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Hello Progo!

on April 27, 2016

Guys, we did it. We adopted a cat this weekend. It started with me going into Petsmart to double check prices for getting the dog’s teeth cleaned, but I had to stop and say hi to the adoptable kitties before I did. Can you see it unfolding yet?

Well, the first kitty in the cages, and he did not react when someone brought their dog inside. Check 1. He was also very sweet. Check 2. I talk to the volunteer for a bit (The humane society has the kennels), and I told her I wish the time was right, but we just bought a house, and I was not sure where we were financially.

I walk outside and tell hubby to come see the mews (We do it at every store where foster and adoptive kitties are), and our son bear hugs kitty. Not phased at all. Check. Likes my husband. Final check. Hubby looks at me, and said the magic words, “Let’s do it”.

I am about to cry. Had I known we were getting a cat that day, I would have brought the carrier we already had (Nope, we bought a box). So, as he fills out the paperwork, I start shopping for things we need for our new friend coming home with us. Of course, being the weekend, the food reps are out, trying to tell me their food is the best. No offense, but having had pets with food allergies before, I am label wise.

Hubby gives me and little man the coupon book, and holy cow the savings. One of the brands I eyed, the small bag ($20 for 4 pounds) was free, and the other bag was a portion off for a larger size! Coupons for portions off collars, bowls, and the other essentials means we bought litter and and food storage container full price. We got so much stuff, and saved over $40 dollars. I walk the box to hubby, and start loading up the car, when he brings our new kitty out.

He meowed once. The whole trip. He endured me getting the shakes and a bit grumpy because my blood sugar tanked for some reason (and it was after little man’s nap time), so we stop to get lunch, and get little man to bed. Hubby asked what his name was going to be, and I decided Progo, or Proginoskies from A Wind In The Door by Madeline L’Engle. I have modified the spelling a bit, but oh well. Hubby looked at me funny, and said ok. All of our pets have P names. His previous name was Powell, but I am more excited for this one. I offered Gaudior, but he said no.


Once I get little man situated, I start bringing stuff into our room while hubby opens the box. Progo starts exploring the master bedroom while I set everything up, and after I come up from the second trip, I cannot find him!

I continue trucking everything upstairs, hubby is looking for him, I am looking for him, and we just stop, and go relax. He did not get out the front door, so he is safe. As soon as I go into the bathroom, he pokes his head out of the doorway to say hi. He joins me on my lap as I do schoolwork, while hubby and the pups are in the office. This cat can purr, and is already under foot.

The first night the dogs are a bit miffed. Pepper definitely looks like she is being replaced, even though she misses Shadow bunches (He passed away after I found out little man was indeed a man via ultrasound). They want to sniff his rear and play, and Progo is a little hesitant. He did help me work on a Power Point for school, and I finished it before little man woke up, even with a kitty on my belly and trying to type on the keyboard. He also knows when I need to get up to go to the bathroom, and will sit on my belly and sleep. Typical cat.

We also had company over, so I am cooking dinner, and our friends T and AJ bring their poor pup over, who had his ACL repaired, and is in a lot of pain. Add N, E, and C over, and we have a full house. We bring the dog crates upstairs for our pups, and situate them while we party downstairs.

Progo loved the attention and exploring downstairs. He did have one accident on my blanket (which was promptly washed and ready by the time I went to bed), we have had smooth sailing. He comes when called most times, and loves his food, the window, his box, and his family.

Sunday we noted that we need to get him something to scratch and play on. We go to Wal-Mart for a folder for his records (He came from Lihue, on Kauai Island, Hawaii, and we cannot believe he is 2. He is the size of a half-grown kitten, and I do not think he weighs the 8 and a half pounds he is listed as. We shall see. Add me losing my wallet since Petsmart, and I am having a great day. Hubby found it after going to Petco, in a hole in my backpack that developed, which is good that we found. Petco gave us some rockin’ coupons for Progo once we showed our paperwork to them, and we saw a cat tree we liked. We decided to wait to get it, and I would just look online. I was having a meltdown over my wallet being lost, and was not handling the situation well. My husband’s lighthearted remarks were lighter fluid on my fire of emotions. I felt so bad when he found it, and it was there the whole time.

Yesterday I started phasing the dogs into the same room, and Progo slept on a sunny sill while I had the pups asleep on the bed with me. He has been sleeping near me or on me at night, and also likes to watch us shower. He will walk in the shower afterwards to lap up water. He also talks A LOT. Very very chatty little boy. He is also underfoot and ready to help. I love that he is so social and friendly, and tolerant of little man. He tries to sniff little man, and the whiskers make little man jumpy. lol. He purrs nonstop, and I am sure he will be happy when his cat tree gets here. He has also started playing with his toys, and loves wet cat food, though I have not the heart to tell him that it will not be a common thing for him. Wet cat food is expensive, and his dry food he likes anyway.

He tracks litter all over, and lugging 40 lb tubs of litter up the stairs is not something I am enjoying once, so I have been researching cat litter alternatives. I think a grass mat or other washable material where liquid can drain into a reservoir would be more appealing, and with the diaper pail next door, litter scooping happens every time I toss a diaper. This means so far, three times a day. Maybe I can find a good material and develop a prototype that is a true single investment per box.

I do have to hang the bird cage it seems. He is just too interested in them, and wishes to meet them beyond the safety of their cage. I may find a nice hanging hook this weekend, and hang the cage off a stud in the front room. I will make a debris catcher so the carpet stays nice also. I have more pressing issues with the litter box right now though, since kitty is happy upstairs for the time being.

He has situated himself on the bed on my lap with the dogs on the bed as well, and everyone is happy. Maybe they will be friends soon. I am trying not to push the issue. The kitty food and box are baby gated out of dog reach, and Pip is not happy, as the gap under is too small for him. Progo does not seem to be able to jump very high. Maybe the cat tree will fix that. He is asleep on the bed between sleeping hubby and me now, and he purrs anytime I move. I think he is very happy here.

Once I make all my little projects for friends and family birthdays, I can make him something like a cat nest. I have presents for N, E, my sister, and my mom for birthdays, and then Mother’s day gifts. Little man is coloring on cards every day this week!




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