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18 Months and all grown up

Two weeks ago, little man turned 18 months old. It was a wonderful day, and he is quite the talker, runner, and mover. I had been walking him in the stroller before dinner, and we scored a free Thomas the Train table with all the hardware, and hubby came with the car to bring it home, and then set it up for playing. Well, someone learned how to climb onto it, and then a few days later, last week Thursday, he decided to climb out of his crib and trash his room. He did not hurt himself, but lowering the crib only bought me one more nap time. I tried putting the mattress on the floor, but his crib has mattress sized gaps in the front and back, meaning he was trying to push the mattress out to crawl out. We put boards in these gaps, but hubby decided it was time for a toddler bed.

Saturday we bought the Corvette car bed that goes from toddler to twin, and well, he is not sleeping in it. Little man slept with me Saturday afternoon in my room, while hubby plotted the set up of the bedroom, and cleared things out of the way. Little man likes clicking the headlights on and off, but not the idea of sleeping on it yet. We ended up going to the park a bit, little man and I to give hubby some room, and little man played in the puddles, as well as going down the slide. We raced back to have dinner and go to a friend’s house, and little man got to play with my high school bestie’s soon, a year older than little man. Her son and mine played like champs, and her son passed out an hour later, though little man did not fall asleep until we fetched hubby and headed home.

He cried so hard at the bedroom door at bedtime, missing his crib (there is no room for it, the full size bed my parents have nowhere else to put, and the new bed), so he napped on me for a bit, and we set up his pack and play in the room. He slept there.

We are trying to transition little man to his big boy bed, though he is content to sleep in his pack and play, and has only climbed out of it once. He does not put up as much a fuss, and is being given much more freedom to run around his room and play. We finally had found the gate hardware, and mounted the gate in front of the hallway for hubby and I’s room, the bathroom, and little man’s room. Now little man can walk back and forth between the rooms. Once I get my room more baby proof, I may leave the door open for him in the mornings, so he can come see me.

Yesterday we spent with bestie and her son before the doctor appointment, and they had a stinking blast. They played like brothers, even talking in toddler, and being really good and sweet. Little man loves running though the whole house, and having a friend. I wish I had thought to do it sooner, both the boys love it. Little man passed out after his doctor appointment, where the doctor is very impressed with his abilities and growth.

Today little man helped me put away laundry, closing the drawers after I put hubby’s clothes in the drawers, and carrying some toys around. He is a big helper, and I love it. We have been taking him for plenty of walks to feed the birds, to the park to play, and so many other fun places.

Once he gets used to his new bed, I am sure he will love it, hubby is a little sad that his baby got a corvette before he did.

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Well it’s not powder blue.

hubby and I finally did it. We bought a second car. We have been beating around on the idea since we junked my first car after we got married, 4 years ago. Since hubby is commuting much further to work now, and I was without reliable and safe transportation, it was a big discussion. 

We spent the weekend looking over cars after getting the Lexus repaired again… And as we cruised, we finally settled on the Prius line, though I was really eyeing the V, which was just a little bit bigger, but got much the same fuel economy. After looking all over, and wearing ourselves out, we found a base model Prius v in sea glass (they wanted to charge us much extra for the blue we really wanted), and we are really satisfied one day in. It is also our first brand new car.

I love how the car seat fits behind the driver seat with room to spare, and that the back seat not only moves forward and back, but also reclines a bit for sleep and car seat installation. It is nice and roomy, without being bigger than a small suv. The latch anchors really tripped me up, as they are in the cushion of the seat, under an invisible seam zipper. It was a neat trick, though I was freaking out when I could not find them. 

I also love the size of the trunk, and how much space it had, as well as the fact that the back seat can fold all the way down in a 60/40 split, to carry some extra stuff. It really makes our moving cross country much more bearable. The dogs, the baby, the birds, and U.S. Two adults will be comfy, and that is nice. It will also be cheaper on gas, because it is a hybrid.

Our new mission now is to make sure we keep it well covered and protected, as we plan to keep this car forever. We will also keep the Lexus, and get it taken care of, but what we will do with that car long term, I don’t know.

