one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Trying to stand and talk

on November 20, 2014

So my sweet little man is growing up so fast. At 8 months old, he is starting to find his balance and stand unassisted. He has also started sYing mummamumma and dadadada and bababa, especially as he is eating his rice cereal, which he is actually eating now. He is also nursing less, and I am a bit sad that he bites when he feels it funny. He has also been throwing toys and stuff out of his crib and pen now, to the amusement of the dogs. Boys.
Today we installed a diaper sprayer finally in the bathroom for the gnarly poopy diapers we are getting. It took hubby roughly an hour once we got the leaks handled, and it works perfectly.
I also had started a quilt yesterday for my cousin’s baby shower, and all that I have left on that is to add the quilt binding. I will do that in a little bit.
School has been taxing, and last week little man and I both came down with a bug, and had fevers over 102. I had chills and body aches, and little man had been feeling better, but hubby was unable to really grasp that all I needed and wanted was some rest and sleep to feel better. He had been hoping to just unwind all day, but realized I needed him to help me.
Hubby also had his birthday on Sunday, and we went out to dinner Saturday, and then again for lunch Sunday mid morning. After that, it was nothing but schoolwork, as we had a four day weekend, and blew it before I got sick on Wednesday. I am further ahead now, and will not let myself sew unless I can do a substantial bit of schoolwork first.


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