little man was fussy and hungry, and I was hungry too. I ended up feeding little man, and leaving him with hubby so I could get it filled, and eat. I was upset, because I rarely get a full break, and hubby has all day at work to not change diapers or hear him cry. I cried instead.
We did end up having nookie, but it was painful, and I wasn’t really relaxed, still upset and little man was screaming the whole time. It just doesn’t help the mood.

It has been a fun few days here, trying to get stuff done for the holidays. Hubby and I had gone to Joann’s, target, and panera, and we should have leapt on that yoda Easter basket for little man. I should have thrown it in the buggy. Should have gone and grabbed it. Hopefully tomorrow one might still be available. Fingers crossed.

Today has been stressful and hectic, but I got quite a bit done. Hubby went over to B’s house, while it got started trying to do the stuff I wanted to do: baking, sewing, and pictures of little man. Well…. I found out that I was out of cooking oil, so I ran to walmart to get that, and it was packed. Of course little man was asleep through that trip, and he woke up as soon as we got home. No pliable baby for Easter pictures. Grr.

He screamed the whole time it was baking and trying to get stuff done, and of course the dogs were underfoot. Or getting nosy on little man’s stuff. And it’s raining, so I can’t throw them outside.

I managed to make the peep cake and cupcakes, but the cookie tin for peeps is a mess I will have to eat later. Between the batches, I was able to feed and try to soothe little cuddle bug, and by the time the big cake finished, he was asleep in his swing. I hurriedly sewed the infinity scarf nursing cover, and tried to sew my swim cover, but it isn’t long enough to fit properly. I guess I should have purchased two and a half or three yards of fabric for that. I don’t think adding more fabric to it will save it, but I will save it in case I get skinny, or give it to my friend S, who is much smaller than I, and she may like it. It’s hard to believe we were once within 5 pounds of each other, but I did just have little man, and her youngest is over a year. I need to continue working out.

Hubby had been calling me, checking to see how I was doing and when I would be coming over, and I was just so frazzled when I did. Little man screamed almost the whole trip. Ugh. I had at least cleaned out the car, ran the dishwasher, and per washed my fabric for the ring sling, which in hope to make either tomorrow or Monday. I say tomorrow, because I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I also will make a crib hanging toy bag, and get that set up.

B helped me do some Easter pictures, which was wonderful, and I am really hoping to finish up tomorrow before heading down to my parents house, so I can print some out to give to them, and send to my father in law.

Tomorrow afternoon, hubby, baby, and I are going down to have an Easter egg hunt for little man, have him meet some of the neighbors, and have dinner. I’m hoping on the way down to hopefully get that yoda basket, and some pictures printed. Hubby may work on his cert courses while down there, and maybe we can play sequence. After hearing little man wail all day, I’m ready for him to settle and sleep.


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