Parking at mom and dads is going to be fun, as there’s five vehicles now, and the driveway only fits four. We can’t move one I to the garage, or on the side yard, so I’m not sure what we will do. I do not want to run up the mileage on our new car just yet, though hubby wants to show it off tomorrow.

I’m trying to compile the list of things I want or need in my car, to keep it at its best. We are going to install the running lights, fog lights, led headlights, and a few other things, as well as seat covers and floor covers. I spent the evening organizing and filing the paperwork in an accordion folder to keep it near and ready, and we have a gas and records book for fill ups and such. We did get the full warranty, so it will just be keeping up with everything. I am so excited! 


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throwing in the towel

i do not often say this, but i am over it. one more time. OVER IT. okay, moving on.

i thought we were going to be able to salvage this friendship, but it turns out not only am i not allowed to vent, but my apologies go unaccepted, and im still an awful person. rather than kiss ass, i will spend time around people who do appreciate that i am not some cookie-cutter person, and actually enjoy me for me.

little man is growing like a weed, and will be 18 months in just over a week. we finally found his hardware for his baby gates, to keep him and the pets out of the hallway to the rooms the three of us share. he has lots of play time, and has been enjoying the pool, the park, feeding the ducks, and running around the house, pretending to eat food and be a tiger, like his Hobbes. he is surrounded by people who love him, and the happiness spills over constantly. he is also talking more and more, and rocking one of those cute little boy hair cuts, short on the sides, long on top. it looks darn cute on him. he is also trying to read more and more, and i love it.

hubby has long drives to work, but the food and comfort of not having to get the hell out of the house as soon as he gets home is nice. in fact, i try not to bug him about going out at all. he sleeps in as late as he wants (usually, i did have an awful stomach bug the other week), and is sleeping far better, between the ice cool rooms and the full stomach.

i am more content to stare here, and maybe just walk down to the pond and feed the ducks and geese, which little man loves. he also likes to eat the bread pieces, and thinks it is neat when the birds start eating grass after.

we did go see WEIRD AL YANKOVIC live the other day, on our anniversary, after a lovely steak dinner at outback (BOTTOMLESS SHRIMP!!!!!!) and schoolwork has been flowing nicely, other than the fact that some of my classes were not covered, and i wont be getting a pell grant because it will cover funds not covered that we were not warned about. We have to pay a little more out of pocket, but i am so close to being done now, less than a year to go…

hubby and i are also getting a little more hopeful about buying a house where we move next, once the move is guaranteed. We had to drop our price range down, and we may not get to do all the renovations we want when we move in, but we hope to have a place soon, hopefully getting the process started before we actually move out there, so maybe we can move in there directly. fingers crossed we find something.

we are also buying stocks since the stock market has been dipping significantly, while prices drop, it is a good time to buy, before they rise again. also, if we do not find a house in our price range we love before we move, we may wait until the houses people cannot afford might go into foreclosure, if there is another recession. it may mean living in an apartment until the time comes, but we might just snag a deal… we will have to wait and see.

i cannot wait to see two of our favorite friends tomorrow, she just started school again also, and i know she needs friendly faces with the stress of that, and another of her pets passing away soon. they will be down to one, and he is not a young one anymore either. but seeing little man always lights up her mood.

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Settled in

We have just about finished unpacking and rearranging everything, and so far everyone is much happier. Let us do a quick recap:

Wednesday I started putting the hustle on the packing, and packed up most of little man’s room, and the groceries we planned to take with us. I then got started on packing up hubby and I’s room, all while taking care of little man, laundry, and schoolwork. Last week was also finals week for me.

Thursday started out well enough, but when we went out to grab some dinner, we came back to find the house sweltering. Apparently, the AC unit died for the part of the house we lived in, with all the pets (except our pets were relocated to mom and dad’s, where we are now), and I had planned to take some things to the storage unit, rather than bring it on another move. I managed to pack up the car, and get the portable fans in the room for hubby and little man, and for the hour I was gone, the house got even hotter, at 6pm. There was a thunderhead and everything, but no breeze for the windows.

I came back to a cranky baby, wearing only a diaper and still sweaty, and a hubby who was also sweaty and unable to think straight. We quickly packed up what we needed for the night to stay with a friend (it was clearly not going to be fixed tonight), and we ran out of the house to get food and supplies before baby bed time.

