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BumGenius Genius Prints

In the past few weeks, I have been hit with the frenzy of the Genius series prints, and trying to acquire them all. It has really helped me keep my cool with all the stress of schoolwork, because Statistics class is easily the hardest yet. I have finals this weekend, and I am really hoping to maintain my 3.95+ GPA.
These diapers may just be the death of all my spending money for a while. I have accumulated about half of the diapers I desire in the 4.0 size, though I still want to acquire the newborn, trainer, and wet bag collection in full for these prints. I had joined a few groups on Facebook, and being told I cannot buy all the fluff I want is really taxing on me. Hubby wants me to look into making my own diapers, and creating my own market, so I took a glance for what would give me the edge in the competition, or have the competition try to buy me out.
In other news, my family is still intact, and my roommate’s dog has not miraculously disappeared. I never thought I would meet a dog who barked at nothing more than Pip. This dog is also poorly socialized, and I have a very real fear she is going to hurt Little Man, and I will have to kill her. He does not corner or threaten her, and yet her mannerisms all leave bells ringing that she will maul him.
Little man is due for his 15 month check up later this week, and I am excited and anxious that they are going to say he is behind somewhere. He is not really talking, though he babbles quite a bit more since we try to read to him several times a day. He has also become a bit more of a picky eater, though when he is hungry enough he will eat what is offered. The surprise that he ate all of the spaghetti trimmings for dinner this evening was the most pleasant shock. The noodles are always a favorite, but he ate the meat also, and of course his veggies. He loves his peas and corn.
He stripped himself down to his diaper the other morning, and tried to take his shirt off at breakfast. With four molars and the canines coming in at once, he has been a bit cranky, but he is doing well otherwise. We were doing swimming lessons, but the weather was a bit wacky for the next visit, and we have been so very busy. We had a house inspection last week, and had to make it look like we didn’t live here. Hard work.
It sounds as though he woke up and needs another change again, darn leaks and hot sweaty rooms at night.

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Breastfeeding in Public

You may be sitting down in a restaurant, eating a nice meal, when you hear a baby start to fuss and cry. You may look over, and just happen to catch the mother raising the child to her chest to feed the crying baby. As soon as the baby starts nursing, they quiet, and the restaurant is quiet again once more. How would you react to this situation? Would you feel ashamed, or would you shoot the mother dirty looks? Have you ever gone so far as to say something to management, or even the mother?

There has been a lot of discussion for what is best for a baby, and breastfeeding is one of them. However, breastfeeding in public seems to have become a taboo as breasts have become more sexually pleasing than the mammary glands that make us mammals. For those interested in the topic of breastfeeding in public, as a supporter, nursing mother, person who does not know much about it, or those against it, please read on. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this.

As many of you may know, I am currently breastfeeding my son, my little man. I have always done my best to provide for him, both in public and private settings. You can see the health benefits in how much he has grown, and how well he is developing from it. We have had several ups and downs in our journey, from the “nipple confusion” of trying to offer him a bottle when he was younger, to the teething and nipping phase we are in now. Thankfully, in the age of the internet and supporters of breastfeeding, I am able to overcome these obstacles, and continue to offer my son the best my body has to offer. That is, when he feels like nursing, and not playing or nipping. My husband, the proud supporter of my breastfeeding our child, helped me do some research initially, as to my legal rights to breastfeed in the states we frequent most, Florida and Georgia. The La Leache League has some helpful sites to help breastfeeders and supporters, from advice and support, to legal aspects. Through the La Leache League site, I was able to ascertain breastfeeding rights from a site called BreastfeedingLaw.com.

There has been a lot of research done, showing the benefits of breastfeeding a baby, although there are many people who believe that nursing mothers should not nurse in public, that feeding a young human with a breast is shameful, and the mother is trying to put on a show. This group could include anyone, from former breastfeeding mothers, to people who grew up on bottles of milk or formula, and think that is their right to tell others how they should and should not feed a child not their own. There have been several stories in the news over the past few years, of mothers being asked to leave various establishments because they were nursing a baby. Some mothers may even be assaulted, as the workers may place items over mother and child without even asking the mother first. How a baby is fed should not make a difference as long as the baby is fed, and we should be supportive no matter what.

