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BumGenius Genius Prints

In the past few weeks, I have been hit with the frenzy of the Genius series prints, and trying to acquire them all. It has really helped me keep my cool with all the stress of schoolwork, because Statistics class is easily the hardest yet. I have finals this weekend, and I am really hoping to maintain my 3.95+ GPA.
These diapers may just be the death of all my spending money for a while. I have accumulated about half of the diapers I desire in the 4.0 size, though I still want to acquire the newborn, trainer, and wet bag collection in full for these prints. I had joined a few groups on Facebook, and being told I cannot buy all the fluff I want is really taxing on me. Hubby wants me to look into making my own diapers, and creating my own market, so I took a glance for what would give me the edge in the competition, or have the competition try to buy me out.
In other news, my family is still intact, and my roommate’s dog has not miraculously disappeared. I never thought I would meet a dog who barked at nothing more than Pip. This dog is also poorly socialized, and I have a very real fear she is going to hurt Little Man, and I will have to kill her. He does not corner or threaten her, and yet her mannerisms all leave bells ringing that she will maul him.
Little man is due for his 15 month check up later this week, and I am excited and anxious that they are going to say he is behind somewhere. He is not really talking, though he babbles quite a bit more since we try to read to him several times a day. He has also become a bit more of a picky eater, though when he is hungry enough he will eat what is offered. The surprise that he ate all of the spaghetti trimmings for dinner this evening was the most pleasant shock. The noodles are always a favorite, but he ate the meat also, and of course his veggies. He loves his peas and corn.
He stripped himself down to his diaper the other morning, and tried to take his shirt off at breakfast. With four molars and the canines coming in at once, he has been a bit cranky, but he is doing well otherwise. We were doing swimming lessons, but the weather was a bit wacky for the next visit, and we have been so very busy. We had a house inspection last week, and had to make it look like we didn’t live here. Hard work.
It sounds as though he woke up and needs another change again, darn leaks and hot sweaty rooms at night.

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