Once hubby and little man were situated, I went back to the hot box to finish packing everything I could. I had stopped to get a few more boxes, and put the hustle on the packing, but I did not finish til nearly midnight. I was dripping in sweat, woozy, and exhausted. I had managed to pack everything but hubby’s computers and such, and take apart the bed. Everything else was ready for Saturday, the crib was disassembled, the groceries sorted and packed, the boxes packed, taped, and labeled. I went back to the friend’s house, and tried to fall asleep, but I could not because I was grubby from dried sweat. I showered in the morning and felt better, and hubby came back over to take us to the appointment I had scheduled in the major city an hour away.

We stopped at mom and dad’s on the way, and dropped off the things we would need to spend the night (a day early, but well received), and hustled to my appointment, grabbing food and making it there on time. Little man was exhausted, and hubby did his best to keep him happy during my appointment, and he fell asleep on the ride home in the ac.

We settled in for the night at mom and dad’s and we made the plans finalized about how the move would be handled the next day. I decided to stay at mom and dad’s (our new accommodations) with little man, while mom, dad, and hubby handled the moving process of the stuff. The only hiccup there was a box broke, and a jar of sauce smashed, but it was outside, and all was fixed in good time. They made it in and out in record time, thanks to my late night packing (in air conditioning, since the air got fixed Friday), and came home, where I helped as best I could to get little man’s room set up before his slightly overdue nap time. I ended up getting in a fight with the crib bolts, and had forgotten some of the bolts were sized, and did not bite when they could have if they were the right size in the right place. Hubby and mom helped, and eventually, little man was tucked away in nap time slumber.

I then started working on setting up the bedroom where hubby and I would be, while the three of them returned the moving truck and got some groceries. Hubby got me some beautiful roses, and I felt a lot better after having struggled hard to get everything together. I managed to dress the bed, put some things in the garage, walk the dresser from a vertical position back to the normal horizontal position, and set some of the things on top of it. I also hung up the clothes and put away some of the small stuff, while moving boxes in.

That evening, hubby, little man and I wandered to Bed Bath and Beyond, where we got a door shoe organizer, some lunch tupperware for hubby, and a rug for little man to play on in his play pen (the dogs love to track in the dirt). We also went to Home Depot and got some shelf supports for the wire shelving in our closet, since the brackets were not on studs and could not support a lot of weight. After a quick bit of ice cream, we went home and got little man in bed, and started situating things in the room. We slept well in the cool and comfortable room in our bed.

Sunday was a relaxing day, where I focused on finals before attempting to go to the pool. We went to the Town Center and Target, but were unable to go swimming due to storms. After a good dinner and a bath, little man was worn out and ready for bed, and hubby needed his sleep before his long drive to work in the town we moved away from. We went to bed early, and slept well again, except for little man, who wanted to be up and busy after midnight. Luckily, he did not disturb hubby or anyone else trying to sleep.

Monday morning brought the realization that hubby needed his own lamp in the bedroom, so I set one up for him after I was up and moving, and rearranged little man’s room a bit, since he was getting into things while still in his crib. Some further adjustments may be required, but it is going well. Everyone slept well Monday night, and everything is falling into place. The bedrooms are getting more put together, and the boxes are being broken down for their next use. The dogs have been bickering, but otherwise getting along, and the birds have been singing the praises of sunshine and music. The cats here also enjoy visiting, and making us feel at home.

Laundry has been cleaned, lunches are being made, and happiness abounds here, more so than was possible at the last place. I wish we had just moved here instead. I think everyone would have been happier.

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16 months old, and moving again

Hello everyone,

Hubby and I have had candid conversations over the last few months, and we decided over the 4th of July that our current living situation is not what we had hoped for. We have been slapped with paying half o the utilities, while being told what we can and can’t do, as well as when. Something as simple as keeping up with the laundry has turned into a battle, as has who does dishes, because the people making the dishes are not expected to clean after themselves when they are the only ones making them. Add the bickering pets, and not being able to have any roam of the front of the house, and I have been depressed and burnt out.

My parents graciously allowed us to move in with them, so next weekend we will be living with them. I t means more driving for hubby, but the ability to have everyone happy and fed will be nice. I will also be able to take little man swimming and to the park, which he will love, and they are down the street from my parent’s house. Hubby will not be required, and the pool is open til 9, as opposed to 6 here in miserable bodunk town.