What these people do not know, is that a mother has the right to feed her child anywhere she and her child are legally allowed to be, be it by bottle or breast. She is not obligated to leave where she may be at currently, or to cover herself. Some states specify that the mothers breastfeed discretely, but that still leaves plenty of wiggle room. Unfortunately, there are many states that do not protect the mother from these overtures of others harassing her, as there are no repercussions for those harassing a mother in many states. States like Florida, have specifics in the law that state that breastfeeding does not constitute indecent exposure, lewd conduct, or any of the other labels someone may try to use on her. Unfortunately, Florida does not penalize those harassing the mother, so the people bugging her are able to continue to do so. (Breastfeeding and the Law for Florida)

20141022_180718~2I hope that, with subsequent posts, to be able to further educate our population on how breastfeeding should be as accepted in public as bottle feeding is. It should not matter how the baby gets the nutrition they need, as long as they get the nutrition. People who find the art of breastfeeding distasteful should simply look away, rather than draw attention to their own inability to accept a baby’s hunger. Claiming a mother should feed her child in a bathroom is as gross as eating in the bathroom yourself, and being relinquished away from where the mother was before her child was hungry makes her feel as though what she is doing is dirty and wrong, when it is not. There is nothing dirty or shameful about breastfeeding a child, and the few months or years that they need assistance eating should not ridiculed.

No one should be ashamed of how a baby is fed. It should not matter to anyone by the mother and child. This is purely about what is best for the child, and this is such a brief period in life that it should not be remembered with shame.

What are your opinions on breast feeding in public? Do you know someone who has, wants to, or is breastfeeding? Have you said anything to a mother you may have seen nursing, either with or without a cover?

If anyone has any comments or input, I beg you to leave comments below, and share your thoughts and feelings on this. I intend to use this information not only for the spread of breastfeeding awareness, but also as a class project and paper.

Marcus, J. A. Florida Public Breastfeeding Laws. Breastfeeding Law, State Laws. Lactation and the Law Revisited. Retrieved from: http://breastfeedinglaw.com/state-laws/florida/


An update on my carriers, and other sewing ideas

Sew, a few months ago, I made those Mei Tai baby carriers, and I know use them almost daily. I keep one rolled up in the car, and the other at home. I have found that they are working out extremely well, and even with constant checks and an ever growing boy, they are still in excellent condition. I may try adding buckles or d-rings to see if that helps with adjusting them, but I am pretty sure little man will be in a big boy stroller soon.
I will have to make something to fix his torticollis induced slumping though, and I have found a few different ideas to toss around from pinterest. I have enough fabric, thread, and polyfill to make a few different ones to see what works. I also need to devise a way to keep the support from falling out of place as I put him in his car seat and rocker, though he will probably outgrow the rocker before too much longer. I may have to place a pool noodle under his crib mattress and prop him up that way or something. Let’s here it for crafty moms!!
This afternoon and evening, little man and I finished what shopping we were going to do on this trip, and I returned a double set of long johns I had purchased to Babys r us, and got enough money to buy him a slew of clothes, in sizes he doesn’t fit in yet. YET. They didn’t have any clothes that would fit him there, so off we went. Since there are a million Ross stores around here, I went to one near my sister’s old work, and I found him some 18 month clothes, one a set with onesies and pants, and the other a pair of long johns, with the snaps running down the bottom. We also went to Carters and used the 10 dollar coupon, and I ended up paying 42 cents for 2 more rompers, size 12 months. Little man has been really good about sleeping in his carrier today, so I nipped into Old Navy next door, and they were also having a clearance sale. I found some 12-18 month long johns on clearance, and the tag said six, but they were three dollars each. I just might have to hunt and dig for a few more tomorrow. Once upon a child charges more than that for clothes, so I feel I am getting a better deal. Now, I also have some different size clothes to make patterns for the clothes for little man.
Little man has been talking more and more now, and today he has been sticking his cute little tongue out. I was helping him roll over earlier, so it seems less scary for him, and he definitely does not care for tummy time or being on his mat much. He is trying to crawl, and has been scooting himself sideways, so he goes a quarter of a circle around. He is growing up so fast.
Last night was pretty rough, with Dolly the destroyer of worlds crying and barking all night for no reason (she was let out, in, watered, already fed, etc), and she would wake up me and little man in the process. Then, this morning, she popped her collar off, where she was secured by a chain, and got out again. I got to scramble to dress myself to answer the door, where one of the best neighbors had caught her. Sometimes I miss my old neighbors.
I tried to work on my schoolwork today, but I don’t have the ability to get Microsoft office through the school, so I will have to type everything up on hubby’s computer, which does have it. I will end up doing my word documents either at night, or when he is at work, so we aren’t scrambling and getting in each others way.
I probably wont have time in the morning, but I may go and mop the floors and wash down my parent’s bathroom shower before I go get hubby. We will come back down to see my parents, but there are stores he wants to see and all, and I miss him. My parents are a little bummed I wont stay another night, but I dont want to sleep on the couch or the granite slab my dad calls a guest bed.

