one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Started decorating

on June 8, 2014

Yesterday we bought the two lamps to start decorating the living room, and hubby started wrapping his one way, and I started basket weaving mine. I made a little progress, only about a fifth or less total, with little man needing me, and having T and her hubby over for games, not much got done. It was a start, and i have made more progress than hubby so far.

Today I made a lot more progress on my lamp, and it has reached the widest point, and now it is fun wrapping it as it goes up the lamp. I found that I could wind the twine around once, and then I have to pull the rest of the twine through. Since I got to the widest point and it’s now starting to make a smaller diameter to the top, I have to push the twine down and hold it down as I pull the twine tail through. I should be done my lamp tomorrow. I do think I may make the lamps either have twine braids or fishnet knots, or paint anchors or something on them.

I also got a rough start for artwork for the walls, and even pulled out some art I had done in high school, so we will need to get and decorate some frames for that. I am working with what I have, which is paper, pens, water color, cray pas and acrylics. Maybe I will buy some canvas later also. I believe I donated my prismacolor pencils to an elementary school, but I can check tomorrow. I made several quick sketches to do paintings or water colors, but one I am doing in just black pen. I will likely do others in blue and green as well. I am using shells I collected as subjects so far. All in all, I am rather proud with my progress on that. I was working on my lamp as I watched little man play with his tummy mat, and while he napped in his swing, I did the sketches for the shells and all. I am partway done the black and white of the moon snail shell, and so far so good.


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