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Just a little taste

on July 1, 2014

The last few days has been really really REALLY fun. Little man has started teething, and he lost the sleeping through the night thing for a few days, so the three of us were all miserable. Some Tylenol is helping take the edge off, since the teething tablets aren’t working, and he doesn’t want to use any teething toys. Oh well. I lost a day to do schoolwork, but I try to anticipate such things.

We walked the color vibe 5k this past weekend, and we had a blast, even though we were very very sleep deprived because little man was teething. We brought up the rear, but it wasn’t due to me or hubby. T and B were not as prepared as they should have been, and they lagged. Little man and I kept to the front of our party for most of the race, and the little bugger slept in his stroller through most of it.

I had set a personal goal to be able to do a 5k, and I was more than able to do it. I may start doing them more often, and start training to run them. I know I wanted to walk faster, but had to slow down and even stop at times, but all in all I felt great. Hubby was very proud of me, and he had a good time also.

We finished in two hours, and then went to IHOP, before stopping at my parents to ash the paint off before swimming. Irish spring worked really well, since hubby had made paint angels at one point, and after the shower, you could not tell. Little man was fed and my mom watched him sleep while the five of us horsed around in the pool.

Hubby drove us home, and little man was still out, and I passed out. We got home safe, but exhausted. After a good nap and dinner, we went over to T and D’s to watch the Lego movie, and then back home to sleep.

Sunday we went to target, and we got some spoons, mesh feeders, and silicone bibs for little man. We had some whataburger before going back home, and hubby worked on schoolwork while I cleaned up the house, and tried to set our ever growing boy in his crib for a nap. Hubby weighed him, and he was 20 pounds, 4 ounces. He also seems to be trying to crawl, but spins himself in circles instead.

I managed to get the house vacuumed, laundry done, dishes washed, and take care of little man before finishing my schoolwork. I feel rather proud of myself for that. I also washed down little man, who had some paint on him, and was getting a bit of a smell, hubby said. Little man also tried his first tastes of big people food, I let him gum some of my steak, and have some cheese sauce. He seemed to like it. I’m not giving him anything to swallow, just tastes of what is to come.

Today I did some serious sleeping in with little man, before going to visit my friend S, who just bought and moved into her new house, next door to our friend A. I got them talking to each other, and we had a good time. Little man and I went home, and he napped in the car, til we went in to see hubby, and get ready for sewing class.

Little man also got to try some hamburger and a tomato by taste, and he really liked them. He also was all smiles and talking during sewing class. We learned about making baby bonnets, but I could see making one into a winter hat, with a Mohawk and skulls on the sides.

With all the weight little man is gaining, I am considering giving him only one boob at a time, and pumping the side he doesn’t nurse on. I think he is gaining too fast, though I am likely going to hear more crying. His rolls have rolls now.


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