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3 months old already?!?!

I can not believe that little man is already 3 months old. Other than getting raspy overnight last night, he has been doing pretty well. He is growing like a weed and while I am a little sad that he is growing right out of his clothes, I don’t have to worry about being nagged about him not gaining or growing enough. We took some so so pictures today, and he got his first real bath in a while, as I have been doing sponge downs for the past month, but tonight, since hubby had to stay super late, I decided to actually set him in his tub, and wash him down.

The last time I had given him a bath, he was maybe 10 pounds, and I know he has either gotten close to 16 pounds, or passed it. His head now sits over the top of his tub, making washing his hair am interesting affair, but he enjoyed his bath, which is always nice. I made sure to soap him down all over, and he put his hands on his bubbled chest, and got it all over his face. Too cute. After the bath, we got him toweled down, and lotioned up, giving him his meds, and putting his jammies on. Hubby came home right as I toweled and diapered the little man, and little man was all smiles for that.

Hubby didn’t go in til noon today, so we slept in as much as was going to happen, before getting lunch together and little man and I dropping him off and heading home. Little man and I vegged on the couch for a bit, and then I placed him in his rocker so I could clean up the disaster zone that is our office. It had been a dumping ground, and it looked it.

Yesterday I had cleaned the house and sorted through clothes and items I had received and no longer wanted or needed to give to others. My friend who gave me the swing, car seat, and rocker has a friend who is broke and has a baby, and I have a bag of things to give her, but I may go back through it and split more of it to two other people. His closet and bedroom on the whole look a lot cleaner, other than fabric piled between his crib and dresser. I have to wash his next size clothes before we leave, and pack those up, as well as try on his swim stuff. He may have outgrown them also, and I can pick up more at the many shops down where my parents live.

Before I went to sewing class with little man I made more beef stroganoff for dinner, and ate before class, and got to enjoy a quick meal with hubby before leaving, while hubby and a friend went and got stair railings to make the mast for our sail/projector space. He also gave our friends our glider to borrow, since his wife is pregnant, and was considering one. We honestly don’t use it, and I feel bad that my mom spent the money on it and we don’t use it. The car seat she bought us though, is the best thing ever. Hubby and I took little man and the pups for an evening walk afterwards, and as we did, I saw someone had a party and had tossed a plethora of glass bottles from different alcohols out to the curb, so when we got back, I went in the car and collected them. They will be etched and used to decorate the house. He wanted to just buy bottles, like wine and all, and empty them, but I told him free was better. We aren’t big drinkers anyway.

Little man satin his rocker and played with his owl toy today while I cleared the workbench and the office as best I could, before covering it in papers again. I threw out a whole bag of stuff I knew was trash, and there will be papers to scan through the printer onto the computer hard drive before I can toss all of them. I had the pups in with me also, and gave pepper some time out of her cone, which she was happy about. She is still itchy, but I needed to make sure she was eating and drinking and being a dog. She seems to be adjusting to her cone though.

Little man fell asleep in his rocker as I cleaned, without fussing or anything, which was a surprise. A very welcome one, as I was able to get a lot of cleaning done with him in the good mood, and the nap. I also found some of my art supplies I thought I had donated, which was a most pleasant surprise. Now I can do even more artwork, after pinning ones to copy in my style from Pinterest.

Tomorrow, I am taking little man to the pediatricians about his raspiness, since it is not normal, and I want to be sure he is ok before his trip. He doesn’t have a temperature at least. After that, we may go to Ross and target before coming home and cleaning some more. I may start scanning some of the papers from the pile to the hard drives, and keep the hard drives safe. Then we can just grab them in the event of an emergency, and be out the door. I’m just talking manuals, school notes, vet records, things like that. The stuff that fills up filing cabinets. I might also scan the receipts in, or start cutting squares for little man’s quilt, and work on that also while down.

Little man seems to have developed a raspy voice since he started taking his Zantac for reflux, and he sounds like an asthmatic smoker. I took some videos of him talking to me in his raspy voice, and also of his breathing in his sleep, so the pediatrician can hear it. I will also get a recording of his crying.

