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House sitting and Starting College This Week

on June 15, 2014

So here I am on a early Sunday morning, house sitting for my parents, since they want to go bug my sister. Little man and I are down here with the car, while hubby is at home, holding down the fort, and taking care of our pets, since pepper and shasta seem to want to scrap.

I have spent the last few days at home either running around willy nilly, or cleaning during the ever present summer storms we have now. I dont think we have had a day without rain in a few days now, or at least wherever I go. Hubby says its dry the 50 miles away at home.

Friday I went to a retirement party for one of hubby’s coworkers I knew, and I spiffed up little man in a yellow polo onesie and the cute footie pants with shoes embroidered on them. After that, little man needed new clothes because he had a blow out, and we went and got hubby some food to eat for lunches while we are down here, so he wouldn’t be hungry or tempted to go out. We already had the dinner foods he loves. I also bought him a Father’s Day card, and a Larry’s cuban sub for dinner, but we ended up going to IHOP and having game night at B’s house. We had the subs for lunch before we left.

Little man and I left out around 1:30, and we got in and settled around 3, being chased by rain as we came down. I forgot a few things when I packed, but I am hoping if my friends come down to visit me, they can pick up the stuff for me if they do, and we decide to hit the pool.

Hubby, little man and I skyped for a bit, during the storm, and after I fed the pets here their dinner, I took little man out to find him some clothes, since it seems to be a challenge, and their are stores aplenty here to try and find him outfits. It hasnt been easy or cheap so far. What clothes I did find, I would buy a pair in 9m and 12m, since he is rapidly approaching the 9m, and I dont want to be caught with my pants down when he outgrows those.

We went to Books A Million, where they had some cute stuff for him, like a companion cube stuffed toy, and some skip hop toys (I FREAKING ADORE SKIP HOP TOYS!!!!), and a grumpy cat onesie, as well as some books I wanted to get for my dad, and for hubby. I can’t decide which book to give to who. Oh well.

I have also made the realization, that for summer, I love the creeper/romper outfits for little man. It covers his legs more than a onesie, but without the hassle of pants. I have been on the hunt for more of those and sleepers with snaps down both legs (I hate stuffing those chunky legs into one leg, and worrying about pinching him with a zipper. Besides, zippers break.) I found a a pair of creepers in 9m and 12m ea, and some jammies in each size at babys r us, but it didnt come cheap, even on sale. Once upon a Child and the Bealls outlet didnt have anything in his size for those. Ugh.


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