one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

16 months old, and moving again

on July 11, 2015

Hello everyone,

Hubby and I have had candid conversations over the last few months, and we decided over the 4th of July that our current living situation is not what we had hoped for. We have been slapped with paying half o the utilities, while being told what we can and can’t do, as well as when. Something as simple as keeping up with the laundry has turned into a battle, as has who does dishes, because the people making the dishes are not expected to clean after themselves when they are the only ones making them. Add the bickering pets, and not being able to have any roam of the front of the house, and I have been depressed and burnt out.

My parents graciously allowed us to move in with them, so next weekend we will be living with them. I t means more driving for hubby, but the ability to have everyone happy and fed will be nice. I will also be able to take little man swimming and to the park, which he will love, and they are down the street from my parent’s house. Hubby will not be required, and the pool is open til 9, as opposed to 6 here in miserable bodunk town.

I have nearly completed my cloth diaper collection, though hubby thinks I have gone off the deep end from it. I have also managed to sell some of my gDiapers (finally) and China brand cloth diapers, allowing me a few more dollars towards the purchases I want. The classes this term were also relatively relaxing, and I was able to actually read quite a few books and do some research on the things I want and need.

We are still nursing, and now moving through some of the toddler tantrums and hissy fits, from adults and parents both. There is also lots more conversation and talking, and the little velociraptor is also *almost* able to turn the door knobs. There has been some picky eating and food regression, but it to be expected. Regular cows milk is being frowned on, but chocolate milk makes the boy happy.

I am not sure when he will want to try potty training, but little man still seems perfectly content to use his cloth diapers. I have started looking for the Flip Trainers, and will start collecting those as soon as I have more spending money. I also desire all the wet bags and newborns in the Genius series prints, but I will have to work on that over time. Step by step, I will get there.

Next week is finals week and packing to move, with us taking our pooches down tomorrow so they get adjusted to living with my parent’s pets again before we move in, and also to keep them from getting underfoot with moving and driving down there. Hopefully, it will only take us a day to get everything situated. I know my parents are thrilled, and we will actually be able to save money again. Yay!


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