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Almost a year old.

a simultaneously exciting and depressing thought is constantly in my mind these days. My beloved son, my little man, will be one in two weeks. I am excited and scared, all at the same time.

There are so many things I wanted to do, but haven’t, because of laziness, money, and time obligations getting in the way. Now that we are about to move, I feel even more as though there were things I should have done, could have, and did not. 

I did not get the pictures of his first year as I had wanted. Maybe the second child will be different. I didn’t get all those first holidays, month by month pictures like I wanted, as well as the little keepsakes (aside from the first hair cut), but he is alive and thriving. 

Today was one of his last physical therapy appointments, and seeing him move around so easily, from where he was trying to crawl, to now trying to run, is an amazing thing, and his neck condition is much improved. Before we went, I tried to do some pictures from the Valentine’s Day stuff, and I know I am no photographer. He also would not look at me or sit still like I had hoped. This evening? Perfect. Of course. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Friday he is going to have his cake smash pictures done, and one year pictures so I can send them out as cards for friends and family. He has his birthday party coming up, and I am very excited about that. I finally figured out a theme, and it has been pretty fun putting it all together. I am hoping to do it at a park, so the older kids can play and not destroy my house. We will be packing to move soon, and I do not want to have any more worries if I can help it.

Today we went to hobby lobby to look for stuff for his birthday shoot, and I got some wooden letters that spell one, and his name, and I also found the most amazing peep basket, and he has been playing with that this evening, excitedly carrying it around and the stuffed peeps I made.

Unlike last year, I am really hoping to be able to do more with him, and decorate and have fun, where last year was a struggle for me, between the healing and depression. I really hope to not have another c-section with the next baby. That is my big hope and dream.

Last weekend we went to a different zoo, and he laughed diabolically at the gators eating pelleted food we threw down for them to eat. He also enjoyed some Italian food after, and the three of us passed out early. My mom and dad celebrated their wedding anniversary with us, and we’re excited to share it with the little man.

I am going to be peep planning, because I may just develop a taste for them after all the fun we have. I am hoping to sew more peeps this year, and have a cute collection of them.

P.s. Insanity is a grueling workout, but I am a lot stronger than when I started out, and I hope to lose more weight and be healthier soon. I am trying  so hard to model a healthier life for our son, so we can at least earn our confections of sugary deliciousness.

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26 years old

The last I popped in, it was right before my birthday. And now that it is over, I am glad to say that though it had a bad beginning and middle, the ending was amazing. The car dealership person was complete trash, and my father was belligerent and drunk, but having a nice meal with my husband and son with friends was so worth it.
We got a few of the car problems fixed, and life is getting back to normal after several trips and heated discussions with the repair representative about his attitude. I spent the last week playing catch up, and it has been hard work.
Little man is walking now, and trying to run. He has gone from a few tentative steps to toddling across the room. He also likes to take items and crawl across the house with them. Dancing is also on his list. He makes me so proud.
Hubby is so close to graduation that he can taste it, and now that we have less debt overhead, we have been discussing houses we may buy when we move at the end of the year. He does not feel that putting any work into the house may be necessary, but some of the houses may need minor cosmetic overhauls. I fully anticipate painting and such the first month into the house. And seeing as it will be winter, exterior projects will be on hold until the snow stops.
I have visions of a play room for little man, a cozy sitting room with the fireplace, as well as a more modern kitchen than some of the current sales have to offer. Thankfully, Pinterest has the scoop on how to update without gutting the cabinets and such. We may need to replace some flooring, but hopefully it won’t take too much. I have also envisioned casing the windows, doorways and ceilings in an attempt to dress up the house before painting. That and soft paint colors in neutral shades would make me happy.
Some of the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom or builder grade, but again Pinterest came to the rescue. A nice gel stain sounds better than painting the cabinets, and adding different moldings would dress it up also. That would leave plenty of money for new appliances and countertops and floors.
Once spring hits, I can worry about cleaning off the house, choosing paint for the exterior, curb appeal I cannot do in rain or snow, as well as landscaping. I am really looking forward to this, and if you follow my Pinterest boards, you can see I have been busy pinning away.
School has been going well, and I am hoping once hubby finishes school, I may be able to take an additional class each term so I can graduate early, I was hoping before we moved. School may slow me down in setting up a new house, but I know I can still get it all done either way. I am just so tired of school now, and want to plan designs on our first house.

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