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Starting to Decorate (Finally)

on June 7, 2014

While hubby and I were on vaycay, we plotted and schemed as to how we wanted the house to look. If you have seen our house, you would know that there is no theme anywhere except for little man’s room. So we discussed decorating the house in a way that we could take with us when we inevitably move, and also in a nautical theme.

We priced out some things at wal-mart, and got ideas together to get the house started. We actually took a step forward when we got home Wednesday, and purchased twine and rope to start the nautical theme living room. Hubby bought rope to wrap around the area that the projector projects on the screen (we also looked into trying to mount the projector sideways on the wall, but it will only project at 180 degree angles… sigh), and we were on our initial starting way.

Today we bought two lamps for the living room , and we set about wrapping twine around the lamps. Hubby decided he wanted to wrap his lamp one way, and I set out doing a basket weave on mine. Hubby got about partway done his first spiral piece, and I got about fifth of mine done, mostly because we have a big spool of twine, and while I can cut long pieces and wind the twine around the base and then pull the rest around, and repeat, poor hubby had a pattern where he had to pull the twine all the way through each time. We hope to finish the lamps soon, and he picked out burlap looking shades for the lamps.

I am also going to wrap the waste basket in twine or rope to make it match also. We are also going to make rows of spines or something to cover the movies on the shelf, and I plan on making various paintings and sketches to help fill in the walls of the house. We had also picked up some picture frames from the Habitat for Humanity, about ten of them for 2.50. I plan on updating our pictures and filling in some spaces with those also.



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