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Summing up being home in general

on June 8, 2014

So we got home Tuesday in the late night time, and it was a pretty up eventful trip home, thank goodness. I am kind of sad I was unable to take the pictures I wanted to, or usually do when we go on trips, but we will likely make the trips again soon, and now that I know how much to pack this time, it should be less of an issue. Hopefully also, little man will require less stops and be less upset about being in his car seat.

Wednesday was clean and unpack day, as well as plotting and scheming for decorating the house. I can say that it feels good to have goals to reach again. The projects are also small enough that I feel like I will have something different to do each time. That always helps, since I feel so spacey and unable to settle sometimes. I was also able to finish the school stuff on my end so I can hopefully go back to school soon. We also got our pets back from my mom, and it was good to see her again. She didn’t stay long, as they have been closing the interstate down at night to do construction.

Thursday, hubby went back to work, and I took little man to the pediatrician to get checked out, as he was coughing, sneezing, and spitting up quite a bit during his trip. We now have some Zantac for him, but apparently, no one knows how to spell his name, which is very traditional. I found this out when I picked up his prescription yesterday. Gotta call them again.. Ugh. T went with me to his appointment, where he now weighs 15 pounds and 6 ounces at 11.5 weeks, and we had lunch together, and hung out again afterwards. I also had just noticed that pepper was chewing herself bald on her rear at the base of her tail, and not even bitter apple spray could keep her off it. I dug out her cone from when she got spayed,mans plopped that on her. She has been a little upset about that.

Friday I took the car in for an oil change and to have the alignment done, and apparently one of the sensors in one of the tires blew. Fingers crossed that the warranty covers it. Little man was pretty good waiting with me, and I read him some parts of a a magazine, and he played with the pages, and even tried to eat them. I wish I could have taken a picture. He then nursed and fell asleep, until it was time to go drop off three bags of donations at Salvation Army, and to pick up our prescriptions, and then go home. He sat in his rocker while I washed down pepper, and it took three rounds of soap to get all the dirt and grime off her, but her skin was breathing better, especially after I put peroxide and neosporin on it before bed the night before. I also washed pip, just so they both didn’t smell like nasty dirt dogs. I also hot washed their beds and the towels, just to be sure it wasn’t something on there. After hubby came home, we went to Wally World and got the lamps, and got chased home by a wicked thunderstorm, and T and her hubby came over again, and we played monopoly. I had started wrapping my lamp, and so did hubby on his, but little man was too fussy to let us really do much.

I probably stayed up later than I should have last night, and this morning I did not quite get the sleep I needed. Little man was especially fussy today, and he seems to not enjoy his cloth diapers at the moment, probably need adjusting with his growing. The disposables didn’t help his mood much either. I managed to work on my lamp some more, making good progress, and also tidied up the house and wash the cloth diapers, since they were starting to stink. Little man was not overly cooperative in the whole playing or sleeping thing.

Pepper seems to be hurting a little less, we gave her some time today without the cone, and have taken her for walks to be sure she is using the bathroom. She doesn’t seem to leave the back patio with her cone on. I have also had to hand feed her, and silly me, I forgot to check to see if we needed wet food before we went out, and fed her the last half of the can of wet food. Sigh. She does seem to be feeling better at least. If it gets worse, I will take her to the vet, but for now, I can do at home what they will charge an arm and a leg to do there. I’ve worked for a vet, and I know the basics. It doesn’t look infected, and it doesn’t seem to be growing.

I had to rush pick up the house today, since we had J, T, and D over for games, and hubby was holding little man as I picked up the house. I get so frustrated with him leaving stuff everywhere. Ugh. Tomorrow I’m going to have to work on cleaning up the house properly again.


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