one interesting life and adventure with my hubby


on November 1, 2014

good evening everyone,

i think we have had some major successes the last few days, where the three of us have managed to go and enjoy some of the fall holiday fun. Saturday, little man and i went to a trunk or treat with a friend, and also on a hay ride, which was really fun. Sunday, we were supposed to go to an air show, but hubby was unable to finish his schoolwork in time. i was really disappointed, but we picked out some pumpkins, and took some pictures together.


little man and i went to the sewing class, showing everyone a astronaut helmet i made for his astronaut costume, and found out that my cousin woke up from his coma, after 18 days. happy days abound.

Wednesday little man and i went to physical therapy, and he has shown some marked improvement, and then to a pumpkin patch, where my mom and i picked out a pumpkin for him, and took some pictures together. I will have to add those pictures later.

thursday, we went to a fall festival in town, and little man wore his costume again, and was one of only two astronauts there. the other astronaut was wearing the blue jumpers, and was cool enough. it looked like rain all day, but it apparently went south of us. i did find out my dad’s cousin passed away, but it is unclear as to what caused the circumstances leading to his coma and death. he at least passed in peace, and not suffering.

and today, we went trick or treating in my parents’ neighborhood, in my old area, and little man passed out after saying hi to a few people. he looked so adorable is his little “rocket ship”, and then his jammies.

1461814_1469819319909560_8174686550174739953_n 10644935_1469819283242897_4565345200533640474_n1380456_1469918903232935_8171506041245341535_n 1926904_1469918863232939_7864272541627794576_n 10645135_1469918829899609_7210456828612732923_n 10696432_1469918886566270_5075745279292203531_n 10712711_1469918839899608_3101611208115897849_n 10624815_1469918973232928_1919496855451502750_n

happy halloween everyone!


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