one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

14 months old

Things have been more hectic here than I could have ever imagined. Little man is into everything, and sometimes talks to me, but I am hoping he will be fine. He eats like a machine some days, and picks at it others, making me feel inadequate.

He and I feel pretty cooped up in the house, thanks to financial situations with the old house requiring extra money from us (Never ever renting from friends again), we can hopefully start living again. Two months of not having spending money can be very tiresome.

Last weekend, I found the motherlode of beautiful cloth diapers from the BumGenius lines, and I am head over heels. I have had an Albert free time since December, but just started using it. Now I want several of the prints, just to have a more beautiful stash. I am really considering selling off some of the less exciting ones to fund this more expensive cloth addiction. Hubby and I are still really on the fence about if we will have another baby, because everything has changed, and we are still adjusting to our wonderful child and the duties we have with him. Having never really had arguments or problems we could not work out or talk out, life has been more stressful here. Most of it comes from the fact that we are relegated to our rooms in the back of the house during idle time, until we find out if we are really moving cross country or not. I am really expecting my husband to get a promotion before we move, just because it would ruin the smooth process of looking at houses and figuring out which one we should buy. My luck, we will be stuck in this forsaken state of swamp, sweat, and bugs.

I have started new classes again, and I am really burnt out on school. Hubby graduated on Easter weekend, and I could not be any more jealous than I am now, He has all this free time, and I still have baby, school, and cleaning up after five human beings, three dogs, a cat and a bunny. I also feel as though I am allergic to something in this house, because my allergies have not stopped inside, but as soon as I get outside, I am fine. Add the fact that we were *supposed* to have a fenced in yard for the poor pooches to run around in, and don’t, means I have gotten a lot more sun that I would have liked. They tore up our street too, and now I am covered in dust and dirt every time I do walk them, and some of the neighbors like to catcall me while walking the pooches. Ugh.

I am dreaming of the day when I am done with college, and I can just be a mommy for little man. I know once I do graduate, having baby number two would be a lot easier. I would have the time to be able and plan things or go places, instead of just being stuck here thinking and worrying about deadlines. I kind of miss working, but I also know that time off for sick kids, holidays, and baby sitters means a lot more travel, less money, and more work. Unless I can pull off working from home, and do what I love. I am resigned to the fact that I may have to hold an office job with my shiny new degree at some point, and make the money I need to do the things I love. As long as I do not blow money like a casino runner, we should be fine. I just want to live and relax and breathe again, and enjoy watching my boy grow up, hand in hand with my hubby, with a cold Pepsi in my hand.


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