one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Sew many costumes

on October 2, 2015

Well, it is now October, and last month I used my book stipend to buy hubby and a new game system, the Wii U, and we have been playing a bit of Super Mario 3D World. I have never really been good at video games, but I like Mario, and the Amiibos are awesome, and I want them all (well, most of them.)! Last week hubby had sprung another costume set up for us. We are doing a Trunk or Treat, and he wants to do Super Mario as the theme. So add the fact that I still need to make his Luke Skywalker robe top for Halloween, and trash a wedding dress to go as Princess Vespa, it is going to be a busy few weeks. Hopefully the dress will be here soon, and I can make hubby’s robe top from the sheet tomorrow when he gets home. I am going to take little man to help me get the startings for the Trunk or Treat costume, as I am going as Princess Peach the cat.

images (1)Hubby found a Mario costume at Party City with a matching mask for fifty bucks, so he is set, and we are not quite sure what little man will go as, either Luigi or Toad. I do not care for the Princess Peach costumes available online, as they are too short, and make me feel like a breeze would be all too happy to show my rear. I also do not have the time to make a full length gown.

Pinterest has made my search for creating this costume a little easier, showing me how to make furries masks, feet, tails, and paws. I will be going out tomorrow to get the foam to get started while waiting for hubby, and start working on my helmet, which will be half open. The gloves will probably be the quickest, but deciding how the body is going to be made may be more difficult. I am not sure if I want to modify a full body sleeper, or try my hand at a pattern. I guess it will depend on how matchy matchy I can get with fabric colors and the cost of the materials tomorrow. I know the gloves and boots will take easy plain white fabric, so I will likely do those first. Once I get the body colors, I can make the tail and head piece. I hope to finish all these products quickly and cheaply. I do not plan on using real or fake fur, so maybe a plush or fleece.

Did I mention I still need to finish my son’s quilt?! I had to add two more squares to each strip, and having done that, I need to sew the strips all together again. Then I can get a backing and start sewing the whole thing together. At least I know how I want the stitches to look. I just have to find the right feel and color fabric sheet. It took me a few days to take all of the strips apart, and now I need to restitch them all together. I hope to be able to finish that quickly. I wish I could keep an eye on my son and sew at the same time, but that boy is trouble. He has taken to climbing on his train table, and sometimes he tumbles off, but he is ok.

Add to the fact hubby also wants/needs to decorate the car in Mario theme, I really cannot waste too much time anymore. We also will likely be moving soon, and I need to get these projects wrapped up before then.


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