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Dirty Laundry daily washing

I have been a little tied up lately, since I started class, I have less free time than I did before, and lucky me, little man is starting to feel his teeth move again. Thankfully, he is sleeping at the moment. In his pack and play, that has some extra padding so he is not just laying on the hard as a flipping board mat. The foam and a waterproof pad with a crib sheet pulled tight are keeping him safe.

Last Friday we gave back all of the things his physical therapist said we should not use, and also some things we just do not need anymore. I joined the local resale site for my county, and if I need a new swing or something, I can get one there. They also had bassinets dirt cheap. Clothes, stuff, all of it.

It took us a few days to really get him to sleep in his rock and play, but now he is sleeping soundly in it. I will give him a few more weeks in the rock and play in our bedroom, before moving him into his room. Once he adjusts to that, I am going to put him in his big boy bed (the crib).

Little man seems to be slowing down on his milk consumption, but the few attempts at offering him baby food have been very ill received. He actually spit up the food and his milk. He still loves gumming on the food we eat, so I may just have to figure something else out. I may have to be so primal as to chew up some of my food for him to eat. I am not going to rush him though. I want him to enjoy his food.

Last week I started reimmersing myself and little man in the cloth diapers, after almost a month of not using them. The fact that he is in size three diapers is scary. I have had to wash diapers every day, but hubby has really gotten on board with getting little man in and out of them, which is an amazing thing. He has tried helping me with washing and hanging them up, but we need more space to hang them, and we need more inserts. Hopefully, this weekend we can get the diaper sprayer installed in the bathroom, the master toilet fixed, and the shelving hung in the laundry so we can hang everything to dry.

I finished my first class with a 97% average, and now I am taking two classes at once. It has been fun to try and keep up with, and especially with how many milestones little man is reaching.

Little man is now throwing himself back when he gets upset, though he does enjoy an upside down perspective quite a bit. He has also gotten this cute little thing he does where he gets all bashful when someone holds him when another person is sweet talking him. He is also rolling over more, and scooting quite a bit. It looks like he will be loosing his toothless grin soon also. I have been trying to give him some fun times, yesterday he had a good bath and splashed around in the tub as I soaped him up, and today I had to distract him by filling his tub again. It also appears that some of his 9 month clothes are getting too small, but not all of them.

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Hello new normal

I realize it has been a few days, but we have been pretty darn busy thus far. I have been acing my school work, and I should hopefully have everything finished by Friday. Little man tries to thwart me where he can, but last night I stayed up til 3 am to do my schoolwork, and I got quite a bit done.
Yesterday T and I took little man to the pediatrician, and he weighs 18 pounds, measures 27 inches, and has a head circumference of 17 inches. He got two combo shots and an oral medication, and he did great!
T and I got panera again, and cruised target before heading home, and little man was talking up a storm as he was falling asleep. He is so cute.
I think he is finally starting to plateau in his growth and weight gain, which is nice. He might actually stay in his 9 month clothes fore more than a few weeks.

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Got some stuff done

The last couple of days have been a bit rough for me. I have been trying to get stuff done, and little man doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to play or sleep sometimes. Hubby also wasn’t helping when I was trying to do schoolwork and he just wanted to goof off. I have tried distracting little man where I can, like letting him splash in the bath tub with me, since the storms are too crazy for me to set up the pool. He did enjoy it though. Sigh..

The weekend went really well, and we had a decently safe 4th of July, having my parents come up, with me speed cleaning while hubby held little man and slept; and then going out to someone’s house for a get together, and getting weirded out. The host was really touchy feely, and one of the other guys was having hang ups because we had a boy and he wanted one, but had a girl, so he kept trying to get little man. Sorry, I don’t pass my baby off to strangers.

Hubby got a little careless with the fireworks, and some people got small burns, and apparently telling him he needs to be safe and not hurt people is just wrong. Never mind that he was setting a bad example for little man, but being careless with explosives is stupid. Yes, he was sober. T and D followed us home, and we played some games after.

Saturday I was trying to do my schoolwork, but hubby was not being helpful, he wouldn’t care for little man so I could do my schoolwork, but he wanted to good off and play games. I had to remind him that his video games are not important compared to schoolwork. Since our schooling is time based in some aspects, I can’t do all of my work at once.

Today I aced my quiz, and took care of little man while trying to do some crafts. I even got little man to take a small nap in his crib, but pip started going crazy barking, and woke him up. That dog has been a terror today.
I did make the crotch snap padding, three different times, and make it so the car seat buckles and crotch snap don’t collapse in the car seat when trying to get little man in. The straps are secured by elastic simply tied around the straps and around the back of the car seat, or through the strap feed for the crotch snap. It isn’t pretty, but oh well. I made the stuff with materials I already had, the crotch snaps from scrap fabric from S’s store scrap bin.
I was also working on a door silencer for little man’s room, with scrap fabric from making his crib skirt, I just need to measure and situate the elastic to make it work. I had also hung a blackout curtain behind the decorative curtains, and made a chain of toys with links going across the crib for little man to kick, while washing his 12 month and 18 month clothes. We still have some use left to the 9 month clothes. He may actually be slowing down in growth.

I am hoping today to do a few more sewing projects, get the house cleaned up again, get little man playing some more, work on schoolwork, and go to sewing class. I need to bust down my scrap fabric pile at some point, and I am hoping to work on that soon. I had gotten in a fight with my old sewing machine, and can’t find the stuff for the new one. It is really aggravating sometimes.