I have nearly completed my cloth diaper collection, though hubby thinks I have gone off the deep end from it. I have also managed to sell some of my gDiapers (finally) and China brand cloth diapers, allowing me a few more dollars towards the purchases I want. The classes this term were also relatively relaxing, and I was able to actually read quite a few books and do some research on the things I want and need.

We are still nursing, and now moving through some of the toddler tantrums and hissy fits, from adults and parents both. There is also lots more conversation and talking, and the little velociraptor is also *almost* able to turn the door knobs. There has been some picky eating and food regression, but it to be expected. Regular cows milk is being frowned on, but chocolate milk makes the boy happy.

I am not sure when he will want to try potty training, but little man still seems perfectly content to use his cloth diapers. I have started looking for the Flip Trainers, and will start collecting those as soon as I have more spending money. I also desire all the wet bags and newborns in the Genius series prints, but I will have to work on that over time. Step by step, I will get there.

Next week is finals week and packing to move, with us taking our pooches down tomorrow so they get adjusted to living with my parent’s pets again before we move in, and also to keep them from getting underfoot with moving and driving down there. Hopefully, it will only take us a day to get everything situated. I know my parents are thrilled, and we will actually be able to save money again. Yay!

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BumGenius Genius Prints

In the past few weeks, I have been hit with the frenzy of the Genius series prints, and trying to acquire them all. It has really helped me keep my cool with all the stress of schoolwork, because Statistics class is easily the hardest yet. I have finals this weekend, and I am really hoping to maintain my 3.95+ GPA.
These diapers may just be the death of all my spending money for a while. I have accumulated about half of the diapers I desire in the 4.0 size, though I still want to acquire the newborn, trainer, and wet bag collection in full for these prints. I had joined a few groups on Facebook, and being told I cannot buy all the fluff I want is really taxing on me. Hubby wants me to look into making my own diapers, and creating my own market, so I took a glance for what would give me the edge in the competition, or have the competition try to buy me out.
In other news, my family is still intact, and my roommate’s dog has not miraculously disappeared. I never thought I would meet a dog who barked at nothing more than Pip. This dog is also poorly socialized, and I have a very real fear she is going to hurt Little Man, and I will have to kill her. He does not corner or threaten her, and yet her mannerisms all leave bells ringing that she will maul him.
Little man is due for his 15 month check up later this week, and I am excited and anxious that they are going to say he is behind somewhere. He is not really talking, though he babbles quite a bit more since we try to read to him several times a day. He has also become a bit more of a picky eater, though when he is hungry enough he will eat what is offered. The surprise that he ate all of the spaghetti trimmings for dinner this evening was the most pleasant shock. The noodles are always a favorite, but he ate the meat also, and of course his veggies. He loves his peas and corn.
He stripped himself down to his diaper the other morning, and tried to take his shirt off at breakfast. With four molars and the canines coming in at once, he has been a bit cranky, but he is doing well otherwise. We were doing swimming lessons, but the weather was a bit wacky for the next visit, and we have been so very busy. We had a house inspection last week, and had to make it look like we didn’t live here. Hard work.
It sounds as though he woke up and needs another change again, darn leaks and hot sweaty rooms at night.

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14 months old

Things have been more hectic here than I could have ever imagined. Little man is into everything, and sometimes talks to me, but I am hoping he will be fine. He eats like a machine some days, and picks at it others, making me feel inadequate.

He and I feel pretty cooped up in the house, thanks to financial situations with the old house requiring extra money from us (Never ever renting from friends again), we can hopefully start living again. Two months of not having spending money can be very tiresome.

Last weekend, I found the motherlode of beautiful cloth diapers from the BumGenius lines, and I am head over heels. I have had an Albert free time since December, but just started using it. Now I want several of the prints, just to have a more beautiful stash. I am really considering selling off some of the less exciting ones to fund this more expensive cloth addiction. Hubby and I are still really on the fence about if we will have another baby, because everything has changed, and we are still adjusting to our wonderful child and the duties we have with him. Having never really had arguments or problems we could not work out or talk out, life has been more stressful here. Most of it comes from the fact that we are relegated to our rooms in the back of the house during idle time, until we find out if we are really moving cross country or not. I am really expecting my husband to get a promotion before we move, just because it would ruin the smooth process of looking at houses and figuring out which one we should buy. My luck, we will be stuck in this forsaken state of swamp, sweat, and bugs.