I have also done my hair differently once I got out of the shower, since my hair has been coming out in clumps, and all I ever tie it in is a pony tail,usually half looped on the last wrap of the scrunchie. I did my best to part my hair down the middle and I did my best braiding (I can’t braid my own hair very well) in pigtails that are loosely behind my ears. I don’t wash my hair with every shower, and at least now, with my hair tied this way, my scalp can breathe. I can’t wait for my hair to stop falling out in handfuls. I was washing the conditioner out, and I would place the hairs on the wall of the shower so they don’t clog the drain, and I had a gum all size wad of hair (I roll it all up before tossing it) to toss, just after one shower. I lose the same every time I brush my hair, and still more every time I need to rescuer it or something. Depressing. I also needed to do my hair in a way where little man wouldn’t yank on it as he nurses or cuddles. He already smacks me in the face, or knocks my glasses off when he has a gas pain, I don’t need him pulling hair too. It’s not intentional yet.

This weekend and next week I will be out of town, and now that hubby and I are doing much better, I’m going to miss him bunches. Little man and I will make the best of it though. Since my parents watched our pets for us while we went out of town, it is now my turn to house sit and take care of their pets. They are too rowdy to come stay with us, and hubby will be home to take care of our pets while me and little man are gone for a week.

I am hoping to churn out some more artwork there, when little man and I aren’t swimming, shopping, and the like. My parents have a community pool, and I plan on getting him used to the water. I may even walk the beach with him, and collect some more shells and such, so he has some experiences. My plan is to have things to do when I have the free time to do them.

It’s bed time now, and everyone but me is sleeping.

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Feeling a bit low on the vaycay

Hubby and I took little man with us on vaycay, and it just seems like nothing is as good as it has been. It isnt little man, but it just feels like i keep getting the shaft, and like things are my fault. yesterday was especially trying, with my brother inlaw saying hurtful things about me and little man in front of me, hubby, and their dad. I called him out on it, and asked him if he wanted to take it outside, but apparently, i am not allowed to stand up for me and my son. joking or otherwise, those words should not have been said. But our trip was already stinking before yesterday.

Thursday I spent the day trying to corral things together, doing laundry, setting up the bags, after trying to sleep with little man, and every time i was asleep, hubby would call me for things that just were not important. i told him me and little man were sleeping, but he did it twice, calling me about some 20s mob car, and how he thought something like that would be nice as a second car. i flat out said i wasnt interested, and i dont want an older car, i want one with airbags and air conditioning, and safety features to keep little man and us safe. I also had to get the pets ready to stay with my parents, so there was cleaning their stuff, packing it all up nice and neat, and putting it by the door so they would be ready to go. hubby came home as i was feeding little man and snapped at me, telling me to work on the school stuff admissions, but i cant be on the phone with little man nursing, he starts fussing, kicking, and swinging his arms around. so he took little man out of my arms, and got spit up all over him from little man. he deserved it.

Apparently, I overpacked some things, but i forgot others, mainly the fact that little man has now outgrown his 0-3 months and 3 months clothes, and those were what I brought. I didnt check the 3 month clothes on him, I had assumed they would fit. I also didnt pack any 3-6 months, an oversight I am now kicking myself for. Hubby also said I overpacked his bag, as well as mine and little man’s, but that wasnt even the worst of it. he started going through the bags right as my mom came in, and i was feeding little man and trying to organize things, and uncovered my massager…  lovely. he also was dragging butt when my mom and i were hungry and wanting to eat dinner. typical. we managed to get most everything packed and ready to go, and by the door so we could leave when we woke up.

the trip started out ok, we woke up at 7:30, with little man hungry, so once i got him fed, we packed up the car somehow, and were on our way. little man didnt want his bottles, so i had to try and nurse him at a rest stop, and hubby got frustrated at me and little man because we were taking up too much time. so, we are on the interstate, and the highway is in deplorable condition, and we hit several potholes, and the low tire pressure light comes on, we pass by a rest stop, and then the back passenger tire is flat, and we have to pull over on the interstate. i open the back door, since i was sitting in the back with little man, and its smoking, but looks ok, so hubby tries to inflate it. its 95 degrees outside. ugh. little man is starting to cry as we unload the trunk on the side of the road, since the air compressor isnt inflating the tire, so we have to jack the car up and get a donut on. when we pulled the tire off, it had 4 holes on the inside by the rim. there was also a lot of uneven wear, and there was no way to plug them, they were as big as apples.

