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Hello Again!

on April 23, 2016

Wow, it has been a while since I made a new post. We have purchased a home and our almost settled in. We have a few boxes left, and some decorating to do, but not much else. We got the keys to our house right before little man’s birthday in March (Happy 2nd birthday little man!), and it has been bliss.

I have been cleaning, cooking, gardening, and decorating. I have also been crocheting like crazy the last few weeks, making my friend a amigurimi chicken for her birthday, a present for my husband, a Porygon amigrumi (I need to make matching ones for little man, who wants to hold and love on them), a present for my sister for her birthday, and something for her friend and her son.

Sadly, within the last few weeks, little man picked up my nail biting habit, and now he has chewed all the way up the nail bed with his hands. We have been putting him to bed with mittens on, but he would take them off when he was not sleeping, and chew up those nails. Today I bought some knit fabric, and I made some crude mittens that I sewed on one of his sleep tops. Of course it was a one way stretch, and I cut the mittens so they would not stretch open at the cuff. I will have to redo that tomorrow, but for now, his hands can heal, and his nails can grow.

I tried the nail polish, and I catch him when we are out and about, but no other deterrent seems to work. While I had the machine out, I made him some pants out of my spandex denim jeggings that tore in the crotch (thigh rub), and I just need to sew the elastic together and sew the last hole closed. The remaining part of my jeggings hit mid thigh, so there’s that.. I found a new use for all the yoga pants that keep rubbing too.

We have been busy gardening and organizing the house. The weather has been beautiful, so we water the new rhododendrons we planted on a slope, and some of the other flowers, the grass, and we play at the play ground. We got little man a tricycle and he loves trying to ride it, or kick his ball. He wants sunshine all the time, even when it is bed time. He sleeps better for it, at least! He has the front room of the house as a play room, and his bedroom. We are looking to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms to circulate air, as ac is not standard here, and the windows do not always move the air. We hit record highs this week in the past 30 years, so buying a portable ac unit last weekend was a smart idea.

I only have an externship for 5 weeks starting in May, and then only 10 more weeks of school until I graduate. I am beyond excited that I will be doing my externship at home on a company we have been designing, and can make some real progress  on that. We hope to launch our product by the end of the year. There are two classes and two labs each left, and they should go smoothly, but I am losing patience for school. I keep looking for reasons to put off schoolwork, and of all the projects I could do instead.



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