Little man seems to have changed his sleep schedule a bit, and he wakes up crying again, instead of being all smiles. It bites sometimes.

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Going to start sewing again, several projects

I have several projects lined up in the next few days, and if am hoping to get started on them soon. Some things we need, some things I would like to have. Currently, it seems to be mostly focused on the car.

I need to make a crotch snap pad for the car seat, so little man doesn’t feel as much pressure on his chunky thighs from it. I had taken the convertible car seat out and put the seat protector in, and adjusted the placement of the crotch snap, before making a rough sketch of how big to make the pad on paper, and then cutting the paper and fitting it around the snap.

I also want to make leashes for the harness straps and buckle, to keep them from falling in when I am trying to put little man in the car seat. I saw strap keepers, but not one for the crotch, but I think I could make something. I will buy a car seat foil shade, so the buckles aren’t white hot like they are currently. You would think stores that sell baby stuff would stock such things in the heat of the summer.

I may also make my own car seat protectors, since the ones we were given get in the way of the latch system, making it more difficult to secure the seat. I also need it to loop around the headrest, so it doesn’t slide around.

Then I want to find some nice beach (or oversize) towels to make seat covers . I plan on sewing strapping around where the headrest goes, and then a strap in the back to keep it from sliding around on the two front seats. I will need to figure out something for the back seat.

An idea I have been throwing around is to make some sort of hoop that holds the toys for little man to reach and ply with while in his car seat. I am thinking of buying and cutting a hola hoop, wrapping it in fabric with loops sewn in, and hanging the toys in reach. As he gets older, I could make the arc smaller, so they don’t swing in his face as the car stops.

Another thought is to make kick mats that go from the top of the back of the front seats, and goes all the way to the seat protector, so that not only is the floor mats kept clean in addition to the seat backs, but I could use clear vinyl over a nice fabric to make it easy to wipe clean. It could attach to the seat protector by snaps, or more than likely, Velcro.

I also want to make the dogs new beds for their crates, or at least a new bed for pip, and a new cover for pepper. I have extra foam for a bed for pip, I just need to find pretty fabrics that I can scotch guard, and can handle frequent washing.

I also want to make floor cushions, since we only have a couch now in the living room. I want a pretty nautical fabric for that.

Then there is the numerous crafting and sewing projects for the house and little man. I still need to work on his quilt too.

There’s so many projects, now I just have to do them after taking care of little man, chores, and schoolwork. Yay.

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Just a little taste

The last few days has been really really REALLY fun. Little man has started teething, and he lost the sleeping through the night thing for a few days, so the three of us were all miserable. Some Tylenol is helping take the edge off, since the teething tablets aren’t working, and he doesn’t want to use any teething toys. Oh well. I lost a day to do schoolwork, but I try to anticipate such things.

We walked the color vibe 5k this past weekend, and we had a blast, even though we were very very sleep deprived because little man was teething. We brought up the rear, but it wasn’t due to me or hubby. T and B were not as prepared as they should have been, and they lagged. Little man and I kept to the front of our party for most of the race, and the little bugger slept in his stroller through most of it.

I had set a personal goal to be able to do a 5k, and I was more than able to do it. I may start doing them more often, and start training to run them. I know I wanted to walk faster, but had to slow down and even stop at times, but all in all I felt great. Hubby was very proud of me, and he had a good time also.

We finished in two hours, and then went to IHOP, before stopping at my parents to ash the paint off before swimming. Irish spring worked really well, since hubby had made paint angels at one point, and after the shower, you could not tell. Little man was fed and my mom watched him sleep while the five of us horsed around in the pool.

Hubby drove us home, and little man was still out, and I passed out. We got home safe, but exhausted. After a good nap and dinner, we went over to T and D’s to watch the Lego movie, and then back home to sleep.

Sunday we went to target, and we got some spoons, mesh feeders, and silicone bibs for little man. We had some whataburger before going back home, and hubby worked on schoolwork while I cleaned up the house, and tried to set our ever growing boy in his crib for a nap. Hubby weighed him, and he was 20 pounds, 4 ounces. He also seems to be trying to crawl, but spins himself in circles instead.

I managed to get the house vacuumed, laundry done, dishes washed, and take care of little man before finishing my schoolwork. I feel rather proud of myself for that. I also washed down little man, who had some paint on him, and was getting a bit of a smell, hubby said. Little man also tried his first tastes of big people food, I let him gum some of my steak, and have some cheese sauce. He seemed to like it. I’m not giving him anything to swallow, just tastes of what is to come.

Today I did some serious sleeping in with little man, before going to visit my friend S, who just bought and moved into her new house, next door to our friend A. I got them talking to each other, and we had a good time. Little man and I went home, and he napped in the car, til we went in to see hubby, and get ready for sewing class.

Little man also got to try some hamburger and a tomato by taste, and he really liked them. He also was all smiles and talking during sewing class. We learned about making baby bonnets, but I could see making one into a winter hat, with a Mohawk and skulls on the sides.

With all the weight little man is gaining, I am considering giving him only one boob at a time, and pumping the side he doesn’t nurse on. I think he is gaining too fast, though I am likely going to hear more crying. His rolls have rolls now.

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