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18 Months and all grown up

on September 23, 2015

Two weeks ago, little man turned 18 months old. It was a wonderful day, and he is quite the talker, runner, and mover. I had been walking him in the stroller before dinner, and we scored a free Thomas the Train table with all the hardware, and hubby came with the car to bring it home, and then set it up for playing. Well, someone learned how to climb onto it, and then a few days later, last week Thursday, he decided to climb out of his crib and trash his room. He did not hurt himself, but lowering the crib only bought me one more nap time. I tried putting the mattress on the floor, but his crib has mattress sized gaps in the front and back, meaning he was trying to push the mattress out to crawl out. We put boards in these gaps, but hubby decided it was time for a toddler bed.

Saturday we bought the Corvette car bed that goes from toddler to twin, and well, he is not sleeping in it. Little man slept with me Saturday afternoon in my room, while hubby plotted the set up of the bedroom, and cleared things out of the way. Little man likes clicking the headlights on and off, but not the idea of sleeping on it yet. We ended up going to the park a bit, little man and I to give hubby some room, and little man played in the puddles, as well as going down the slide. We raced back to have dinner and go to a friend’s house, and little man got to play with my high school bestie’s soon, a year older than little man. Her son and mine played like champs, and her son passed out an hour later, though little man did not fall asleep until we fetched hubby and headed home.

He cried so hard at the bedroom door at bedtime, missing his crib (there is no room for it, the full size bed my parents have nowhere else to put, and the new bed), so he napped on me for a bit, and we set up his pack and play in the room. He slept there.

We are trying to transition little man to his big boy bed, though he is content to sleep in his pack and play, and has only climbed out of it once. He does not put up as much a fuss, and is being given much more freedom to run around his room and play. We finally had found the gate hardware, and mounted the gate in front of the hallway for hubby and I’s room, the bathroom, and little man’s room. Now little man can walk back and forth between the rooms. Once I get my room more baby proof, I may leave the door open for him in the mornings, so he can come see me.

Yesterday we spent with bestie and her son before the doctor appointment, and they had a stinking blast. They played like brothers, even talking in toddler, and being really good and sweet. Little man loves running though the whole house, and having a friend. I wish I had thought to do it sooner, both the boys love it. Little man passed out after his doctor appointment, where the doctor is very impressed with his abilities and growth.

Today little man helped me put away laundry, closing the drawers after I put hubby’s clothes in the drawers, and carrying some toys around. He is a big helper, and I love it. We have been taking him for plenty of walks to feed the birds, to the park to play, and so many other fun places.

Once he gets used to his new bed, I am sure he will love it, hubby is a little sad that his baby got a corvette before he did.


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