one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Making some headway again

on June 25, 2014

I think I am starting to do a little better this week, especially with the weekend bringing me back home and with hubby. I had missed him so.

Friday little man and I woke up and packed up, getting back home and getting ready to pick up hubby from work, before heading back down to see my parents. They got to love and cuddle on us, and mom paid me for watching the house, which was nice of her. She also took us out to dinner, and we passed around a decently happy little man as we ate. The green beans at long horn were amazing. Hubby and I also looked at new phones, while my mom cuddled little man in the car, and got giggles and smiles. I had quickly found a phone I liked, but we wanted to do some research before purchasing. After dropping off my mom, we went back home and settled in for the night.

Saturday we got up at an unreasonable hour (before 10), and hubby having researched the phones we looked at, decided the phone I liked was so awesome, he wanted one too. So we went to best buy, and then pet smart and the once upon a child nearest us, bumping in to a coworker with his son a mere two weeks younger than little man, and both were wearing the same outfit! Then again, there’s not much in the way of boys clothes. Little man was asleep in his carrier on my chest, so there were no pictures.

We had lunch at five guys before getting our new phones, and little man woke up in the phone store, so I left hubby to handle the details once little man started fussing for food. He handed me my new phone, and got his handled, as they had tried to hand him a physically damaged phone. No thank you. The phones are the Sony Experia phones with 20 megapixels!

I had to console a grumpy little man on the ride home, so I didn’t really get to play with my phone, but I was most interested in a phone with a lot of memory and a good camera. Hubby was all ga ga over them, and has been in a great mood since getting it. We had bought our previous phones outright, so we still have them, and may keep them as spares for a while. We need to find new homes for some of the other phones we have collected, I just need to get all the images off them, and figure out how to sell on eBay. I managed to finish all but the last bit of my schoolwork.

Sunday hubby crammed on schoolwork, and little man started to really cut teeth, so as hubby was working on stuff, I was playing with little man. We had bought him a pool, and just as it was filled, and he and I ready to sit and splash, Zeus decided he was going to have an orgy. The sky opened up. Oh well, I drained the pool and put it in the garage, and we played until t and d came over. We spent a little last minute time on schoolwork, but it wasn’t too bad.

Monday hubby went to work, and little man and I slept in, and then I set about cleaning again, and making excellent progress. The bedroom, kitchen, and dining room look a lot better. I also whipped up a nice meal, before going to class with little man. We enjoyed class, and I enjoyed my social outlet very much. T and d came over again, and we hung out.

Today was schoolwork day, and little man has been miserable with the teething. We are trying different things for him to chew on, but fingers seem to be the main help. We did get some teething tablets, and they take the edge off for him to calm down. We are only giving one at a time, so we can step it up later as he gets older. He gets frantic, and sometimes nothing calms him, but other times, he is all smiles. I have some excellent new pictures of him with my phone. It is wonderful.

He fell asleep on me this afternoon, and I was able to do quite a bit of schoolwork as he slept, which was helpful. I am trying to keep him off his back, as his head has flattened a bit.

We went out and about this evening, and other than the teething tabs, I also got some wall flowers and oils, and the house smells amazing. One is a sailboat, the other a fish. It ties in nicely, and the pineapple mango is not too sweet or strong. I love it.


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