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What I actually think I needed for my baby

on April 9, 2014

I am going to deviate from my usual week post to get this out of my head and onto something a bit more permanent. I’m waiting for little man to wake up so I can feed him, and then try and get some sleep. Since he is still snoring soundly, I have a few minutes to get this post out.

If I had to do it all over again from scratch, I guess this would be my list of baby essentials. Mind you, we live in an area where we walk a bit, but you have to drive to get anywhere. There is not a mass transit system. If we somehow didn’t have anything, or if we lost everything we have for little man, this is a list. Seeing as we may move soon, and live in an area where tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and a whole bunch of other stuff happens, a list will prove useful. It may even help you!

Things we either have and use or could use more of:

A bassinet or cospleeper

a rock n play

several baskets, to hold the things we need in the various places around the house they are needed:

one in the main sleeping area with the diaper supplies and basic baby stuff.

one in the living room with diapers, wipes, petroleum jelly, and diaper cream

one in the kitchen for the bottles and stuff

another in the kitchen to hold all the baby foods we were given

one with his bath tub to hold all the towels, wash cloths, and washing stuff.



first aid kit

family thermometer

laundry basket

tummy time mat

car seat


sleep sacks

car seat inserts, covers, etc

infant bath

baby washes

wash cloths and hooded towels


Folding changing mats, a pair

diaper bag


Stuff we have but haven’t used:

swaddle blankets

easy swaddles




cloth diapers


Here is the explanation:

We have a basket in our bedroom for holding all the diaper changing stuff, and while it wasn’t given to us at the baby shower for that use, it is being used for that right now. We also bought a smaller basket that was on clearance at target to hold diapers and wipes and such in the living room. We also are being loaned the rock n play, and that is where little man currently likes to sleep, though we bough the cosleeper in hopes to get him to sleep on flat surfaces more, since he snores. He sleeps in a bassinet at our friend’s house, but not at home. I am hoping to make the cosleeper more of a bassinet by making longer legs for it, at some point. He also hasn’t slept in the crib we received, so it’s just taking up space in his room. I feel like even making his room up was a waste at this point, but it looks amazing.

Little man doesn’t like large spaces, but he doesn’t like to feel confined. I have no earthly idea how the nurses got him to fall asleep swaddled, but we haven’t been able to get him swaddled and asleep since we got home.

He also has a crick in his neck, and so he flops over in the swing and bouncer, unless propped up with swaddles, and honestly, he has just now started tolerating the swing, but only for short stretches. We were loaned the swing, and I swear if we get another one, it is going to have an ac adapter and be one of the bouncer/swing combos, so they aren’t two separate items wasting space.

i also had every intention of cloth diapering little man from the get go, but the diapers I bought don’t really seem to fit him, there has been nothing but leaks on all the Gdiapers, and the all in ones I bought (I only have three of those), work, but they are way too bulky to be useful under clothing. So we have been using disposable diapers, but I keep trying to use the cloth diapers, though I will likely end up selling the Gs on eBay, at least the newborn size, if I don’t use them with baby number two.

hubby and I also barely had to worry about buying clothes, because little man received lots and lots of clothes at the baby shower. He is finally in a 0-3 month sleeper, though it is a bit big on him, his newborn size sleepers were way too snug for him. The 0-3 month fits him today like the newborn size ones did when we brought him home. Just thinking about it is amazing.  I am going to make him a rag quilt or something similar out of his clothes I like as he outgrows them, and I am going to take pictures of him in every outfit, and put them online so the buyers can see how cute he looks in them. I wish I had taken pictures of the people who gave the gift, with the gifts, so I could send them pictures. Next time, and every shower after, I will do that.

i also have a small wardrobe and list of needs for me, and that is:

4 nursing tanks

4 sleep nursing tanks

2 pairs boot cut yoga pants

3 pairs yoga shorts

washable nursing pads


breast soothers, for the just in case days (I haven’t used them yet, thankfully)

pregnancy bolster pillow

boppy pillow

panties with big soft waistbands in bikini cuts



I had some maternity clothes I was given once I found out I was pregnant, but my bottom half expanded to the point where yoga pants were the only things that fit, and honestly, I could fall asleep anywhere in yoga pants, not the jeans. I also had a few. Maternity tanks and shirts, but the cheap tanks from Walmart fit me in my 9th month just fine, and were 3 bucks each. I was cheap on the shirts, and I got a few of my maternity jeans from goodwill and Salvation Army. I only paid full price for one pair. I did pay full price for the nursing tanks and sleep bras, but I didn’t know what my cup size would grow to, and the tanks and bras without molded cups have been plenty comfy. They may also be the reason I haven’t suffered from engorgement or anything. I also have some Hanes pantos with huge waistbands, and they have been really comfy for pregnancy and after. I can pull them over my incision and the yoga pants will hold them there. The bolster pillow was useful pregnant because I had some back issues, and it was great for my back, knees, or neck, and wasn’t big and a waste like some of the other pregnancy pillows. The boppy has been useful for holding up little man when my incision is bothering me. And the lotion helps, even though I have a zillion stretch marks, my skin is pretty dry right now. The oils and stuff didn’t work on my skin. It’s genetics. The washable nursing pads are wonderful, because I have constant leaks and drips, and the paper disposable ones aren’t all that amazing.  A friend made my breast pads for me, as she made some for herself after she had her daughter  and discovered an allergy to the paper pads. I think of her every time I move the inserts, which is several times a day, several pairs a day. She is awesome. She also made a nursing cover at the sewing demo, and she gave it to me, which was wonderful, as I just clip a swaddle around my neck when I feed little man in public.


i hope this was a useful post for anyone wondering. Have a great day!


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