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Going to start sewing again, several projects

on July 1, 2014

I have several projects lined up in the next few days, and if am hoping to get started on them soon. Some things we need, some things I would like to have. Currently, it seems to be mostly focused on the car.

I need to make a crotch snap pad for the car seat, so little man doesn’t feel as much pressure on his chunky thighs from it. I had taken the convertible car seat out and put the seat protector in, and adjusted the placement of the crotch snap, before making a rough sketch of how big to make the pad on paper, and then cutting the paper and fitting it around the snap.

I also want to make leashes for the harness straps and buckle, to keep them from falling in when I am trying to put little man in the car seat. I saw strap keepers, but not one for the crotch, but I think I could make something. I will buy a car seat foil shade, so the buckles aren’t white hot like they are currently. You would think stores that sell baby stuff would stock such things in the heat of the summer.

I may also make my own car seat protectors, since the ones we were given get in the way of the latch system, making it more difficult to secure the seat. I also need it to loop around the headrest, so it doesn’t slide around.

Then I want to find some nice beach (or oversize) towels to make seat covers . I plan on sewing strapping around where the headrest goes, and then a strap in the back to keep it from sliding around on the two front seats. I will need to figure out something for the back seat.

An idea I have been throwing around is to make some sort of hoop that holds the toys for little man to reach and ply with while in his car seat. I am thinking of buying and cutting a hola hoop, wrapping it in fabric with loops sewn in, and hanging the toys in reach. As he gets older, I could make the arc smaller, so they don’t swing in his face as the car stops.

Another thought is to make kick mats that go from the top of the back of the front seats, and goes all the way to the seat protector, so that not only is the floor mats kept clean in addition to the seat backs, but I could use clear vinyl over a nice fabric to make it easy to wipe clean. It could attach to the seat protector by snaps, or more than likely, Velcro.

I also want to make the dogs new beds for their crates, or at least a new bed for pip, and a new cover for pepper. I have extra foam for a bed for pip, I just need to find pretty fabrics that I can scotch guard, and can handle frequent washing.

I also want to make floor cushions, since we only have a couch now in the living room. I want a pretty nautical fabric for that.

Then there is the numerous crafting and sewing projects for the house and little man. I still need to work on his quilt too.

There’s so many projects, now I just have to do them after taking care of little man, chores, and schoolwork. Yay.


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