I have started new classes again, and I am really burnt out on school. Hubby graduated on Easter weekend, and I could not be any more jealous than I am now, He has all this free time, and I still have baby, school, and cleaning up after five human beings, three dogs, a cat and a bunny. I also feel as though I am allergic to something in this house, because my allergies have not stopped inside, but as soon as I get outside, I am fine. Add the fact that we were *supposed* to have a fenced in yard for the poor pooches to run around in, and don’t, means I have gotten a lot more sun that I would have liked. They tore up our street too, and now I am covered in dust and dirt every time I do walk them, and some of the neighbors like to catcall me while walking the pooches. Ugh.

I am dreaming of the day when I am done with college, and I can just be a mommy for little man. I know once I do graduate, having baby number two would be a lot easier. I would have the time to be able and plan things or go places, instead of just being stuck here thinking and worrying about deadlines. I kind of miss working, but I also know that time off for sick kids, holidays, and baby sitters means a lot more travel, less money, and more work. Unless I can pull off working from home, and do what I love. I am resigned to the fact that I may have to hold an office job with my shiny new degree at some point, and make the money I need to do the things I love. As long as I do not blow money like a casino runner, we should be fine. I just want to live and relax and breathe again, and enjoy watching my boy grow up, hand in hand with my hubby, with a cold Pepsi in my hand.


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13 months old, and settled in

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been gone for so long. When I last posted, it was just a week away from little man’s first birthday. Two months later (almost), and we are settled in to our new digs. It was a trying first month, but the last few weeks have been a bit better, mostly because HUBBY IS DONE WITH HIS BACHELORS DEGREE!!!! That has been a major load off our stress levels. I cannot even tell you how frustrating it has been between baby, school, packing, cleaning, and helping hubby with school, packing, baby, and cleaning. We were both at wit’s end. We still have a few hang ups with the owners of the old house, mostly because they felt it necessary to rip up the carpet in the living room, rather than use a cover over a frayed section, and felt that all the faucets HAD to be replaced because of hard water. Add hubby damaging a door casing moving something, and then our car dying and needing a new battery and alternator, and we were wigged out.

Our first few days at the new house were very stressful because of that. We had to contend with the dogs not having a fenced in yard, and needing to be walked several times a day to go to the bathroom, a badly organized and arranged bedroom, a tired toddler, missing supplies, and the inability to go much of anywhere because our car was towed to the shop. I cried. A lot.

Well, after we got the car back, things picked up. We went to the flea market with a friend, and hubby and I gushed over the mini rex rabbits they had at one shop, while little man fell asleep in his stroller, which was a nice break by that point. The next weekend our friend took our roommate to the flea market, and he decided he HAD to get his wife a rabbit for Easter. It was the week before the holiday at this point, and I was a little steamed, as I really wanted a bunny.

Two weeks later, I have basically assumed care for the sweetest little chinchilla mini rex female, and she adores me and hubby. We usually play with her in a separate room while little man is asleep. The room she resides in now is the fourth bedroom in the house, and I spent one long evening while I was the only adult home, moving furniture and things around, so that if someone needed a place to crash during the Good Friday Easter party, they could sleep on the futon. Little man screamed the whole time, fighting sleep as always, until about nine or so. I had managed to move all the furniture around in the room, as best I could as a surprise and hey now the house is finished thing. A few days later, we managed to put a lot of the extra stuff in the attic, freeing up quite a bit of space in that room, and now there is a desk where bunny sits, the futon, and some boxes.

School is going rather well, I am still making top grades, and I will be one semester shorter in EGD, as I had been scheduled for one class, but asked for the usual two. They told me the class would be challenging, but the only challenge so far is trying to figure out when I can get stuff to the storage unit and wash/ clean out the car!


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Almost a year old.

a simultaneously exciting and depressing thought is constantly in my mind these days. My beloved son, my little man, will be one in two weeks. I am excited and scared, all at the same time.

