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Super Mario Trunk or Treat

on October 21, 2015

The last two weeks have been really really hectic. I have been trying to squeeze working on the trunk or treat stuff in with my schoolwork, cleaning, caring for little man, and the thoughts about the move. I have made a lot of great progress on the decorations for trunk or treat, as well as my costume, and I am going to share them with you guys. 11168425_1617464541811703_1859421001608341991_n 12036646_1612520152306142_6904023613113250973_n 12047047_1613561505535340_1349989504513051051_n 12105825_1617464488478375_5340006127636910180_n 12106695_1616908068534017_4034625605629181157_n 1655838_1617464558478368_5511438026054900437_n 11099989_1617464525145038_126176528319911650_n 10428625_1617464505145040_2255883744000397028_n images (1)

With Princess Peach in the cat costume as a reference, I have made great progress. Yesterday I finished the tail, where I took 6 sheets of 1/2″ thick foam, cut, glued, and the shaped to a rounded curve from a flat square on the sides. I used regular 1/2″ thick upholstery foam from wal-mart, e-600 (lots), and then pins and clothes pins to hold the drying glue down and make the pieces stick. I was watching videos where they used a hot glue gun, but it was not working for me. My foot forms started out as wrapping around a pair of flats, and slowly gluing and pinning the pieces together.I am in the process of making and shaping the three toes, which are much higher up that the rest of the foot form. I hope to have those finished tonight. The mask I hope to also get finished tomorrow, which was made by wrapping on piece of foam around my head, gluing and pinning, and then cutting out the face spot after the glue dried, so i could see what I was doing. I tried to smooth the top down, byt ended up gluing and pinning a second sheet piece of foam over top. While it dried, I worked on shaping the ears and cheek just outs, and had pinned them on the mask, without glue for reference.

I found gloves that are fur kitty paws, and I plan on cutting the foam to make the hair and crown shapes. Poor hubby is bored of helping me care for little man, or watching me sit at the table and work on this for the hours and hours it takes. It will be done soon, thank goodness.


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