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Six weeks and moving forward

on April 22, 2014

Another week had blown by, and I am wondering how the time can fly like it does. It really just blows my mind.

This past few days had been a blast, trying to do things, and sometimes failing miserably, sometimes some success. Trying to move forward, and trying to find ways to mix my new duties with my old hobbies.

Friday hubby had off from work, and he indulged me in going to Joann’s and target, because I wanted to start sewing again, and I wanted to cruise target before we went back home. We had lunch at panera, where they somehow gave me a whole sandwich with my soup, which hubby nibbled on with me. I carried little man around in the sling, since he was sleeping, and hubby picked up the bolts of fabric and all for my projects. I will make a post on those in a bit.

After Joann’s, we went into target, and we found some Easter Star Wars stuff, including r2-d2 and darth vader eggs. There was also a yoda basket, and we didn’t grab it. A trip today after Easter to find one was a bust, as someone else found the last one before I got there. Oh well.. We picked up a few other things, and headed home from there, and then it was time for game night, after hubby retrieved my decorations down from the attic, so I could do some Easter pictures. Ha.

Game night was good, and we had a good time, and we went to bed after, and prepared for the next set of festivities.

Saturday hubby caught a ride to game day, and I stayed home with little man, intent on making my Easter cakes and sewing a few projects. After dumping the mixes into bowls and the eggs and water, I realized I didn’t have enough oil, so I packed up little man, and we went off to walmart. He fell asleep in the car and during walmart, and woke up as soon as we got home. I was hoping to take his pictures as he slept, since he is more agreeable then. Poop.

I finished making the mixes for the peep cake and mini cakes, and popped them in the oven before feeding him, but I just couldn’t catch a break. The weather was dreary, so the dogs were in and underfoot, and trying to clean the house, and make things as little man screamed in the background, and hubby kept asking me when I was going to come over.. I was worn out.

Little man finally fell asleep I. The late afternoon, and I had finished the baking I felt capable of, and quickly sewed a nursing cover, and made a swim suit cover, only to find two yards is not long enough to cover my body. It just pulls too much across my body right now, even though I’m down in the 170s, it will likely fit me in the 140s or less. So I will need more fabric for that.

I was able to prewash fabric and dry it for a crib bag, and ring sling, but I need another ring to make the ring sling. I can at least get that started. The other sling is very tight on both me and little man. The rings sling will be a welcome friend. I had also cleaned trash out of the car (again) and put a seat protector under the car seat base, so it doesn’t ruin the leather. I did all of this while my baby screamed to be held in the background. Ugh.

I finally made it over to the game night, and B helped me take some pictures of little man. She hasn’t been feeling good, and I get the feeling that his no longer being a newborn means his novelty is wearing off. It may also just be stress. Who knows. We got a few pictures done, and we set out to play some games after, and we went home at a decent hour to enjoy the Easter Sunday.

Sunday I woke myself up earlier, and after feeding little man, I set out to frost the cakes I made, and try to tidy the house up a bit more. I had asked hubby to help me, with vacuuming and all, but at least he held little man so i could do what I needed, if not being bugged every few minutes as to whether I was done yet. That wore me down and irritated me quite a bit, as I had been working hard and stressed out.

We headed down to my parents house, and as we got gas, little man woke up and wanted to be fed, so we pulled off to the side to feed him, and hubby got food for us. He must not have heard what I asked for, because he got me what I wanted, but not how I wanted it. I just passed the food back to him after he passed it to me, because he was on the phone with his dad, and probably wasn’t thinking about what I said I would like. After he got off the phone, I started tearing up from the stress of it all.

I guess I really have been biting off more than I can chew, and my pleas for hubby to help me seem to go forgotten. Little things like picking up after himself, actually holding onto little man so I can have a break, and helping with a few chores here and there would be nice. So many times he comes home and just throws things down, right after I spend all the time I can trying to clean up the house, with a baby who needs me. When he does help, it’s often so half hearted, I wonder if he is even trying. I love him to death, but I need more effort and help.

Then on the weekends now, it seems like he comes down with some sort of something, where he can’t take over bouncing/burping or changing little man so i can get a little more rest. Or he gorges himself so his stomach hurts too much to bounce him. I am so tired. It doesn’t help that with the colic, little man will rip himself off the breast with full suction, and start screaming and flailing, hurting me in the breasts, and kicking my incision, so I am sore there also. Hubby also goes on about how the car seat is heavy, but he doesn’t carry little man in the sling or a diaper bag to boot. It’s not my fault our baby is growing and gaining every day. Okay, maybe it is, but still…

My mom was more than happy to hold little man for me once he was fed again, and give me a bit of a break. As she was cooking dinner, I took him down to see a few of the neighbors with him, after arguing with dad about whether or not I needed a stroller (I didn’t, and it doesn’t fit in the car), and he got fussed over and I answered some questions about how he was doing, and how my surgery went. Walking him home, he fell asleep on my chest, and slept for a bit.

After he rested, we had dinner, and he woke up, and I made hubby miss dinner so I could enjoy a meal for once. After I ate, I fed little man, and we went back to our house. I had been hoping to take him for an Easter egg hunt in the yard, and get pictures, but it didn’t happen. I will fake it, maybe tomorrow. His clothes he was wearing, he spit up on, so oh well.

We had to turn around half way home because hubby forgot his jacket with important stuff in it, and I fell asleep on the way home, a blessing since little man was up til 3, and I got up at a quarter to seven to take hubby to work so I could see if target had the yoda basket. They did, but someone else beat me to the last one. I should have grabbed one on Friday. I’m kicking myself for it. At least we have more diapers.

I have skimped on he colic drops with little man, to see if it helps, and he hasn’t complained too much. He was awake this morning when we got back and I wanted to sleep, but he did fall asleep at least. He also fussed as I took care of the dogs, brushing them, trimming their nails, and putting doggy cologne on them before vacuuming all the yuck off the carpet again. Hubby had said he would do it Saturday, but I was tired of waiting.

We did have another scare with little man, I was trying to give him his colic drops as hubby held him upright, and he kind of choked. Hubby kept moving him back and forth, and not still, like I asked. Listening… So we spent 20 min trying to be sure little man was ok, making him cry, holding my head to his back to see if I could hear the sounds in his chest still, and thankfully they stopped. Next time, I won’t ask him to hold little man..

I have had a small nap before little man wanted to continue eating, and I need to get some more sleep before I wake him up to feed him again. My poor boobs cannot handle the long sleep periods without leaking all over. I had awoken from my nap with a huge soaked section on my nursing tank, and a saturated nursing pad. I may have to double up…


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