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Got some stuff done

on July 7, 2014

The last couple of days have been a bit rough for me. I have been trying to get stuff done, and little man doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to play or sleep sometimes. Hubby also wasn’t helping when I was trying to do schoolwork and he just wanted to goof off. I have tried distracting little man where I can, like letting him splash in the bath tub with me, since the storms are too crazy for me to set up the pool. He did enjoy it though. Sigh..

The weekend went really well, and we had a decently safe 4th of July, having my parents come up, with me speed cleaning while hubby held little man and slept; and then going out to someone’s house for a get together, and getting weirded out. The host was really touchy feely, and one of the other guys was having hang ups because we had a boy and he wanted one, but had a girl, so he kept trying to get little man. Sorry, I don’t pass my baby off to strangers.

Hubby got a little careless with the fireworks, and some people got small burns, and apparently telling him he needs to be safe and not hurt people is just wrong. Never mind that he was setting a bad example for little man, but being careless with explosives is stupid. Yes, he was sober. T and D followed us home, and we played some games after.

Saturday I was trying to do my schoolwork, but hubby was not being helpful, he wouldn’t care for little man so I could do my schoolwork, but he wanted to good off and play games. I had to remind him that his video games are not important compared to schoolwork. Since our schooling is time based in some aspects, I can’t do all of my work at once.

Today I aced my quiz, and took care of little man while trying to do some crafts. I even got little man to take a small nap in his crib, but pip started going crazy barking, and woke him up. That dog has been a terror today.
I did make the crotch snap padding, three different times, and make it so the car seat buckles and crotch snap don’t collapse in the car seat when trying to get little man in. The straps are secured by elastic simply tied around the straps and around the back of the car seat, or through the strap feed for the crotch snap. It isn’t pretty, but oh well. I made the stuff with materials I already had, the crotch snaps from scrap fabric from S’s store scrap bin.
I was also working on a door silencer for little man’s room, with scrap fabric from making his crib skirt, I just need to measure and situate the elastic to make it work. I had also hung a blackout curtain behind the decorative curtains, and made a chain of toys with links going across the crib for little man to kick, while washing his 12 month and 18 month clothes. We still have some use left to the 9 month clothes. He may actually be slowing down in growth.

I am hoping today to do a few more sewing projects, get the house cleaned up again, get little man playing some more, work on schoolwork, and go to sewing class. I need to bust down my scrap fabric pile at some point, and I am hoping to work on that soon. I had gotten in a fight with my old sewing machine, and can’t find the stuff for the new one. It is really aggravating sometimes.

Little man seems to have changed his sleep schedule a bit, and he wakes up crying again, instead of being all smiles. It bites sometimes.


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