so we break out the donut, trying to console little man as we pile stuff in the car, trying to get the car back on the road long enough to get into a town to get a new tire. we ended up having to stay overnight, since the places didnt not have our tire in stock, but one place could get us tires in the morning. we finally calmed down, got situated, and got a hotel room, and had dinner, and then the whole town blacked out. we ended up walking to the walmart to get air conditioning, as it was still in the 90s, and by 7, the power was back on in the hotel room.

saturday morning hubby left to go get the new tire put on, and we ended up needing two, but luckily, the place ordered two, just to be sure. thankfully, they were done quickly, and we soon had the car packed and ready to go. i spent some time squeezing loose items into the suitcases and duffel bags, and it made packing the car a little easier. we were back on our way, and were making better time, and in a much better mood, even though little man was a little fussy here and there, we managed to pump him bottles and get him fed on the road, so we only had to stop to change him and use the bathroom, eat, and stretch. we stopped to see a friend right off the one of the highways we were on, and had dinner and a stretch, and then continued into the late evening to my brother in law’s house. we made it safely, and little man was irate the last leg of the trip, and so i ended up nursing and calming him down as hubby unpacked the car. we stayed up a little late, but we got to sleep, happily.

sunday was ok, we got out and about, and everyone was being pretty civil. hubby seems to feel the need to go outside every time his brother and dad go out to smoke, leaving me inside with little man for company, and feeling isolated for it. ive told him i feel isolated, but apparently, my feelings are less meaningful than that of his brother and father, whom he talks to on the phone every day, almost every minute, leaving me on the wayside. it also appears that i wont get to see much at all of my family, instead im doomed to be stuck in the boondocks where there is no cell phone reception, and nothing close by to do. you have to drive at least ten miles to even get to walmart, and right now little man hates his car seat because of the trip, yet the guys insist on trying to talk on the phone or walkie talkies even as he screams, and its driving me crazy.

yesterday has been the worst day of my marriage, and i am now ready to leave this awful place and my inlaws behind. we didnt get anything for me to eat for breakfast, and the fact that i am breastfeeding my little man and need to eat more than once a day seems to be too much of a hassle, and telling hubby he needs to speak up just seems to be too much for him. we went almost 20 hours without food, and when we did finally eat, my brother inlaw had the balls to say what kind of life my hubby could be living if me and little man werent in the picture. i told him if he had anything else to say about me and little man, that we could take it outside, but my father inlaw told me to chill out when i stood up when my brother in law kept going, not heeding that it was not funny. i had actually stood up to him, and my father in law told me I needed to chill out. Charming family values there.

After the lunch of depression, we went to an air museum, and I told hubby to go walk around with his family (after chewing him out for not standing up for me or his son), while I fed little man. They looked at the planes outside, and when little man was done eating hubby carried little man for me inside, so I could use the bathroom and change him. We took a few pictures, and we found a blue angel stuffed jet, as well as some more space figures to put in little man’s room.

The rest of the week went a bit better, we ended up having to buy little man clothes, since he outgrew his 0-3 month and 3 month clothes, and I hadn’t packed any. I did manage to do some school admissions things that I needed to, including pass the two entrance exams, one of them 480/500, which was well over the required marks. And that was with little man fussing, and no one giving me the quiet I needed. We went out to eat at a buffet after that, and hubby and I took turns holding little man and eating, hubby loading up a plate while I held little man, then him eating what he could as he held little man, while I grabbed all the food I wanted, which included a whole plate of veggies. Little man was looking at the food and making hungry faces as we ate, but he was content to wait to eat until hubby and I were done, mostly with me eating some cake, pie, rice crispies, and ice cream. The ice cream was the only thing I really got to finish.

Friday afternoon we packed up to head to my sister’s house, and once my brother in law got home, we all headed out for hubby’s graduation. We made good time, though little man was upset to be in his seat, and cried through most of it. He has also started coughing a lot more, and sneezing, but we made it to the hotel hubby found near his graduation building.