There are so many things I wanted to do, but haven’t, because of laziness, money, and time obligations getting in the way. Now that we are about to move, I feel even more as though there were things I should have done, could have, and did not. 

I did not get the pictures of his first year as I had wanted. Maybe the second child will be different. I didn’t get all those first holidays, month by month pictures like I wanted, as well as the little keepsakes (aside from the first hair cut), but he is alive and thriving. 

Today was one of his last physical therapy appointments, and seeing him move around so easily, from where he was trying to crawl, to now trying to run, is an amazing thing, and his neck condition is much improved. Before we went, I tried to do some pictures from the Valentine’s Day stuff, and I know I am no photographer. He also would not look at me or sit still like I had hoped. This evening? Perfect. Of course. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Friday he is going to have his cake smash pictures done, and one year pictures so I can send them out as cards for friends and family. He has his birthday party coming up, and I am very excited about that. I finally figured out a theme, and it has been pretty fun putting it all together. I am hoping to do it at a park, so the older kids can play and not destroy my house. We will be packing to move soon, and I do not want to have any more worries if I can help it.

Today we went to hobby lobby to look for stuff for his birthday shoot, and I got some wooden letters that spell one, and his name, and I also found the most amazing peep basket, and he has been playing with that this evening, excitedly carrying it around and the stuffed peeps I made.

Unlike last year, I am really hoping to be able to do more with him, and decorate and have fun, where last year was a struggle for me, between the healing and depression. I really hope to not have another c-section with the next baby. That is my big hope and dream.

Last weekend we went to a different zoo, and he laughed diabolically at the gators eating pelleted food we threw down for them to eat. He also enjoyed some Italian food after, and the three of us passed out early. My mom and dad celebrated their wedding anniversary with us, and we’re excited to share it with the little man.

I am going to be peep planning, because I may just develop a taste for them after all the fun we have. I am hoping to sew more peeps this year, and have a cute collection of them.

P.s. Insanity is a grueling workout, but I am a lot stronger than when I started out, and I hope to lose more weight and be healthier soon. I am trying  so hard to model a healthier life for our son, so we can at least earn our confections of sugary deliciousness.

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26 years old

The last I popped in, it was right before my birthday. And now that it is over, I am glad to say that though it had a bad beginning and middle, the ending was amazing. The car dealership person was complete trash, and my father was belligerent and drunk, but having a nice meal with my husband and son with friends was so worth it.
We got a few of the car problems fixed, and life is getting back to normal after several trips and heated discussions with the repair representative about his attitude. I spent the last week playing catch up, and it has been hard work.
Little man is walking now, and trying to run. He has gone from a few tentative steps to toddling across the room. He also likes to take items and crawl across the house with them. Dancing is also on his list. He makes me so proud.
Hubby is so close to graduation that he can taste it, and now that we have less debt overhead, we have been discussing houses we may buy when we move at the end of the year. He does not feel that putting any work into the house may be necessary, but some of the houses may need minor cosmetic overhauls. I fully anticipate painting and such the first month into the house. And seeing as it will be winter, exterior projects will be on hold until the snow stops.
I have visions of a play room for little man, a cozy sitting room with the fireplace, as well as a more modern kitchen than some of the current sales have to offer. Thankfully, Pinterest has the scoop on how to update without gutting the cabinets and such. We may need to replace some flooring, but hopefully it won’t take too much. I have also envisioned casing the windows, doorways and ceilings in an attempt to dress up the house before painting. That and soft paint colors in neutral shades would make me happy.
Some of the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom or builder grade, but again Pinterest came to the rescue. A nice gel stain sounds better than painting the cabinets, and adding different moldings would dress it up also. That would leave plenty of money for new appliances and countertops and floors.
Once spring hits, I can worry about cleaning off the house, choosing paint for the exterior, curb appeal I cannot do in rain or snow, as well as landscaping. I am really looking forward to this, and if you follow my Pinterest boards, you can see I have been busy pinning away.
School has been going well, and I am hoping once hubby finishes school, I may be able to take an additional class each term so I can graduate early, I was hoping before we moved. School may slow me down in setting up a new house, but I know I can still get it all done either way. I am just so tired of school now, and want to plan designs on our first house.

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