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Settling in?

We had a nice trip cross country with the little man, pets, and the car packed full to the gills. I wish I had the time to type up all of the adventures, but frankly, I was so exhausted from it all, I literally could not function. I will recount that another day.

We got to our new city on the Monday before New Years, and I got to see my friend N for the first time since she had left to go to London in 2012. She was a welcome sight, and we had a nice dinner out with her, as well as hanging out while we got everything sorted with the unit we are now living in.

We had to rush to the rental place, and get them to meet us first thing in the morning on 30th, because that was the only day within two weeks that we would get our stuff. And I wanted my bed!

Well, the house was a disaster. I say house, but it is a townhouse. There are 4 units, and we are one of the interior ones. There’s one and a half parking spots, a broken gutter, and the place was not ready for us, though they had plenty of time to get it ready. What do you mean? Well, the carpet was trashed. It was chewed up by the master bedroom, showing the pad underneath, and the whole carpeted section (the stairs and upstairs) smelled as though the previous family all decided to pee on the floor. Pets and small children included. The tub did not drain, and was clogged, and the linoleum in the kitchen an dining room was heavily scarred. The bedroom door locks face the hallway, and the downstairs lights from the front door to the living room flicker and hum. It is creepy.

Well, we were told they would get us new carpet the very next day, so the movers brought everything into the house and garage, and the closet in the upstairs hallway that was not carpeted. Everything else was downstairs. A lot of our china got smashed, so it is not worth setting up, and the only way we could set up the projector and couch is covering the great big beautiful window in the living room. I am so unhappy about that.

We had to buy stair gates, and I had to fight hubby to get those put in, but now we do not have to worry about little man falling down the stairs. Not that it will save me from slipping and falling. On my back. Down the top flight. In a nightgown. With N over.

N stayed with us a little bit, as she thought she had bed bugs. The first exterminator was a joke, and thankfully, the second opinion showed she had no bugs whatsoever. I am really glad about that. Though, I do miss her company. She just had her baby this past weekend, and I really miss hearing from her. I hope she settles in nicely though.

I am still trying to put the house together, and keep up with all the cleaning now across two floors. Our washer had died last week, and we had to go a week without laundry, and it was difficult. Little man leaked through his diaper on his jammies, and undressed himself from anything without zippers and feet. Our new washer is nice, and works really well.

I had a pregnancy scare for the last week or so, but every test came back negative. Nausea, hunger, zonked out and exhausted all the time. But, today that changed. I was a little excited, but also a little sad. We are trying to buy a house, and the sellers will not budge on anything, so we are going to forge ahead and see what the appraisal shows for the house. I fit is under the selling price, which is over our budget and now we have to pay for the furnace and fireplace to be serviced if we do buy, they will have to lower the price to the appraisal, or rent out their house. I really love the house, but I feel like we are in too deep for it. We will see what happens in the next few days.

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