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I realize it has been almost a month since my last post, and I apologize. Between school, little man, and every little bit of drama, I felt so overwhelmed lately. I had a week where I felt as though I could breathe a bit better, but hubby and I are in finals week, and we are crunching hard to get things done.
Little man has popped his first tooth this last month before turning 5 months old, and we have been introducing him to the world of big people food. We have tried the puréed foods and baby cereals without success (and dry heaving, choking, vomiting, and all these awful faces are the show we get with purees). However, he does like to eat big people food, and placing it in a mesh feeder sock saves the worry of him choking. Now, his second and third tooth are trying to break through, and he has been biting us without meaning to, as his first tooth has not completely emerged yet. Did I mention he started rolling back to front, and is now mobile? Yupp. While he now fits 12month onesies, his legs and arms are too bulky and too short to make good use of long sleeves or pants in those sizes. It does appear he is starting to slim out, I had to reconfigure the snap settings around his belly. Now, instead of the waist snaps being over the hip snaps, they are one closer to the middle. Now we just need to work those chunky legs and arms.
Hubby and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and it has been a blast. My mom and dad watched little man for us (stopping halfway through the day to nurse him) while we went out and about, enjoying a breath if baby free air. It felt so weird. I do not ever want to get used to it. My dad had a silly moment, where he went three days without eating (he quit smoking), and collapsed after working, far from home, and was life flighted to a major town, where all the tests came back normal. Before the tests came back, my family and I were a train wreck, wondering if he was alive or dying. Nope. Just stupid. I had spent the night watching the house for my mom as she went to get him, not leaving until the next day. Dad got 9 staples in his scalp, but he now needs to take them out and get his butt back to work. The pity party needs to end dad. We love you, but your going to he ok.
I had some drama with a friend, where we butted heads in a major way, and I broke things off because she was being toxic and pushing all of her friends away, but she approached me yesterday, begging forgiveness. I said ok, but I am taking a major step back. I do not need the extra stress right now. I have holiday gifts for the family to plan and make, as well as other projects to finish.
Little man had physical therapy today, and the therapist got to see him roll around and be the flirt. She was treated to giggles, smiles, and a pretty malleable attitude. She tried suggesting that he spend time with babies his age, but I am unable to afford a sitter, and lack the time at the moment to do play dates. It is not from the lack of trying, there is just so much going on, and he will not take a bottle, so any time away from me would be brief.
I have been so caught up with my schoolwork and trying to run things smoothly at home lately, that I rarely have free time. I may have to adjust my schedule to allow me to do the hints I want while little man is sleeping. Until I can find a way to baby proof the house and keep him safe, I am unable to focus on other projects since he has started rolling. Oh and today he started supporting himself on his hands and knees with his head up, so crawling is not far off. While I am proud, I am terrified because hubby only wants to reprimand him for grabbing the wrong things, and that’s all well and good, except we still need to make sure things that he could choke on are out of reach, etc. and that falls on me. Sigh.
Good night guys.

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