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13 months old, and settled in

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been gone for so long. When I last posted, it was just a week away from little man’s first birthday. Two months later (almost), and we are settled in to our new digs. It was a trying first month, but the last few weeks have been a bit better, mostly because HUBBY IS DONE WITH HIS BACHELORS DEGREE!!!! That has been a major load off our stress levels. I cannot even tell you how frustrating it has been between baby, school, packing, cleaning, and helping hubby with school, packing, baby, and cleaning. We were both at wit’s end. We still have a few hang ups with the owners of the old house, mostly because they felt it necessary to rip up the carpet in the living room, rather than use a cover over a frayed section, and felt that all the faucets HAD to be replaced because of hard water. Add hubby damaging a door casing moving something, and then our car dying and needing a new battery and alternator, and we were wigged out.

Our first few days at the new house were very stressful because of that. We had to contend with the dogs not having a fenced in yard, and needing to be walked several times a day to go to the bathroom, a badly organized and arranged bedroom, a tired toddler, missing supplies, and the inability to go much of anywhere because our car was towed to the shop. I cried. A lot.

Well, after we got the car back, things picked up. We went to the flea market with a friend, and hubby and I gushed over the mini rex rabbits they had at one shop, while little man fell asleep in his stroller, which was a nice break by that point. The next weekend our friend took our roommate to the flea market, and he decided he HAD to get his wife a rabbit for Easter. It was the week before the holiday at this point, and I was a little steamed, as I really wanted a bunny.

Two weeks later, I have basically assumed care for the sweetest little chinchilla mini rex female, and she adores me and hubby. We usually play with her in a separate room while little man is asleep. The room she resides in now is the fourth bedroom in the house, and I spent one long evening while I was the only adult home, moving furniture and things around, so that if someone needed a place to crash during the Good Friday Easter party, they could sleep on the futon. Little man screamed the whole time, fighting sleep as always, until about nine or so. I had managed to move all the furniture around in the room, as best I could as a surprise and hey now the house is finished thing. A few days later, we managed to put a lot of the extra stuff in the attic, freeing up quite a bit of space in that room, and now there is a desk where bunny sits, the futon, and some boxes.

School is going rather well, I am still making top grades, and I will be one semester shorter in EGD, as I had been scheduled for one class, but asked for the usual two. They told me the class would be challenging, but the only challenge so far is trying to figure out when I can get stuff to the storage unit and wash/ clean out the car!


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