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Busy Few Days and Feeling Productive

This past few days has been rather fun, between finding out how much little man has grown, to caring for him as he still hurts from his shots, to working on various projects around the house.
Monday was the run around and buy stuff day, since I needed more fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt, and I had received some money for Mother’s Day, and decided to work on a quilt for little man, so I bought some fat quarters to make a quilt for him. I also had to get him size 2 diapers now, it is amazing how fast he grows. I have been buying the big box of pampers at Target that comes with wipes also, and a box of size ones lasted us through that size, since I was also trying to cloth diaper him. Now we have enough diapers and wipes for our upcoming trip at the end of the month. After Target, we went to the sewing class, but it seems nearly everyone got sick.
Tuesday my sister came to visit, and we had a grande time for her birthday. She got to meet her nephew, and so did my brother in laws. Hubby and the brothers went out shooting, while my sister and I went out to lunch, and then down to see our parents. Little man was quite the show off for her, leaning back, and she almost dropped him. She almost cried, and he cried, but no one got hurt. He got to meet her hubby’s side of the family, and my mom cuddled him and held him for me so I could eat and relax, since hubby was covered in gun powder.
Today has been a productive day, even though little man and I had a rather rough start. We dropped off hubby at work, and little man nursed himself to sleep after only a few minutes on one side, so I pumped, and he woke up, but would not take the bottle. He also had his first vomit, because he choked on his medicine, and it ran all down his front. He also was having trouble falling asleep by that point, and we both eventually fell asleep with him on my chest.
After that, we nursed some more, wore some cloth again, and I set about cleaning up the house while he did some tummy time on his mat. I managed to clean the kitchen up, and by the time I had finished, and nursed little man to sleep again, hubby needed a ride home. After we got home, I nursed little man some more, since he woke up for the car ride, and hubby took care of him while I cooked some dinner for us, which was cheesy spaghetti. I nursed little man into a deeper state of sleepiness, and he fell asleep in his swing, and i set about sewing, which I just made some posts about.
Initially, I set out to finish the swimsuit covers, and that took me two hours, because I made a few mistakes, but I could not be more happy about the result. I also did it without getting too mad or loud and angry, which was nice.
Then I cut the fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt down, minus ironing, because it was all but useless with our iron. I managed to even take pictures for the blog, which made me proud. I had not done that with the swimsuit cover up, but I will do a detail shot.
Little man awoke a bit as I finished the last fat quarter of the eight, and he fell asleep on hubby, but he needed a change, which woke him up enough to nurse before hubby and I showered.
I am hoping to get the pink and purple quilt worked on tomorrow before we head back down to see my sister before she heads home, and hopefully also work on some nursing pads for B, since I have the stuff just sitting around, waiting to be made now. I also need to make the ring sling and crib toy bag, so we will see how it all goes this week and weekend. I want to get the quilt for Ro finished before hubby and I leave for his graduation, so we have about a week and a half. It shouldn’t take too long hopefully.

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Made some progress today

After a weekend of mixed emotions, and another day of feeling worthless, I kicked today’s ass. Little man did his best to help me, being good when he could, which was nice, and hubby watching him for me when he got home, so I could continue to clean the house.

Saturday was game day, and we had a bit of a rough start, as hubby seems to think I operate on no sleep, and I should get up on the weekend sleep deprived, just to play games. Thank you, no, I need some sleep after being up late or all night caring for a colicky little man. Little man, who seems to be waking up again. Sigh. We showed up late, and I make no apologies.

Sunday, we went down to see mom for her birthday, and we went to the tiger direct store, as well as the joanns with sewing machines, and we walked away some time later with an embroidery machine. hubby had thankfully brought his laptop to work on his schoolwork, but we lost all good time heading home because they shut the interstate down to one lane for ten miles, for two miles of work.. He barely finished his work by the deadline, but he is always last minute.

Yesterday I made a slow cooker meal, but little man has been clingy, and I could not do much, and showed up to my sewing class late. It seems another deadbeat mom showed up, and her child had his hands all over little man before I could even blink. Of course, the whole class, she was in another room, not even paying attention. My feathers were ruffled. I did offer the shop owner to have hubby help drop some outlets in the walls so she had more, and I am looking forward to helping with that, since she moved shop.

Today, I decided to seize the day, and I got little man in his crib, playing on his tummy mat for a while, and I put the house back together again. Sort of. It is such an uphill battle.. I vacuumed, got the hoses fixed on the washer (when the plumbing was repaired, they switched the hoses, thinking they were wrong initially, but my cold cycles had been fogging up the door since), organized and swept the garage, picked up the trash in the back yard, and got the kitchen cleaned up again. Hubby was a doll and after some hesitation, took care of little man so I could continue my vigil. Little man has had some gas pains from hell, and didnt want to nurse, but just scream, so I had pumped a bottle and hubby took care of him.

I had hoped to start the quilt today, or mow the lawn, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. T was out of town all day, and the quilt is a team project. I may whip up a few things while I wait tomorrow, just to get sewing again. I need to make the time now, so little man understands it. I also need to fit in exercise, but that is a whole nother animal.


