one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Well it’s not powder blue.

on September 8, 2015

hubby and I finally did it. We bought a second car. We have been beating around on the idea since we junked my first car after we got married, 4 years ago. Since hubby is commuting much further to work now, and I was without reliable and safe transportation, it was a big discussion. 

We spent the weekend looking over cars after getting the Lexus repaired again… And as we cruised, we finally settled on the Prius line, though I was really eyeing the V, which was just a little bit bigger, but got much the same fuel economy. After looking all over, and wearing ourselves out, we found a base model Prius v in sea glass (they wanted to charge us much extra for the blue we really wanted), and we are really satisfied one day in. It is also our first brand new car.

I love how the car seat fits behind the driver seat with room to spare, and that the back seat not only moves forward and back, but also reclines a bit for sleep and car seat installation. It is nice and roomy, without being bigger than a small suv. The latch anchors really tripped me up, as they are in the cushion of the seat, under an invisible seam zipper. It was a neat trick, though I was freaking out when I could not find them. 

I also love the size of the trunk, and how much space it had, as well as the fact that the back seat can fold all the way down in a 60/40 split, to carry some extra stuff. It really makes our moving cross country much more bearable. The dogs, the baby, the birds, and U.S. Two adults will be comfy, and that is nice. It will also be cheaper on gas, because it is a hybrid.

Our new mission now is to make sure we keep it well covered and protected, as we plan to keep this car forever. We will also keep the Lexus, and get it taken care of, but what we will do with that car long term, I don’t know.

Parking at mom and dads is going to be fun, as there’s five vehicles now, and the driveway only fits four. We can’t move one I to the garage, or on the side yard, so I’m not sure what we will do. I do not want to run up the mileage on our new car just yet, though hubby wants to show it off tomorrow.

I’m trying to compile the list of things I want or need in my car, to keep it at its best. We are going to install the running lights, fog lights, led headlights, and a few other things, as well as seat covers and floor covers. I spent the evening organizing and filing the paperwork in an accordion folder to keep it near and ready, and we have a gas and records book for fill ups and such. We did get the full warranty, so it will just be keeping up with everything. I am so excited! 



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