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Hotel hell, graduation, and going home

on June 5, 2014

So last Friday, we traveled to my sister’s town, and got a hotel near where hubby was to walk for graduation. The car ride there was a bit annoying, since hubby and his dad and brother were talking on ham radios while little man was screaming in the backseat with me, and I was just so frazzled by it all. It was even useful conversation, and it drove me batty. Thankfully, hubby put the radio down so I could have a conversation with someone.

We got into to town as the sun was starting to set, and the hotel seemed ok at the time, but as soon awe walked in the room, it was apparent we were in for a rough night. The door said no smoking, but the room was impregnated with the smell, there was an ash tray on the table, the whole room looked like I poorly cleaned crime scene, and every few minutes, either the trains were blasting their horns, police and emergency vehicle sirens were going off, or the hookers were getting business. We tried to make the best of it, but we didn’t feel safe.

I tried to wind little man down by giving him a wipe down in the bath tub, but the water had saturated the towel on the bottom with hot water, and though I had checked it several times, and even ran cold water over it to be sure, as soon as his bum touched the towel, he screamed in pain. I felt like the worst mom ever, because it was very hot. Luckily, he touched it for half a second, and I was able to calm him down, wipe him with a cool wash cloth, and put lotion on him, and get him to sleep. I had packed all his medicines and I gave him a measure of his Tylenol, to be sure he wasn’t hurting. There weren’t any boils or blisters, it was just a little red. I felt awful, and cried.

Hubby and I barely slept in the hell hole, the security latch was ripped off, the carpet had what looked like blood stains, and it as just miserable. We were also very conspicuous, because we were in a slum. We woke up at 5:30 to a hungry little man, and we packed all of our stuff back in the car and got a refund on our room for the second night, because hubby wasn’t sure when his graduation would be. Thankfully, they refunded us, though I would have screamed at them until they did.

My sister had said we could come stay with her, and not to call til after 7, but I wanted to let her know we were alive, and were going to stop for breakfast before coming over. My brother I law used to live in the area, and insisted on this wild goose chase to find a restaurant on the beach, only to find it closed. I was so glad to see my sister.

My sister and I ended up taking little man out for some more clothes shopping, and catching up, and we got back at 12:30, in time for hubby and I each to have real showers, and get ready for his graduation. My sister’s shower felt amazing, as did being clean after that hotel.

We got a little lost trying to find the building for the graduation, me carrying little man around in his carrier, as he cried because he was hungry, only to find that the cards we thought were business cards were actually the tickets to the graduation. The ushers weren’t going to let us in, but luckily, one of the teachers was able to help us. Hubby went in to make sure everything was good, and my in laws went in also, leaving me outside with just little man, who was eating, alone in a place I had never been. I was very upset about that, and made sure they knew about it when I came in.

We were squeezed into one of the front rows, and though I asked for a row with more room so I could feed little man, or move around a bit the lady playing usher was about as polite as a rattlesnake. Little man was awesome through the first half of the ceremony, until the students were applauded off the stage, and the clapping upset him. He cried for about an hour and a half, and I tried vainly to calm him, nurse him, soothe him, and nothing was helping, until he finally passed out. My brother in law tried to get me to get up and leave during the walks, but hubby hadn’t walked yet, and I said no. Little man did quiet down as hubby stood in line, and then walked. After that, I took little man out to the lobby area, in the hopes to change him, and get us all out the door. The theater didn’t have changing tables, and I wasn’t about to change him on the floor.

After graduation, we went back to my sister’s, since it was too late to take pictures, and we went out for dinner, and I again had another snit fit with hubby, who promised to hold little man during the meal so I could have a break. My break lasted five minutes, and I ended up having to walk out to the car to get the car seat. He made me feel like a bad parent because I needed more than five minutes from holding the poor baby who screamed and cried, and was in my arms for over 5 hours. I had really considered making my strawberry daiquiri a real one, but I had a virgin one, just so I wouldn’t have to stress alcohol in little man. My meal had no flavor, and I was exhausted mentally and physically. The bed was amazing.

Sunday, little man and I slept in til noon, and we missed my in laws driving back to my brother in law’s house, but we went to beat buy and target, and we got a roku for our living room, having seen the amazingness of plex. We also needed a small pack of diapers, and hubby and I started to get on level ground again. My sister and I watched frozen while hubby finished his schoolwork and did his test, and I was proud of him.

Monday we managed to pump most of the water out of two above ground ponds in my sister’s back yard, which were teeming with mosquito larvae. Hubby made the hose siphon water out, and we went to walmart to walk around while it pumped, and we got a 3terabyte hard drive for movies and such. He had loaded all the movies my sister and her hubby had on my hard drive.

We finished pumping the water out of the small pond, noticing the yard was full of birds eating the larvae that wiggled and died in the beautiful weather. It wasn’t too humid, or too hot, and the nights were nice and cool. I also love my sister’s house, with a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen all big and open on the first floor. The upstairs had two balconies, one in the front, and one off the master in the back yard. If her house had a two car garage, I would have bought it. Maybe if we end up where her and her hubby is.

Tuesday we packed up and left to go home, scrapping the idea to go see my grandparents, just in case the car had more problems, and knowing that little man wouldn’t be happy in his car seat for long. We would also have a day to relax and sleep in, as well as get the stuff from the trip packed away before hubby went back to work.

We made decent time, getting home in about 12 hours, stopping g when little man woke up, to change, burp, and relieve his belly gas, as well as us using the bathroom and stretching. Little man cried a lot less on the trip home, he took his bottles with a little less fuss, and played with his toys here and there as hubby drove us home. As little man slept, we made lists of things we wanted to do, and several of those included improvements to the house and decorating it. We are finally going to decorate it, and I am excited.

We for home at 11:15, and were unpacked and in bed by 1. It felt good to be home, though I was very comfortable and happy at my sister’s house. Hopefully we can visit them more often.


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