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Dirty Laundry daily washing

on July 24, 2014

I have been a little tied up lately, since I started class, I have less free time than I did before, and lucky me, little man is starting to feel his teeth move again. Thankfully, he is sleeping at the moment. In his pack and play, that has some extra padding so he is not just laying on the hard as a flipping board mat. The foam and a waterproof pad with a crib sheet pulled tight are keeping him safe.

Last Friday we gave back all of the things his physical therapist said we should not use, and also some things we just do not need anymore. I joined the local resale site for my county, and if I need a new swing or something, I can get one there. They also had bassinets dirt cheap. Clothes, stuff, all of it.

It took us a few days to really get him to sleep in his rock and play, but now he is sleeping soundly in it. I will give him a few more weeks in the rock and play in our bedroom, before moving him into his room. Once he adjusts to that, I am going to put him in his big boy bed (the crib).

Little man seems to be slowing down on his milk consumption, but the few attempts at offering him baby food have been very ill received. He actually spit up the food and his milk. He still loves gumming on the food we eat, so I may just have to figure something else out. I may have to be so primal as to chew up some of my food for him to eat. I am not going to rush him though. I want him to enjoy his food.

Last week I started reimmersing myself and little man in the cloth diapers, after almost a month of not using them. The fact that he is in size three diapers is scary. I have had to wash diapers every day, but hubby has really gotten on board with getting little man in and out of them, which is an amazing thing. He has tried helping me with washing and hanging them up, but we need more space to hang them, and we need more inserts. Hopefully, this weekend we can get the diaper sprayer installed in the bathroom, the master toilet fixed, and the shelving hung in the laundry so we can hang everything to dry.

I finished my first class with a 97% average, and now I am taking two classes at once. It has been fun to try and keep up with, and especially with how many milestones little man is reaching.

Little man is now throwing himself back when he gets upset, though he does enjoy an upside down perspective quite a bit. He has also gotten this cute little thing he does where he gets all bashful when someone holds him when another person is sweet talking him. He is also rolling over more, and scooting quite a bit. It looks like he will be loosing his toothless grin soon also. I have been trying to give him some fun times, yesterday he had a good bath and splashed around in the tub as I soaped him up, and today I had to distract him by filling his tub again. It also appears that some of his 9 month clothes are getting too small, but not all of them.


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