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Pumping through week 7

Its hard to believe little man is already 7 weeks old, and is growing so fast. It just never ceases to amaze me. He is already outgrowing some of his clothes again, and I will have to wash and prep all the stuff in the next size. Purely amazing.

It is wonderful to have him nursing again, and now I am pumping just to relieve the pressure, and to have a rainy day stash. I need to get a place to store all the milk I am pumping, as the freezer is filling quickly, even if I only pump twice a day. The sad part is little man has been having some wicked gas pains, and while he does pass them, he is crying out in his sleep, meaning I get very little.

We are starting cloth diapering, and I think this time the fit for the Alva diapers is spot on. I will try the Gdiapers again also, but I will likely sell them. They just don’t seem to fit like I had hoped. I need to have hubby help me set up the diaper sprayer in the bathroom, or get one set up, so we can transition. I know he has been hoping I would get little man in the cloth, disposables aren’t cheap, and I made inserts we can still use. I am trying to figure how many cloth diapers we need in the Alva AIO style, so we can start getting those in the mail and on his bum. Don’t look at me like that, we are on a budget, and I like the prints. And Ebay. I just don’t know how to sell on eBay, so I will likely sell the G’s on a resale site. While I could make some diapers, I don’t care much for the prints available for making them. I am more of a solid colors or stars kind of girl, not cutesy stuff that the fabric stores have currently. Also, pink on a boy? Thank you, no. I like blues and the stars and all for gender neutrals anyway.

So we ordered our cloth diapers, and I went and ordered some stuff for me, like an ac adapter for my pump, and flanges that fit my girls, as well as extra tubing and such. I also ordered dog tags, for both the pups, and one for little man, to put on his car seat. I put his name, d.o.b., blood type, my name and number, hubby’s stuff, and on the back, the pediatrician’s number and location, as well as emergency contact info. I found them all cheap on eBay, and the pup’s tags were long out of date with numbers and all.

Hubby and I keep having minor tiffs over the house work, and I would love to jump back into my sewing projects, I’m stuck cleaning and all while awake. While I may have set myself up for more work with cloth diapers, the things like trash taken out, new liner put in the cans, and then put back in where they belong stops at just taking out the trash, and leaving the can in the middle of the floor, to bee tripped on. Lovely. We did finally do some grocery shopping, and got some meats finally. I spent the time I was not cooking actively at the stove to put the groceries away and portioning out the meats before freezing them. I have had to fight almost tooth and nail to get him to go grocery shopping, we didn’t have enough meats to cook anything for meals, and we were constantly eating out.

I had to babysit for a few hours today, and after a late night with little man not wanting to sleep, I went to bed at 4 am, only for him to wake up at 5:30, and wouldn’t sleep unless on top of me. Too tired to fight, that’s where he slept, and with a few breaks, I finally got some sleep. He kept headbutting my poor girls, and I ended up pumping in the afternoon, with him screaming in the background. He wanted to be held the whole time, but there were still chores to be done, and so he had some time to fuss, as I took out the rest of the trash and put things back in their places.

After babysitting, I managed to get the laundry going, wash the diapers again, and get the kitchen tidied up, stopping here and there to feed little man, or show hubby how to cloth diaper little man. Hubby had not listened when I said he needed to give little man a fresh diaper, and so he got leaked on. Little man sure does know how to soak his diapers. I need to get the inserts and fits just so, but it may be that we just need to change him every hour or two, but sometimes, its just easier to let him sleep. For now, we will use the disposables at night until I figure it out.

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A battle for the boobies

Friday hubby bought me a double electric pump after some discussion with helping me have a break from little man, so we paraded down to target to get a medela pump, since I couldn’t be sure a used one on eBay would work, or if we could wait that long. We went and set it up in the car, and I did my first double electric pumping on the way home.
Hubby wanted to turn on the machine, and handle all that for me, so I let him, and to be honest, I had my hands full holding both collectors because I hadn’t thought to bring the bra i now use to hold them to my chest. The backs are not comfy on the fingers, but I made quite a bit of production.
I continued to pump and hubby fed little man from bottles, giving me a small break. Little man decided to stay up all night, and hubby fell asleep, so I had a long night, and when I asked hubby to change the booty, he got called into work. Urgh.
Little man and I got a little sleep before hubby came back home, and we went to B’s house for the day, and I enjoyed the show once upon a time with her. All I have to say is Hook. Mmmm. I like that it is like nothing else I have seen, and I must say I will be looking for the previous seasons on blu ray now.
B helped me by taking care of little man, and he thanked her by spitting up on her, and then having a blowout on her. It was amusing, and she didn’t mind. He sucks hard and fast on the bottle, and makes a mess, and usually over eats. We went through several items that day, including two outfits for him, and a shirt and blanket for B.
Little man was also a bit fussy, and ended up sleeping on me for part of the late nigh we were there, and slept until three this past morning. He comfort nursed himself to sleep. I had noticed a steady decline in my pumping production though, so I knew he would still have to nurse if we didn’t want him to end up on formula.
This morning, I set out to nurse him, and the battle had begun. He had a bottle because I was still sleep deprived, and he also peed on me as I changed his diaper, requiring a wardrobe change and stripping the bed. He finished his bottle and fell asleep on hubby, but the rest of the daylight hours were a struggle.
He refused to nurse, even though I was leaking and sometimes spraying milk, but I didn’t give up or give in to his wanting a bottle. He fell asleep nursing outside while I rocked him in the outdoor chair, and we both fell asleep on the couch. Poor hubby was trying to comfort the both of us, because every time he passed little man back to me, he would scream. He was hungry, but he didn’t want to nurse. He wanted the bottle. I stuck to my guns, and didn’t let him have so much as his pacifier until he started nursing without a struggle (other than gas pains), as he would just scream and howl at the breast. Around dusk, he finally submitted to his hunger and my wishes, and he nursed. It was glorious. I was still pumping to help with engorgement, but he will only get a bottle for certain circumstances now, like a car trip, or someone else to feed him for me so I can do something. It will also cover if I get sick, or something, and can’t nurse him. We have a good ten baggies in the fridge now, granted in different sizes.
He nursed through the night without a struggle, though we did spend sometime on the couch, as he was getting loud during a diaper change, and hubby had to be up early.
Hubby went above and beyond this weekend, changing almost every diaper, feeding him, dressing him, comforting him and me. I had been in tears because little man didn’t want me, and I had to hold him as he screamed at me. I was also still sleep deprived, but hubby helped make it all better.
Little man is now nursing without complaint,and last night before the shower time for me and hubby, he earned his binky back. I could justify an object that didn’t give him food, but could comfort him. He has been in a good mood since.

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Pulling myself back together

It’s going a little bit better now, I can say that at least. Hubby kissed me goodbye before he went to work, and I emailed him to let him know how I felt, since neither of us could yell or scream, and it gave us time to answer each other. Things are better now.
I have started pumping more today, I produced 8 ounces, and hubby has been helping me by feeding little man. I had showed him how to thaw breast milk safely, and he has been doing great. Trying to feed little man from the breast proved difficult, so hubby thawed a baggy out, and fed him while I pumped out 4 ounces. Relaxing really helps, and him screaming and fussing was slowing my milk.
I managed to get some sleep this morning, little man finally woke up from the colic calm around 8 this morning, and we spent some time talking and nursing before we both went back to sleep. We eventually got up around two, and started our day. I had nursed him between the time he awoke and when it finally got out of bed, making my poor boobs feel better.
He spent some time on his tummy mat while I tidied the house some more, and I managed to tidy the kitchen, run the dishwasher, do some laundry, and work on the mess that is little man’s room some more. He started fussing, so I put him in his swing, and before the music even stopped playing, he was asleep. He slept until hubby came home an hour or so later,where I dressed him to head out for the day.
Little man has really taken to the bottle, and the gas pains seem less when hubby feeds him, but hubby is also awesome at getting those huge burps out.
T and her hubby came over for a minute, and after we had dinner, they came back for some games, making the evening fun. Hubby was able to bottle feed little man before they came back over, while I pumped, and again as we were playing games, which was nice. Little man also really wanted time with his daddy, and cuddled him nicely. It was a sweet moment.
Hubby wants me to pump more now, and so I am looking into a double electric pump to get for that. I don’t want to plunk down for a new one, and I found a few on eBay I can mull over. New or used, a deal is a nice thing, and if it takes less time to pump, that would be nice.
T’s hubby is enamored with our pups, and spent some time playing and cuddling with them. The pups sure enjoyed the attention, it’s hard sometimes, but they are pretty good about playing with their toys or each other so I can focus on all the other things. If the bugs would ever go away, I would be able to walk them with me. I guess I need to buy car seat or stroller bug netting ASAP, and get me some bug spray.

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